The Flower Selling Girl is a Replacement Bride


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In front of Lise, who worked in the lower parts of town selling flowers, a man fully clad in black appeared and suddenly abducted her. The place she was abducted to was a noble’s house. The identity of the black clad man was the general feared as a fierce god, Wizard. In truth, he was to marry a noble’s daughter but due to being overwhelmed by Wizard’s strength, she ran away. Even though it was after they sent out the wedding invitations. There, Wizard decided to propose to the one who he held foremost in his feelings, Lise. Lise was suddenly proposed to, but・・・。

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Scipo0419 rated it
February 6, 2018
Status: c20
Dropped at Ch. 20.

Non-spoiler reason: The plot doesn't seem to be going anywhere and the author has no idea what a healthy relationship looks like and it just got sickening.

... more>>

I was ready to drop it when the MC's mother dies and the male lead forces himself on her and has s*x with her all night despite her reluctance due to having just lost her mother. The author explains this was "protecting her mind from the shock" which is absolutely garbage. The final straw was in ch. 19, when the male lead literally r*pes the MC because he was jealous she became friends with the gardener's apprentice (younger guy). Then Ch. 20? There's no punishment for the MC, he gets away with it with buying her a bouquet of roses and saying 'Sorry' and she says 'No, it was my fault for having a male friend and making you jealous', like what? That's domestic abuse no matter how you look at it, you were jealous so you r*ped your wife and she's okay with this!?!?!? Who wrote this? An incel? /Endrant


Reviewing as 2 stars because the translation quality was good, and the first few chapters set up what could have been a heartwarming story before the author went insane. <<less
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February 9, 2018
Status: --
Disgusting sh*t with a lot of r*pe, the author must be a f*cking unexperienced virging if he thinks this is what a healthty relationships looks, ... more>>

the wizard creeps the girl for a lot of time, time wich he could have used to save the girls mother who was sick for a long f*cking time but no, he shows up one f*cking day to marry and r*pe the girl, this man is insane and doesn't deserve an ounce of love, sadly girl is manipulated by the sickf*ck, one if not the most disgusting novel in the whole site.

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Mazi rated it
February 17, 2018
Status: c24
Honestly, I don't know what to think about this book. It started out sounding like it was going to be a cute and fluffy story. After a few chapters that got thrown out the window and ran over by a truck. They have s*x in almost every chapter at this point.

I mean, her mom dies, so Wizard screws Lise to distract her. She becomes friends with a gardener, but that makes Wizard jealous and he forces her to have s*x with him. Then it's her fault that he did that because she had no awareness as a wife. Then they go on a date a few chapters later, but not before he screws her the night before because she is too cute. Then on their date, he makes everyone leave the carriage and screws her again. It's like the author has a twisted view on how love and s*x work because it doesn't work like that in reality.

The translator though is really good. They are also really good about warning and labeling when there are s*x scenes so you can skip them. I may keep reading this, I might not. I hope it changes soon though and isn't some kind of light porno anymore. It really had potential and the only real reason I'm still here is because the translator is good.
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The1Rin rated it
May 23, 2019
Status: Completed
No fault for the translator and I really like them and their other works but this novel itself personally offends me.

The best summary of this novel is an actual line from it "it was what he wanted and also her duty as a wife."

I got past a few weird things in this story and managed to finish it but I really disliked this. The most important thing in a romance is the couple but this novels main couple doesn't have a healthy relationship at least for most of the novel... more>> as the male often forces himself onto the girl and stops her from having male friends yet in the end she apologizes and loves him...
Its a good novel for someone who just wants to read about s*x and it does have some nice moment especially at the end but the story itself is rushed as some plots were finished after a few chapters which I assumed would be brought up again... but nope.

Lise mum dies near the start and it's revealed she's the king's daughter when her mum was a maid. Her dad hires wizard to look for her to marry her off to another country and he tells her that so they get rid of her royal pendant into the river and that's all we even hear about it, it's like it's own plot because it would make no difference if it was there or not in the main novel.

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jhyng rated it
March 7, 2018
Status: c27
The plot is quite interesting at first and so far, this is what makes me continue reading. But it gets a bit dull afterwards mostly because the s*x parts is soooooo yeah, boring. Not exciting at all cause its a bit monotonous. And the FL just go moan again and again. What a about deep feeling and attachment? Those part can be omitted cause it doesn't really help progress the story.
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Sherrynity rated it
February 10, 2018
Status: c8
This was written by an amateur, alright. The theme itself isn't that bad, but the author clearly doesn't have enough experience in writing, so it feels jagged instead of flowing smoothly between each sentence. But overall, personally I'm not really that unwilling to read it, so I'll just let it stay in my reading list.

Btw, I won't give it less than 3 stars because it's not that horrendous.

ーedited per ch8

Ah, I see. So that's why many people gave it bad ratings.

... more>>

In ch8, Lise lost her mother. Since then, she barely had enough sleep and fell into depression. MC gently asked her to take a rest and try to "sleep without thinking anything" just for once, yet she said she couldn't do it as she would always think about her deceased mother.

It's not the first time I read something about coping up with sadness via sex. There are many researches out there if you want to know more. I'll just quote two things from an article I once read in the past (thanks Google) :

"... research consistently shows that oxytocin not only increases emotional connection, it also promotes a sense of calm and well-being, and reduces the effects of (as measured by blood pressure and cortisol) "

"Additional substances, released through skin-to-skin touch with peak effects at orgasm, similarly contribute to pain relief and well-being."

So, yeah. He tried to make her understand that she's not alone, and moreover he fully knew that he might get despised by her for doing that.

Clumsy approach, for sure, but it's not that abnormal like you thought.

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Bause rated it
February 9, 2018
Status: c20
As the other comments said there is a twisted form of love between the two main characters.

I actually don't mind this too much -not that in real life this is ever ok-, however I personally don't like the fact that this novel made me feel deceived with the fact that it would be the fluffy type of story. And yes I understand this is an r18 novel, however they should have put a warning about there being something like r*pe or a relationship in which the power dynamics are out... more>> of wack.

I guess you could argue that the description did say she was kidnapped though...

The translation is good though so if you are interested in that kind of thing then I guess it's a story you may enjoy.

In any case these are my thoughts on the matter. :) <<less
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The Real Krauser
The Real Krauser rated it
December 23, 2017
Status: c24
Seems sweet but fk what woman would be afraid to marry a strong man with power in the japanese culture?

(Edit chapter 16)

so far so good short chapters, I sense NTR coming but idk

(Edit chapter 24)

"Scipoo419" ... more>>

ML was in the right the whole time shes dating a noble. Just because she is so naive she gets a get out of jail free card?She has no status what so ever, do you know how shameful it is if she is seen by the public being intimate with another man besides ML? I must stay this novel is taking place in a place where theres kings/nobles of coarse she going to take all the blame. Female nobles know it themselves that not to be intimate with any man other than their husbands or else they will be labeled as loose and easy and she would have shamed her whole family. All ML was force himself on her, if anything he went easy on her. There was a moment where ML asked "Do you like him" she responded with "yes" normally she would be put to death there if ML wasnt so in love with her. Also need to say she was cooking for the Gardner and spending time with him... with a "servant"

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