The First Love of The Male Lead’s Deadly Rival


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On her birthday, Jiang Yumo discovered that she was living in a campus novel, and she was the first love of the male lead’s rival, Duan Ye.

Both the male lead and Duan Ye were notorious troublemakers in Fifth High School. They wouldn’t even look at each other and were considered deadly rivals.

Under the influence of the rational and intelligent female lead, the male protagonist returned to his family and inherited a multi-billion-yuan business, becoming the successful Young Master Zhou.

On the other hand, Duan Ye came from an ordinary family, had poor grades, and was too lazy to attend university. After graduation, he opened a car repair shop to make a living. Unlike the beautiful love story between the male and female leads, Duan Ye and his first love broke up countless times, leading some readers to sigh that this was the realistic outcome for underachieving students.

Jiang Yumo : ?


Duan Ye noticed that Jiang Yumo had been acting a bit strange lately. She would either ask him to copy her notes, but end up getting sick from doing the exercises by herself, or suggest that he help her become the first batch of online celebrities, and ask all his friends to follow and comment on her posts…

He had no choice but to accompany her.

However, he never thought that she would suddenly try to flatter a dog man named Zhou Ji.

Duan Ye : I’m a man, I can’t stand it!

Seeing his angry expression, she tentatively asked, “If I don’t go, can you try to flatter him instead?”

Duan Ye : I’m going to f*cking kill Zhou Ji 🙂

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2 Reviews

Apr 12, 2023
Status: Completed
Thank you for the translator for picking this up. I hope more people will read this novel. The friendship in this novel is very good. How an encounter will make a butterfly effect in MC's life.

Back then, I read this novel because I'm interested in the synopsis.

... more>>

But in fact, MC, ML, ori!FL, and ori!ML are friends. At first, Duan Ye (ML) and Zhou Ji (ori!ML) kinda dislike each other. Because they're similar. But when they gradually become friends, they will be best friends.

I like how Zhou Ji who is so arrogant becomes better because of ori!FL (Ning Zhiyu). When Zhou Ji has a fight with Ning Zhiyu, he will grumble to Duan Ye. Their brotherhood is so good, even until they graduate from highschool.


This story is so heartwarming and sometimes funny. Jiang Yumo's antics are fun to read. ML (Duan Ye) always spoils MC (Jiang Yumo). Like, damn, he is so good. He is mature but has youthfulness of his age when he is facing Jiang Yumo.


He even already thinking about their future house because Jiang Yumo said something like "... if you really like it enough to want to get married, it doesn't seem to matter whether you have a house or not. Actually, you can rent a house, right! Renting a house is also very good..." (Idk what is the exact sentence because I MTL'ed it). But Duan Ye thinks Jiang Yumo deserves the best, so he works hard for their future.



After the extras, there are some chapters about their original life (?). It's so sad. But Jiang Yumo and Duan Ye there will have their HE, too.


Anyway, I think this is a good school life romance. What I like:

    • There's no third party that will actively intervene with MC & ML.

      There's a guy from another school who gives a gift to MC. But then it's solved peacefully.

    • It's sweet.
    • It's not boring. Even without big dramas, the story is fun enough to be read. But maybe people who like many conflicts, will not like this.
    • The friendship.
    • Jiang Yumo still wants to be with Duan Ye.

      In her dream, Jiang Yumo and Duan Ye will repeatedly broke up and reconciled. After waking up, she is still
      brave enough to like Duan Ye. She doesn't purposely stay away from Duan Ye.

Sorry if there are some points that are not exactly true. Because I MTL'ed this a month ago. Thank you <<less
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Apr 14, 2023
Status: Completed
Super sweet and fluffy story of first love! From middle school, to high school, to college and to adults it shows us a journey of how the ML and FL got together and also the wonderful friends they make. There's nothing too dramatic here, just slice of life. In the first life, the FL and ML's first love relationship is more realistic with a lot of ups and downs and breakups in between. But after the FL sees her future, she decides to change some of decisions so that there... more>> is no regrets. Both the ML and FL have very good communication so there is no frustrating misunderstandings. All in all, this is very good first love story with a happy ending. Thank you translator for introducing this story! <<less
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