The First Interstellar Energy Gambler


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Mechas, spaceships, weapons, and equipment are all inseparable from energy.

Energy has become the most scarce resource in the interstellar era in the future, and even those who have awakened abilities after stimulating special genes cannot do without the supplement of energy liquid.

Lin Luo was originally just a small color blind miner. At best he has a good face.

But a meteor shower and a bottle of genetic enhancement liquid completely changed his fate.

Color blindness is not terrible, but the terrible thing is that this color blindness can see the color of the energy stone.

Lin-StarCraft-No.1-Stone-Gambler-Luo: “Is it difficult to bet on stones?”

Everyone: “…” It’s only not difficult for you, right?!

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New AnimatorOfSouls rated it
January 2, 2023
Status: Completed
Relaxing read, no big obstacles, some minor face slapping, MC is OP.

Romance: cute and fluffy, progresses naturally with good communication and never gets angsty.

Unlike that other reviewer, I enjoyed the first 90 chapters of stone gambling, but I guess that might not be in everyone's taste.
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Miao Meow Liz
Miao Meow Liz rated it
March 15, 2022
Status: Completed
This novel was weird, not the very general and light plot of cute MC with strong ML - no. The weirdness is the author's fascination with stone gambling. Stone gambling is a real thing in China and so it recognizing jade from un-cut stones. BUT, the author based the universe entirely on stones/ jade. All energy. For human, mech and starships. There is a serious resource impossibility. Then it's that humans are entirely involved in the process bizarrely. Most of the novel is dedicated to excited gambling terminology and the... more>> description of rocks.

Everything else is so much sad invisble background. The uses of these jade are also only mentioned in brief. To focus more on the redundant deescription of rocks. @[email protected] <<less
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SeiraJLoyard rated it
February 24, 2022
Status: Completed
Light easy read that is fast paced. Rated 3/5 as I was a little disappointed as I was hoping for something a little bit different and felt there was more potential to the story. The summary really reflects how the story is primarily about stone gambling. So if you like to read about stone gambling and the MC steamrolling everyone at it with a golden finger, this is it.

I have a slight issue with the way this story was presented, I believe the 3rd person POV and some of the... more>> backstory/plot points actually distracted a little from what could've been a better story. If the author was a little more focused on a few plot points and expanding those, and perhaps writing in more of a 1st person POV on MC maybe author could've explored the internal emotional changes/development so that the process of the MC and ML falling in love would be more fluffy/believable, and things would be more fleshed out and not just used as a plot device.

Story Plot/World:

I absolutely love a good interstellar story especially with spiritual powers, beastmen, or military - which this story has all 3. However, neither of these 3 are considered essential or major plot points. At most the spiritual powers, but it was never clearly explained whether MC's golden finger was due to spiritual powers or due to the radiation/mutation or if it even had anything to do with spiritual powers. This truly is a story about stone gambling and every plot development is to bring our MC back to stone gambling.


Can't say too much as the 3rd POV makes it hard to tell, but at first, it seems that MC was not going to be the type of character I like, but that seemed to go away as less focus was placed on the characters. MC sort of develops, I mean he went from orphan miner to company CEO/interstellar celebrity, but internally can't really tell. WARNING: do not expect to feel fluffs from MC and ML relationship. It happened so fast and with no real insight into their inner thoughts, they were kind of just together.

The side characters were actually very well written. They way they were presented and incorporated into the story was excellent. Slight rant below


There was such great potential with this story. ML was kicked out of his family due to his 'lacking' talent, MC was an orphan who can't support ML with his background. There was so much the author could've done with just this and MC's budding skills. If only author created some sort of department or something so that MC could also go to the military with ML and have more plot development and romance development that way. Or if the author didn't want to go the military route, that's ok as well, I wish ML would've actually had a lack in talent but had amazing business acumen - so maybe a character like Ye Yin instead for there to be romance/plot development that way. There was just too much the author wanted to do but never actually had the time/chance to flesh out. For example:

1. MC and ML's color blindness/talent/backstory: as someone had mentioned previously, this was glossed over so quickly that you honestly forget that this was a thing. The family politics clearly showed at least one antagonistic branch/individual - this could've been capitalized on more as MC being an orphan and having no backstage would be easier to bully. The ML's talent was negligible, if he had this amazing talent, wish the story focused on it more, since author didn't, it would've been better to get rid of this point so that could actually be a unique point to the ML when matched with MC and they develop a business empire or something together.

2. ML's multi element/military career: honestly kind of a random backstory or plot device to make it believable that MC was able to meet ML. Other than right near the beginning, MC was never really shown to have done anything else for ML, and don't get me started on the military career, only one arc was kind of shown just to show how devoted ML is for handling a peach blossom, and another arc was shown to display his prowess but otherwise, negligible. If focus was going to be purely on MC's stone gambling -- honestly would've preferred our ML to have lacking talent but amazing business acumen instead.

3. MC's golden finger of seeing color in people and stones: was this due to the mutation from the radiation of the meteorite stone or just because he 'awakened' his spiritual powers? Since he could help identify ML was a multi line user, maybe he could've helped the empire ID other 'tr*sh' people to see if they are multi line or not? The whole spiritual power thing was randomly thrown in but never truly explained or fleshed out which is a shame since MC supposedly had "S" level evaluation in it.

4. Duke Andrei (or Andrew?) from the Federation brings MC and ML back to his home planet and get involved in the federation's succession politics/scheme. This would've been a great plot point to have MC/ML intervene or help out a friend etc. But they just took it as a vacation while their friend went to deal with their country's succession issue.


Would I ever re-read this? No, would I recommend this to someone? Probably not. But if you have nothing else better to read and you have the time and enjoy the stone gambling trope, you could give this a try. Just don't expect anything great with the love relationship or character development or plot development. <<less
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Peppyfox rated it
February 24, 2022
Status: Completed
I mtled the whole novel. It was easy to understand through MTL tbh.

I kinda like both the other works from the author, so I had higher expectations. The story itself isn't complicated, easy to read through. Simple and direct and similar to the other two novels in sense of writing style and vibes.

That said, I was kind of disappointed initially cause in the summary and tags, there was empasis on MC having color blindness. MC did have colour blindness but it got cured too early and there wasn't any proper... more>> description of problems he faced.

The main issues I had with the story were:


1. Basically MC was abandoned because he was colour blind. As much as I wanna feel sympathy for the MC. The chapters and the problems that he could/had faced were brushed through or just mentioned in a few sentences. Author could have given few more hardships odor the mc

2. So half way through the story, the author kinda forgot MC could transform into his animal form and stopped mentioning it. Last time it was mentioned, it was like he could avoid the media by transforming, but he never did that.

3. Although it's a nice relationship between MC and ml, I think it lacked fluff and emotional stimulation.

4. There was too much unexplored possibilities, such as MC was from an orphanage, so why wasn't anyone from there introduced or why didn't MC never go back there or introduced ml?

5. The story itself was kinda fast, like majority of story happens in half a year since MC and ML meet. The progress of MC and ML both were really fast both in terms of their relationship but also withe their abilities.


I will reread this novel again, mostly after its finished translation. I have read similar stories, so the story line itself was average to me. I like op couple, Especially ones where ML and MC wouldn't have been op if not for each other kinda situational couple.

Read the novel if you enjoy over powered couple with a very easy plot. You can fast read it. You can read it mean u want a break from complicated plots or as a palette cleanser. <<less
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lyre rated it
March 13, 2022
Status: Completed
One line to resume, way too smooth! 3.5/4

The story literally doesn't have any drama. In no time MC went OP, and basically they become each other golden finger. In terms they had conflicts, it got concluded in basically few if not just 1-2 chapters which basically nothing big.

Now the good stuff is the interactions between the allies are rather cute. The in laws are nice people, the friends are basically cuties, even the fans are quite adorable imo. The enemies, well, you can basically ignore them, they don't even scratch... more>> the itch. <<less
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Beccablue rated it
August 25, 2022
Status: Completed
Cute but a little dull.

About half the story is devoted to jade gambling. You will learn so much about the different stones and jade types and pine blossom marks and black tinea and just... so much. So much rock stuff. I actually didn't really mind because it was interesting to learn all about it but I think it's because of how the rest of the story is such smooth sailing that the rock stuff seems like the main feature of the story.

The romance between the ML and MC is implied... more>> but rarely seen. Aside from a couple mentions of kisses, it just references that they are always sticky with eachother.

There is 0 conflict or any drama between them.

Despite there being space pirates and family rivalry, the ease with which the main characters float through the story leaves you with no suspense.

Nice parents. Nice friends. Nice authority figures. So many nice people. The few conflicts that come up along the way are so quickly and easily dealt with that it just leaves you with the feeling of blah.

The translator does a good job however an editor would help because of a few grammar and spelling issues like weather instead of whether and a few other things that are more cosmetic than anything since its still a much easier read than a MTL.

This is a decent story. It has good bones. It just needs some pep.

I like the characters and feel like this story was let down by how everything is just so quickly and easily solved. There is no worry or tension at any point in time.

And just so much rock gambling. Just.... there are so many rocks! <<less
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May 21, 2022
Status: Completed

I think it was fine. Very slice of life but focus on stone gambling and describing jadeite. Very mellow story imo. Nothing bad happens. Face slapping is minimal. If I'm being completely honest, I did skim some times, particularly when describing the jadeite. I won't reread but it wasn't bad.

c128 It's okay. Very similar concept to god level stone gambler. The focus is very heavy on jadeite gambling. Like a slice of life stone gambling edition lmao. Which isn't a bad thing, but there really is not... more>> core interesting plot. There is romance but it's not the main focus. It's literal mindless reading. Translation is good tho. <<less
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auroraRMC rated it
April 30, 2022
Status: Completed
Read this MTL back in 2018. Old review at the bottom.

Reading this again I still appreciate the novel for what it is: a blatantly OP MC with a very chill story and very little conflict. I've always been a fan of OP characters, so I still enjoyed all the face slapping and OPness, but I can also understand any feelings of dislike bc in this novel there is literally nothing going on. I would have liked to see more romance, more slice of life, more of the ML being strong... more>> and doing things instead of just being the one standing next to the MC to protect him or help him. Feel like it was just one energy gambling event after another. Still quite enjoyable, but not nearly as satisfying as I would have liked.

2018 review:

The MC is OP, okay, that’s just a thing you have to like and accept. I quite liked the gambling concept, I think it lends itself very well to face slapping, which definitely happens almost every other chapter in this story. So you have to be a fan of that. It does get a bit repetitive, but I happen to enjoy the face slapping, so it’s all good. The ML is OP as well, and the MC and ML really play off each other to be the best that they can be, something I found very adorable and endearing about their relationship throughout the story. They do only kiss like twice, and absolutely no smex, which I usually would complain about but there is plenty of emotional dog food so I’m not really complaining too much. I would have enjoyed it though. But yeah, definitely really liked this story and would probably reread it in the future. A chill story with some great family members and friends/colleagues, kind of inspirational? <<less
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Resplendor rated it
April 10, 2022
Status: c78
Mary Sue face slapper.

And not a terribly good one. But not a bad one either.

Like a 3.5 but I rounded up.

... more>> The ML is hilariously useless for the first 60 or so chapters. Like even the author in the little theater teases him for just sitting around looking pretty. After that they start into more political conflicts and the ML can use his super secret Uber powerful three element abilities to beat his way out of trouble.

The MC is, well, bland as well. Honestly, why is he wondering the universe spending money to make money, when his boyfriend owns a mining planet? He could just sit around pointing out rocks and split the profits. Why play at this gambling game? Well, probably because there wouldn't be a story otherwise.

Honestly the stone gambling is the most interesting bit, hearing the description of various jades, but even that has grown thin. Probably why they're starting on broader intergalactic politics now around chapters 70-80+.

All things considered, it's good for "I don't have anything else to read." moments.

Edit: chapter 90+, the sue-ness intensifies. <<less
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Seal2.0 rated it
February 24, 2022
Status: 50
I didn’t see any reviews yet for this novel so I will give a simple summary of what I thought, I may update once I finish. However, I may forget about it since I have been procrastinating finishing it so we will see. In my personal opinion this novel is a solid 3.5 stars, mostly because while it is readable and has a different plot it is still average.

First of all, I Mtled All the way to chapter 50, it is decently easy to understand. This was especially surprising, after... more>> all it is an interstellar themed novel and these types genres usually have undefinable words or just jumbled out of order, impossible to read, Mtl.

The story line is unique to a certain degree, however at some points it can get repetitive. If you are looking for a more complicated storyline this is not for you. The MC and ML are both op, and you shouldn’t expect to much long lasting conflicts besides the main one that contributes to the story line, they get resolved rather quickly and not to much suspense. There are many, many plot holes for me at least, others may or may not notice them but they just bugged me. The biggest one was just MC not mentioning anything about the others who were in the accident in the mine, or his “close” friend? They sorta just vanished into the endless abyss of words to never be spoken of again. I would like to say though that if you are looking for something to binge read, using absolutely no brain power to enjoy, and bathe in the glory that is face-slapping and sweet revenge this is definitely for you.

I was rather startled by how quickly they established and admitted their feelings. I was expecting maybe a bit of angst or even just a bit of waiting before they got together... but nope, this can be considered a positive in some aspects but to me it just felt a bit rushed. This is my only complaint about there relationship dynamic, besides that the rest of their relationship is just fluff and dog food. Another bonus, I adore Mls parents, I want more of them, they are such a refreshing sight from the evil father or mother stereotype often seen in novels.

Mc: CAN ACTUALLY THINK AND DO STUFF ON HIS OWN. Side rant, It’s sad that this is something that needs to be complimented and praised, I feel as though it should be expected in stories. Anyways moving on, MC is our adorable, intelligent MC... I could probably write a good 3 paragraphs on him but to put it simply I love him.

Ml: Typical Tyrant CEO ml. Sometimes though, I actually find him cuter than MC, he respects MC and his decisions. I don’t really have a opinion on him mostly because he is honestly really forgettable in the world of bl novels.

Side characters: You may have already taken notice but I don’t name anyone, mostly because I am horrible at remembering names in general. So the Side characters in general, are sorta 3d but also somehow not at the same time. They are basically their to make the MC look smarter however they still give off the feeling of being alive. <<less
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marsGF rated it
July 28, 2022
Status: Completed
I've learned so much about stones 👀 and yes, this is a BL.

I love how the MC and ML think of each other as their own "lucky star" and "saviour." Like, the MC wouldn't be as prestigious as he is if he didn't meet the ML and the ML wouldn't be advancing as he should have if it wasn't for the MC's new talents. Their romance actually didn't start off as love at first sight but implied to be born from gratitude, especially since they both saved each other.

Why should you read this?

... more>> The wholesomeness, simple romance, and the interesting snippets about jadeites (stone gambling irl is quite interesting). It's more on a "slice-of-life" story rather than a sci-fi story.

How should you read this?

It's kinda boring tbh, but that's if you binge-read it. It gets stale as you go on since there's not much thrill in the plot but it is interesting with how other characters can be highlighted other than just the MC and ML. So to answer the question: Don't binge-read it.

How are the characters?

There's no one that will make you want to strangle them, and that's kinda the problem and part of the reason why it's boring. Almost everyone is decent and not brain-dead, which is a good thing but plot-wise? Not so much.

Now there's this character named Yin Ye and I feel like he has the ML vibes rather than our actual ML.

So to summarize:

  • Good and decent characters, boring plot.
  • Recommended to not binge read, but read slowly.
  • You get a lot of knowledge about stones.
  • Additional: Good and smooth Translation.
  • Additional 2: Abrupt Ending.
I'd score this novel a 4.1 because I enjoyed it but it was kinda mediocre plotwise. <<less
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J.A.M. rated it
July 11, 2022
Status: Completed
The story is full of stone gambling because it's the core of the story. MC need to do stone gambling to progress the story. So if you felt bored reading stone analysis and stone betting, this is not for you.

It become underrated because the more you read the more you see stone gambling so many reader felt bored. And also the romance is not highlighted.

But its not perfect for me. I felt that the color blindness of MC cured too early or it wasn't used to its greatest advantage. Also... more>> MC can change to animal form but it didn't have any purpose. I felt it lack the story.

Well anyway, its good to read. Though they are OP it was acceptable. <<less
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Mimipall rated it
June 26, 2022
Status: Completed
5 cause its underrated - otherwise 4 something.

I guess the low rating is because of all the descriptions of jade and stones. I found it interesting, so it didn't bother me, but if someone would be as bored reading this as I am reading cooking novels... So, a reccomendation - try it, if the jade stuff seems fun, ok, if its boring, drop it, cause it won't decrease.

Otherwise it delivers what it promises. OP success story with no-drama sweet romance.
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Lea168 rated it
May 31, 2022
Status: Completed
4.25/5* - because it is underrated (3.8) I entered 5*

This is a typical smooth sailing success story with OP MC.

It was entertaining and the style is very much like the other cooking story of this author.

In the cooking story readers complained that majority was about cooking. Well, here majority of the story is about the assessment of the jade energy stones. And actually I didn't mind and quite liked it :). I skimmed through those text/paragraphs very quickly, but did read those parts. It even raised my interest to learn... more>> more and appreciate all the different types of jade! However, in the end I liked the cooking story more, because more was happening in that story.

MC is OP, but he is not overbearing or arrogant. Also, they kept part of his talent a secret avoid too much attention from opponents. Only in the end he fully displayed his power.

Also, and this I appreciate about this author, the talent/skills are not because MC had a system. His talents were kept to 2 things which were more than enough. Many interstellar stories with same concept (OP MC, smooth sailing/instant success) are too over the top because they keep adding new talents/abilities to MC. Instead of making it more sensational it only made it less satisfying for me.

ML's presence was like a side character. Also the romance was really secondary in this story, even though they already confessed they like eachother early on (-0.5 deduction).

ML was not the usual, OP marshall. Just a 'normal' guy from a rich family who fell out of favor because he wasn't able to fulfill the high expectations from his family (the larger family, not his parents, they were nice). He wasn't able to advance his powers untill he met MC. Afterwards he became strong again, but his role was more assisting MC. He is nice, not the usual cold, overbearing ML. In the end he decided

to go to the army and became the youngest major general

so he would be worthy of MC. The ending was somewhat abrupt (-0.25). <<less
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Ymihere rated it
October 24, 2022
Status: Completed
A bit repetitive and got somewhat tedious to read towards the last 30 chp but honestly a good time waster. Would have loved to have more time with MC being colorblind and have the stone sensing stuff with that but still a cute read.
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monokuma_xd rated it
September 11, 2022
Status: Completed
It’s cute but not very interesting

the story mainly centered around the stone gambling and energy stuff, it did have some slightly interesting bits with the whole pirates and federation arc, but that was it. The romance was skipped over constantly and it felt like the relationship between MC and ML was too speedy.
overall it’s less romance more boring gambling games. Recommend if you have hit rock bottom with nothing else to read.
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trash_generalist rated it
July 6, 2022
Status: Completed
Jade Cutting / Gambling novel, can be considered Poor-to-Rich but the main focus is really on setting up this energy-starved universe and the high demands on Stone Gamblers and energy extractors. MC is an orphan with a vision defect that leaves him incapable of seeing color. Meanwhile, the ML is the abandoned heir of the axing family — he was considered extremely talented at first but lack of progress made his indirect family give up on him. After meeting, they end up being each other’s lucky star.

The novel features your... more>> typical Soft!Shou and Overbearing!Gong dynamic, though the ML was a little more cute than I expected (though he ends up being a bit of a pretty vase by the end, since he doesn’t do much). Romance-wise? The lack of a romance tag and the inclusion ‘Early Romance’ tag makes it pretty clear that it’s not really about that, so I forgive the lack of good romance LOLOL.

Highly recommended if you’re the type who loves extensive worldbuilding stories. The characters aren’t the star in this novel, and while there is drama and action, they mostly supplement the Stone Gambling. I would certainly read it again! I had this on my reading list for the longest time because I wasn’t sure what to expect... it ended up being not what I expected at all LOL, but it was worth the read!


The characters are mostly just there for show. But they do have their charms still!

Lin Luo (MC)

He’s very much your typical shy and soft MC. His golden fingers (the ability to see the inside uncut Stones and extract advanced energy from safe stones) makes him pretty OP. The lack of importance the author placed on the characters made him more likeable tho 👌

Xing Mo (ML)

Typical Overbearing and Stoic Gong that quickly falls in love with the MC. However! He surprisingly had quite a few funny and cute moments.


As mentioned, this isn’t romance-centric so no rating for this~ (If I were to give it one, it would probably be 3/10... or 4/10?) The two get together early and it’s very anticlimactic. After that, it’s also brushed aside pretty quickly, with only some scenes spared for the spreading of dog food lolol.

SETTING: 10/10

The setting is the absolute winner of this novel. Some people may think that Stone Gambling is boring — and it admittedly gets repetitive after a while, but I still admire the thoroughness of the author’s worldbuilding. The Stone Gambling mixed very well with the Futuristic setting, making for a very enjoyable read.

PLOT: 7.5/10

Not much plot to speak of outside of the Gambling... idk what to call that genre 🤔. LOLOL So I’ll leave it at that! I was kept interested for quite a while tho! It wasn’t until the last leg of the novel that my interest started to wane because of the repetitiveness and the sudden attack of action-heavy subplots.

RATING: 3.75/5

Although the novel is certainly lacking in the character/romance department, the rich setting made up for it! So, in the end, it’s a matter of taste. If you’re the type to enjoy worldbuilding, I definitely recommend! Otherwise, if you’re more interested in a romance-centric development, then this is not the one for you. <<less
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Potatoteeth rated it
June 11, 2022
Status: Completed
This is a novel about face slapping through stone gambling. The author tried to liven it up with some contrived events here and there, but outside of the stone gambling nothing in the story feels real. The plot holes and unsatisfactory ending are also hard to ignore. 3 stars.
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Angel_wx rated it
May 29, 2022
Status: Completed
Liked it!

As this is about stone gambling, there is a lot of information about the stones and the jades. I'm not sure if all of them are real. I actually searched some of them and those are true. So, I learned from it. Although it is informative, it bored me some time with how much info there is. As for the plot, there isn't much going on as it mainly talks about the MC gambling the stones and what jade is in inside.

The MC is OP in this novel so... more>> you expected him the results but it is what jade he cut at the end that gives you more thrill. The MC and ML are a sweet couple when their moments appear, but I hope there was more focus on their relationship.

I would recommend it if you like to read about stone gambling/jades! <<less
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Amethyst rated it
May 26, 2022
Status: c20
I just stopped reading, I couldn't stomach the writing style of the story. Quite frankly this story is like a very down graded version God level stone gambler. I recommend reading that instead. The person that annoyed me the most in this story was the MC. I couldn't stomach him for too long especially since I had just finished god level stone gambler and couldn't help comparing the 2 main characters.
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