The Final Boss Achieves World Domination and Makes the Gods Tremble


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This is the story of a protagonist who reincarnates into the boss of a criminal organization, the final boss of the first season of an anime, and strives to survive even as the power escalation begins in the subsequent seasons. However, as a result of behaving in a way that doesn’t reveal their true identity, they inadvertently give rise to fanatical followers.

It’s a blend of recent popular light novel tropes where the protagonist reincarnates into a death flag character and utilizes their knowledge of the original work to strategize for survival, misunderstanding-based stories popular in old-school web novels, and a world-building and serious storyline reminiscent of popular shonen manga.

> Synopsis
When he woke up, he found himself inside a large castle, surrounded by unfamiliar sights. He was confused at first, but ◾︎◾︎◾︎◾︎◾︎ realized that he was in the world of his favorite anime and, to his surprise, he had become the final boss of the first season, “Jill.”

“…Wait. Am I going to die here?”

The anime “Twilight of the Gods: Ragnarok” had three parts. The fate of its first part’s final boss was to become a pawn for the final boss of the second part and die. If the anime’s story progressed normally, Jill would meet a humiliating end.

“…Unless I break the original story.”

To avoid such a disastrous fate and evade being a pawn, he decided to disrupt the flow of the original story.

“My goal is to reign over this world (and not die as a villain).”

However, due to his incomplete statement, a tremendous misunderstanding occurs.

“This world belongs entirely to our master—Lord Jill!”
“What did you say!?”
“Kneel before the might of our master!!”
(Regarding the matter of accelerating misunderstandings among subordinates)

This is the tumultuous, misunderstanding-based survival strategy of a young man who unwittingly becomes the object of worship for a cult!

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Starting as the pawn of the Gods: The Final Boss Achieves World Domination
Starting from Pawn to World Domination~ Reincarnated as the Final Boss of the First Part of an Anime
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