The Father and the Daughter


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“His Majesty, the Emperor… They say he was killed!”

Rumble, boom-!

I’m nine years old. I’m an orphan.

“A woman as the emperor? That’s impossible!”

I tried to do the emperor’s job since the seat was vacant, but what’s wrong with that idiot?

“Hey. Shut up and do your job.”

I’ll be the emperor.

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그 아빠에 그 딸
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Glutton idiot
Glutton idio
Jul 07, 2021
Status: --
f*ck, this was really good the MC is independent and smart SHE REALLY IS A BOSS like when someone say”no way a woman as an emperor are you out of your mind?” She’s just like who are you if you shout like again I swear you’ll die or smth damn REALLY GREAT definitely recommend
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