The False Summoner


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As the strongest warrior, the most formidable enchanter, and the most powerful summoner, he is the only one who can summon and get control of the Iron-carapace Beast, so he is the unique Iron-carapace Beast Rider!

He is proficient in sword skills and sorcery, like an almighty god. This is the story of Rowen·Wolf, a legendary summoner in the history of Cang Yun Continent.

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danialhaz rated it
May 10, 2019
Status: c45
I went ahead and read the mtl. I like the idea but the rest of it is shit. MC is not likeable and he fight and kill way to much people from his home country and avoid taking responsibility for something he start. Female character apparently pretty dumb. Somehow every females like the MC for no reason even the villain females which piss me off. Tbh I like the concepts and it was interesting at the beginning but when MC start abusing his mech, he start to act like a villain face little consequences which gets unbearable for me in later CH so I drop this chapter. (Apology for bad grammars English is not my first language)
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Brucelonging1212 rated it
August 22, 2019
Status: --
The MC is a summoner and has an interesting background. The side characters have their own abilities too! It is really good in the beginning, with a really strong start.
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