The Fallen Merman


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I had to take him home and raise him. There was no bathtub or a large basin at home, so I had to put him in the washing machine for the time being.

It was an hour later before I remembered it again, by which he had been washed extremely clean.

Associated Names
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Nhân ngư hãm lạc
The Falling Merman
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Lubb rated it
December 14, 2021
Status: Completed

The best. Serious! The best. I had to run and comment on this novel.

I even made an account just to pamphlet this novel. I loved every chapter, there wasn't one thing I disliked.

... more>> I cried, laughed, got anxious, got scared, felt butterflies in my stomach.

It starts with something simple and over time the story gets deeper, some twists and turns.

The author did her best to gather all the loose threads and not let anything go through, each one had its ending and the only sad thing...

Lie, I want to say "The only saddest thing" is that it ends, other than that everything is very good.

*Of course I wanted a few more extras and a few more answers* (whispered whisper)

Rimbaud and Bai ChuNian are the souls in this novel for me, if I stayed a single chapter without them I would already worry, the love and attachment was very strong.

I loved how Rimbaud changed (a little bit), how Bai ChuNian touched on some subjects, I cried with some revelations and I will carry that friendship group for the rest of my life.

My favorite moment (and it will definitely be yours) : Bai ChuNian as Xiao Bai, I love those Xiao Bai moments.

My only injustice is that there are no more than 300 chapters left :'), I wanted to live more lives with them.

Thanks for the translation, they are doing a great job.

And I just have to thank the author for her amazing work. <<less
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PondLittlePond061 rated it
April 2, 2022
Status: --
After reading the synopsis I just had to leave this comment: if you start reading the novel expecting it to be fluffy with a simple plot, you have been deceived.

'The fallen merman' starts off pretty simplistic but as the story progresses and you dwelve deeper into the past of the MC & ML you'll discover great depth mixed with quite a few portions of angst. You'll uncover dark truths surrounding the 109 research institute and realize the novel touches on a lot of important topics, even relevant to modern society,... more>> such as environmental pollution or (ABO) gender equality.

Selling points of the novel:

    • The plot: It is action and combat filled (with a touch of humor) involving various interesting combat strategies & firearms. The novel never left me bored for even one chapter (which is quite an achivement considering the novels length and my short attention span)
    • The world-building: What still amazes me to this day is the way the author managed to combine the ABO-world with sci-fi and self-invented rules in the most organic way possible. (E.g.: additional to the foundations of the typical omegaverse, each character possesses unique, individual supernatural abilities of varying strength tied to their respective animal/ plant/ object characteristics. As hard as it sounds to remember the abilities of the characters, it is actually quite easy because each one is just so distinctive.)
    • The relationship dynamics of the MC & ML: Without trying to spoil, it is one of the uniquest I've come across yet.

      As both parties aren't quite human and ML grew up to become the 'queen' of his tribe, they possess values different from our society in their relationship

    • The ML (omega) : Rimbaud is a merman who can and does eat everything - including metal and plastic - and acts like he's God

      (not without reason though)

      He is very strong and might seem to have a simple and cute personality by the beginning of the novel. But as the novel progresses his personality gains increasingly more depth as he learns to express himself. Later in the novel he suprisingly turns out to be quite the dominant one in their relationship ;)
    • However, one of the strongest selling points of the story for me is the MC Bai Chunian (alpha) : Bai Chunian is a bit gangster-ish and playful at the same time. He, as the Gong, is also surprisingly vulnerable and soft in the best way which is tied to his past as he's been through a lot. Additionally, he undergoes great character development - even though he had a traumatizing childhood, throughout the novel he begins to increasingly see worth and hope in humanity. He's intelligent and equally very strong. However, the author manages to balance his character really well, not making him seem op. Towards Rimbaud he is needy and indulgent, and thinks the world of him. Bai Chunian also practices gender equality as he literally works in an organization founded on achieving ABO gender equality. This also leads to the next point:
    • No stereotypical portrayal of ABO roles: In this novel Omegas aren't portrayed as the typically weak who require the protection of Alphas. In terms of combat abilities, strength and position of power they are equal to Alphas, if not even able to surpass them in certain aspects.
    • The side characters/ side couples: Each and every character is well fleshed out, many with an own backstory and you just can't help to sympathize with them in one way or the other.

      (except for ofc the really despicable researchers)

      Moreover, one astounding aspect I hardly ever came across in danmei novels is that side characters and antagonists are able rival MC & ML in terms of strength and wits. This means they actually meet challenges with unpredictable outcomes which makes the novel all the more thrilling & their teammates are actually competent and essential for the successful accomplishment of tasks. A huge plus is also the naturally developing relationships of the side couples.
P.s. To the translators and editors: Thank you for the awesome translation!

Here's my cue for you to read the novel. You won't regret it :) <<less
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suitonjutsu02 rated it
May 19, 2022
Status: Completed
BRUH?? This is so good!! I came for the smexy fluff omegaverse story, but stay for the sexy killer omega and agent alpha

This story is surprisingly like an action novel with mysteries revolving around human experiment. Also... SUPERPOWER OMEGAVERSE!! Cute half animal ears, unique animal DNA, intriguing plot. Wow. I couldn't ask more for better omegaverse action novel. If you like puzzle like game survival, like Mist for example, you'll surely like this

Also, they are so cute and soft for each other. Must protecc!!
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takame rated it
November 23, 2022
Status: c43
Since the start, the unique treatment of omegaverse in this story made me really interested. I like how the strong social caste system (of omegaverse) isn't really applied here but the characters of an individual is more based on the animal gene they had. It also explained the beastification and the science of this world. All in all, I'm impressed with the solid re-interpretation of omegaverse. The world building made it action-packed and plot rich. I recommend this novel!

Although, heads up for readers who based on on characters. There is... more>> a misunderstanding at the start due to language barrier but it will be dealt with later. The gong is young and obstinate so some readers might dislike him at the first arc. But IMO, the whole story is worth the read due to the excellent plot. They grew up in a lab thus lacking EQ but both will have character development. Despite the initial bad setup, they grew fond of each other.

I always have difficulty looking for korean webnovels raw and I know the guys at CG are usually fast so I will wait till this is finished and perhaps add some more in my review. <<less
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Rui_Shirohana rated it
October 31, 2022
Status: c111
I love it so much!!! I saw the manhua first and the art is breathtaking, especially Rimbaud’s design. I was slowly getting into danmei and learned that most manhua’s are adapted from novels (which contains more details and are not quite censored) so I read and I s*** you not! I didn’t put my phone down for weeks! (I’m a slow reader so sue me).


I love how Bai Chunian is... more>> introduced as this c*cky A-hole who’s super confident about everything and Rimbaud who’s a LITERAL fish out of water. It’s an Animal Trait x Omegaverse Story which was the 2nd thing that pulled me in. All of the characters are either so cute you wanna pinch their cheeks or are so cool you wanna display them in a glass.

I was skeptical at first cause of all the action stuff, super agent, experimental subjects and whatnot. But it was so jam packed with action that you’re fully immersed in a matrix x whatever action movie there is in your head.



sometimes you’ll get migraines from all the names of guns and weapons, what they’re used for, the design, the range etc.

And the characters’ abilities, the J1, M2, A3 abilities being described and what it’s used for. Just reading it over and over feels like a roller coaster ride.


I enjoy reading it cause I love Action and Romance plus I’ve never read such an OP couple who will go through thick and thin for each other. Some of their actions are honestly questionable

like how Xiao Bai kept harassing Rimbaud to get his purchase invoice just so he can’t leave him. He completely ignored Rimbaud’s protests and cries even though he knows touching each other for too long dries Rimbaud to the point of scalding. How Rimbaud scratched his name on Bai Chunian’s stomach cause he wanted everyone to know who his Randi (kitten) belongs to. You can see Rimbaud’s name on Xiao Bai’s stomach on the cover BTW. How easily Rimbaud disregards and kills people because they’re not Bai Chunian.


You’ll laugh from all the shenanigans even though it gets dark in a snap. If you don’t like gore I suggest you skip some lines cause it gets heavily described. There are so many deaths that I had to stop cause the description was too much but I got desensitized except for the

White Lion Cubs part. I honestly bawled cause they were just babies who haven’t even opened their eyes properly. Poor Mini Xiao Bai’s 😭


You’ll love all of the characters, not just the main couple.

Except for Daddy Lu though, that Falcon B****! I hated him in Lop Eared Guard but I tolerate him here.


Just don’t grow attached to some of them cause they might be gone by the time you read the next chapter. There’s also a ton of military stuff which might give you a headache plus all the tactics and planning done. But it’s honestly enjoyable once everything is settled.

The romance is what I LOVE LOVE LOVE here. Sure, they’re super possessive of each other and can’t communicate properly due to Rimbaud being from a species with their own language and culture. But once you learn how much they went through and why they are so dependent on each other, you can’t help but root for them. You’ll hate the villains for always trying to separate them or kidnapping one or incapacitating the other. They’re so OP together that you just can’t help but smile once they win and makeout somewhere. 😆 There’s a lot of Lovers Quarrel here and there but I love it when they reconcile.

You’ll love Rimbaud’s random mermaid language. Especially, Obe and Broodpouch. He’s such a flirt and a horn dog that I can’t help but blush. I also love how Xiao Bai is holding out cause he’s scared of hurting Rimbaud with his cat peepee (Just look up what it looks like you pervs) so he’s waiting for Rimbaud to finish his cultivation stage before they Obe.


I’m currently reading the MTL and the translated one and have caught up. The MTL is understandable but the translated one is from one of the best groups out there so I read ahead to get the gist of what’s happening and wait for the English one. If I can rate this a million/10 I would. I hope it gets a chance to be printed in English soon. <<less
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Cherry tomatoes
Cherry tomatoes rated it
April 29, 2023
Status: Completed
I finish reading this before it was picked up for translation. I don't often found favorites in novels I've read, but this one is an absolute gem. It's also the first c-novel omegaverse that I favor so far in all my c-novel reading.

The story have a pair of strong MC and ML (mentally and physically). Lovable support and side characters and side couples. Great world building. Good plot. Even the enemies are also great.

This isn't a fluff slice of life novel. It's an adventure... more like going on missions, but... more>> everything is connected in some way or forms. It's seriously a... beautiful read.

There is only one wishful hope that I have that's left unfulfilled by the author by the very end of the story and extra. But that still didn't deters how great this story and all the characters are to me. I'll just hope that one day after the author finishes her current novel, she'll write an extra again for this novel for a anniversary/celebration or something. It's ML's greatest wish and also my greatest wish to see an extra dedicated to it. <<less
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Zazemd rated it
March 24, 2023
Status: c151
So fricking good the story the side-characters, the plot and the MC and ML !!! Chef's kiss !!! A must-read for sure!

Short explanation for those that want to know a bit more about the novel;

MC a white lion who was genetically modified

... more>> ML a siren king of the sea also genetically modified

So basically they were paired when they were 15 to produce the strongest species/power possible. MC escapes and sees ML again three years later however, he is still in his cultivation stage (cute but when he's mature it's even better and the communication between the ML and MC become even better and more enjoyable to read). They fight for freedom and against the people that create creatures like them and they also fight people that were genetically modified. Basically badass with romance and fluff from other character. Warning some side-characters will make you cry. <<less
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Ouryane00 rated it
September 29, 2022
Status: c98
I definitely have to come back when fully translated!!!

At first, you might think that the MC is being too mean to the ML, don't stop reading because of that!

The MC is actually really soft hearted towards the ML and he's just kinda mean because there's a misunderstanding between them from when they were young ... more>>

The ML caused a graved injury to the ML, but don't worry. This issue doesn't really cause angst between them cause their dependence and love for each other is greater than any issue


Plus! The ML seems unresponsive much or easily bullied at the first few arcs but that's only because he was placed on the 'cultivation stage' by bad scientists! In fact, during

his maturity stage, he also 'bullies' the MC and he's quite possessive like the MC too


And!!! The s*xual tension between both of them is da best! Hahaha they can't really resist their attraction towards each other!

At chapter 98, there's still too much left to uncover. It's like at chap 98, just the tip of the ice berg! <<less
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zapzesty rated it
September 19, 2022
Status: c99
First of all pay no attention to the original summary because it does not give justice to this amazing action packed story.

MC is a white lion alpha and ML is a merman omega. Both are experimental subjects raised for war. After they escape the experimental facility the story throws you into so much fun and interesting storylines like espionage, uperpowered fights secret plots.

It's seriously such a fun read, with really great and well developed relationships from our MC and ML to the side character romances.

The translation is also A+++++ so... more>> there's nothing stopping you from giving it a try!!!! <<less
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Ppkk85 rated it
July 12, 2022
Status: c48
I'm enjoying this novel so far. It kind of remind me of Kaleidoscope Of Death. Each adventure is fun and exciting. Everyone have their own special gift and power. Love the cute teasing, and sweet interaction between MC and ML. But I end up dropping it, it got boring for me.
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