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I became the villainous sister of the protagonist in a reverse harem game. Supposedly, she got possessed around the time the heroine ran away.

This fake sister was the only antagonist in the game, a unique villainess who deeply hates both the female protagonist and her male leads. Her ending is doom at the hands of the male leads, dying in vain when the runaway heroine returns.

So, I don’t want any love or affection from them, and I won’t give any favors to this family that will abandon me. I will leave this beggar’s game.

I wrote down the names of the four male leads, and my two elder brothers.

Someone must help me leave. But when I list them down, they’re all useless.

I have no choice but to dream of leaving by myself.

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가짜는 퇴장을 원한다
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koco2018 rated it
April 6, 2023
Status: c80
To be honest, I like reading about main characters that try to die repeatedly, I wish they find their peace.

But these types of novels generally miss the sweet spot I crave and somehow turn into a lesson. "you have loved ones", "you are loved", "I can't let you throw your life away"... Like, I get it, I really do, su*cide is relied on when emotions reach the peak and the person can no longer hope for the future, or they don't want to face the future anymore. But that's not... more>> the outcome I've been craving from a novel.

Here, MC is looking for death to escape the villainess role, and she continues to seek it because when she dies she wakes up in her reality. It became a truth for her through experience, escaping through death = return to reality. So did she stop? Of course not. She got her desired outcome through death, she would've had just one death if not for her brothers' obsession.

Not to mention that house is a prison for Charlotte, thankfully we don't see physical torture only mental, but those brothers are ill with obsession. At first, there were moments between siblings I truly thought, "they can reconcile", I saw the clean tip of the iceberg. They hate her, but won't let her leave because she is their mother's doll and memento, seeing her only as an object that belongs to the duke's house. So MC is in a place like a prison where she can neither enjoy nor escape.

I enjoyed reading this for the constant death and MC's plots, but also prepared to leave for when the author was going to hit me with a "you are loved" lesson. Which never happened. This is also why I'm leaving a 5 star review. You mean, there is an author out there who doesn't give a fck and never pops a soppy character out of nowhere weeping and saying "I'm sorry don't leave"? Thank you.

Mental health is important but if the person wants to go, who are you? Are you helping or are you torturing?

Anyway, the author finds a new reason to halt her pursuit of death. But what I'm trying to get at is, this novel REALLY tickles my fancy, scratches that itch you know? Her brothers, I want to murk, but you know, what's a novel without characters you really want to punch through the screen.

Spoilers for my brethren.

Warning, these are small spoilers, if you read a few chapters you'll see it soon.

- MC's death trick


Every time MC dies for an extended period of time, she returns to her reality. If she dies for a short time, she doesn't go back.

When the Duchess died, she left a will imbued with holy power that stated the duke's family can wish to save Charlotte from death. In this way, no matter how many su*cide attempts MC succeeds at, her brothers can just wait it out, summon her back to health, and get mad at her for dying.

Sounds like hell.

And no, the people around her do not get nicer to her after her attempts. The author has the characters on a loop of "she was adopted into a rich famous family, she has no reason to die".

Which in a way, is a good thing. Because we can truly hate them, and it makes it easier for MC to die.


- Who dies in the early chapters


No one.

Man, I wish one of those brothers did though. Why are they worse than Tia's Men... tsk tsk


Warning, these are medium spoilers, you'll live.

- Where did our female lead disappear to?


Tia escapes to a plague island where the empire ships its sick people to die without infecting the rest of the healthy citizens.

She meant to run away from the Duke's for just a while but became trapped on the island when a plague broke out. As a saintess, Tia spends time healing the inhabitants while trying to clear her mind.


- Why did our female lead disappear?


Tia's gay.

What I mean, is, Tia is gay for Charlotte.

Tia and Charlotte are sisters legally. Since MC was adopted into Tia's family.

So while feeling incredibly immoral but unable to hide her growing feelings, Tia ran away for Charlotte's sake.

Every time Charlotte sees Tia, she superimposed the image of the Late Duchess (the only one who gave Charlotte love) onto Tia and gets horribly depressed and seeks death. So Tia thought that by leaving the house, she is saving Charlotte from committing su*cide.

That Sure backfired didn't it? Lol. Tia left for Charlotte, but Charlotte is punished because Tia left.


- Male Lead


Yea it's Lua.

Haven't you seen that coming from the very beginning? Author loves him a lot.

Our old demon, father to Ian the demon hunter, and husbando to MC (well not yet, I'm only on ch 80)

...I need to go reread his scenes. He gives me butterflies, I'm glad author gave MC a side to rely on.


Warning, these are huge spoilers, I'm not pulling punches.

- MC's Identity


Stay with me, it may seem like useless information at first, but you'll understand why.


Charlotte was the Duchess's Doll, picked up from an orphanage young and raised as a doll and treated as a doll, not as a person. She grew up warped and lacking as she was solely dependent on the women who treated her like an object. Sometime after the duchess died, Charlotte committed su*cide with her sleeping pills. This was when Charlotte died.

When MC woke in Charlotte's body, it was an unspecified time after the attempt, that time is missing from the story.

MC is a Korean that lives an unloved life where she is alone and a bit poor. She plays a video game to escape her reality for a bit and retains basic information about the world: FL returns in 3 years to kill the villainess.

Now that we have the basics over with.

MC is Charlotte. More specifically, Charlotte's been doing some unsolicited world-hopping.

So you see, this spoiler slightly links with the next spoiler "Truth of the World". There may be some aspects in this spoiler that you don't understand yet because I won't explain it here.

Follow me now.

---- At first, there was Grace. She died.

--------- Grace reincarnated as Charlotte.

---- Then there was Charlotte. She died.

--------- Charlotte reincarnated as Kim Dan

---- Then there was Kim Dan. She was pulled into the game world as Charlotte.

--------- Kim Dan became Charlotte.

So you see, everything loops. Grace is Charlotte is Kim Dan. MC's soul has been on a tour.

Oh, did I mention she's the world's god successor?


- Truth of the World


And we are here, what we've all been waiting for.

This world is a fun game created by the world's previous god, Grace.

Grace loved humans, and abandoned her staff and duties to live among the humans. She was eventually killed by humans for her godlike abilities, because well, humans be humans. Always afraid of the unknown and uncontrollable.

Grace's staff were the dark sorcerers who helped Grace manage the world's balance of good and evil. Keeping both demons and saints in harmony, proper yin and yang. So when Grace died, the dark sorcerers carried the managing burden and searched for a new successor.

1000 years later, Grace reincarnated in her own game as Charlotte. The dark sorcerers were ecstatic, the boss is back! But then Charlotte killed herself. So shit, things are back in the mud.

The general manager, Lena, one of the dark sorcerers, uses Grace's game to attract souls from a new world to become the world god's successor. One after another, things weren't looking good.

And as Lena was looking for the 100th soul to give "Charlotte" a shot... Bam, found Grace-Charlotte's runaway soul. Perfect 100% match to the body because.. well.. it's her own body.

So Lena stuck it in, and as Charlotte did previously, she quickly hated the world and su*cided again. But she couldn't leave this time because the duchess's will was her tether.

So eventually after becoming more and more warped with anger and depression, MC was thinking "How the hell can I return to reality with this mindset, I won't make it". And well, with that as a good point, she also found out that this was her original world. And that she's a god successor, and the reincarnation of the previous world god....

So, MC is just gonna stay and live freely here. Just getting through the game contents and taking a nice long break with Lena and Lua. Ah. I forgot to write a spoiler for him.

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Natayee rated it
February 27, 2023
Status: c26
I'm normally pretty positive, but for some reason this novel was incredibly difficult to read. It really felt like a fan fiction of DITOEFTV, but I'm not talking about characters or tropes since I love DITOEFTV without any sense of shame. I mean like, an early 2000s goth My Immortal type of fan fiction. It feels like I would have loved this in 2014. As I read, I gave the characters voices from Don't Hug Me I'm Scared and strangely enough I highly recommend it- This novel's dialogue has the... more>> same awkwardness of such a show. (I don't mean this as an attack on the translator, since they did a good job. I just mean that sentences and topics of conversation seem to jump around without rhyme or reason.) The female lead acts in bizarre ways without sense, but she's not even fun to be around... If you're going to make a careless, "crazy" FL who

basically cannot die

, I want a Harley Quinn, someone who sets buildings on fire for fun, or at least someone who is not sad to be near. Additionally, the male lead is introduced very randomly, has not really been given any character traits yet, and their entire essence as a couple is like that of Megan Fox and MGK (rip but not really). My favorite part is the rest of the characters who are all THE EXACT SAME. It's honestly hilarious and shameless how little was done to differentiate them all. It's like I told someone who isn't into Otome Isekai the plot of DITOEFTV without character names and asked them to rewrite it to the best of their ability...

I cannot wait for more. It's like watching a car crash, I love it. <<less
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Yoimiyashop rated it
January 27, 2023
Status: --
  • Really love this so far it definitely have the potential hopefully it won't get drop in the future.
  • I feel pity that our lovely MC get thrown and have to live with all these mess up dude like she definitely have a lot of patience BC if it was me I'll go crazy a long time ago😟
  • Some warning tho there are topic involving depression and attempt
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aelin_0 rated it
August 24, 2022
Status: c2
Interesting start, book with a lot of potential

I just started this novel, so rating it will come of as superficial and fake. But I believe it has potential to become 5 stars or 4 in my eyes.

The novel is my type a (seemingly) apathetic female main character, thrown into a group of unstable, insane, possibly possessive male characters. I have only met two briefly, both obsessed with the biological sister. And mentally, verbally and physically abusive towards our main character, their adopted sister.

I hope the author will explore the... more>> feelings of the main character and the original adopted daughter (the body of the main character). Showing complex feelings towards her „only family", who didn't see her as a family. Those feeling that the original main character expressed through anger and distancing herself from others to avoid getting hurt by their actions.
Our main character is in a unique position of being able to experience and remembering the abuse inflicted on the original main character (adopted daughter) while partially knowing and being a stranger to the towards them/her abusive characters.
A stranger in the body of both a victim and the enforcer of abuse judging herself, others and the original character will hopefully be a very interesting read. There is so much room for character development.

Even though I hope none of the book male leads (romantic partners towards biological daughter) will end up with her, but I'll let myself be surprised.

Rating, chapter 2: 5 stars <<less
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chromaQ rated it
August 22, 2023
Status: c70
This novel has a really sloppy storyline. Many times there will be a "rule" that is stated as absolute ends up getting broken and forgotten about anyway, such as "Charlize can't leave the house." Except she does, and nothing happens. One of her brothers "loses" his power, but it's forgotten about by the next chapter. Characters are poorly developed, and have unexplained obsessions with other characters.

It's all just really meaningless, the characters are all unlikeable people in general (including the MC, who only thinks about dying), and this is just... more>> a slog to keep reading. By chapter 70 there are no likable characters at all anymore, so I'm dumping this story. <<less
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September 9, 2023
Status: c38
Tl;Dr: My Immortal with better grammar and no pop culture references.

I picked this up on a bad health day because I thought it would be like The Duchess Has a Deathwish. Sometimes it's nice to read about that kind of thing when you're feeling down, because they start in your mood and it's easy to settle in, but slowly the character finds value in life and it can help walk you slowly towards a better mood.

The first few chapters were not so bad. The male characters are all crazy idiots... more>> but that's pretty standard for the genre. I assumed the ML would end up being someone not in that group, which yes, that's true.

Most stories appear shallow in the beginning before you have time to hear back stories, worldbuilding, see characters at their best/worst at dramatic moments.

This story never really did that. It can be amusing to pass the time but the logic is so weak and ridiculous this literally reads like My Immortal with better grammar and no pop culture references.

MC kills herself and the first few times it holds weight. But the longer it goes on the more she dies and it just isn't impactful. She has clearly become desensitized to death, and all the ML from the story don't want her to die despite hating her? After a dozen or so chapters it's clear they're all becoming obsessed with MC even tho they are supposed to love the OGFL.


she makes a contract with the Great Devil

she claims she wants to destroy the world but she just... Sits in her room and does literally nothing. And everyone keeps showing up in her room. Before that, sure, maybe running away wouldn't work. But after? Why doesn't she just leave? There is no logic here.

I just saw the OGFL for the first time in ch38 and

she was in love with her adopted sister/OGVillainess


This is a train wreck but like I said, can be amusing. Not so bad it's good, just so bad it's fun to make fun of.

Translator did a good job, just the story itself is a wreck lol. <<less
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PastelPudding rated it
June 25, 2023
Status: c69
Absolutely love the main character of this story. She’s relatable, charming, and funny to experience.

Even if her hope is to go back home, she absolutely never strays from that idea. Overall, her personality makes her realistic to me, while keeping my interest. There are too many stories out there where the main character came from another world, and then just stayed in their new one. The fact time doesn’t change in the real world but the game changes instead actually makes it fascinating to me.


5/5 recommend to read. If you enjoy stories about characters who have a consistent goal,

a main character who has definitely had their frontal cortex damaged from the lack of oxygen from dying constantly

, side stories/plotlines, and a main character not liking ANY of the other main characters and dunking on the original concept, this is definitely up your alley.

Keep in mind though, if you don’t pay attention to the plot you may get sideswiped by the side events!
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biscoffbitch rated it
February 26, 2023
Status: c24
I really like this novel so far, its what ive been wanting, the concept is pretty dark (themes of su*cide) and the main character is in my opinion, a refreshing main character compared to the average villainess MC ^_^.

I think it could be compared to death is the only ending for the villainess...

Og Charlize is a bully to tia, as she was adopted and loved by their 'mother' more than tia, and after she passes, Charlize takes her anger out on tia for being her actual child, so now that... more>> tia ran away from home, all the love interests (and her 2 brothers) believe she was the reason for it and take their anger out on her.

NOW the new charlize, kim daneun, hasnt given any thought to romance and remains calm, her go-to emotion seems to be wallowing in misery (same) she relates in some ways to og charlize, which helps her sympathize with her.

this has potential to be 5/5, I just wish they could write a bit more emotion for her su*cide attempts or even just her depression, it also feels like the story is preparing for the love interests to fall inlove w charlize (THEY MIGHT NOT!!!) but as a personal hater of the cliche (?) I hope they avoid it!

im really excited to see how tia, aka the original heroine will be... and the sarcastic humour is very entertaining ^^; <<less
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lesser night
lesser night rated it
August 23, 2023
Status: c68
This is an inferior version of 'Death is the only ending for the villainess'. The plot is full of asspulls and the worldbuilding is non-existent. The characters also have no depth whatsoever.

Initally, MC looked like she'd be interesting, what with her deathseeker premise which she abandons quickly in favor of drama.
... more>>

MC finds out early on that she goes back to her original world once she dies, and that she returns back to the other world when her body is revived there - which is exactly what happens after her first death show in front of all of the OG FL's suitors. This, I can respect as a sort of screw you to the people who'd end up killing her in the original work.

However, she continues gathering all these people at her every death attempt despite their established ability to bring her back forcefully. It gets to a point where it feels like MC's aim is more to spite this group of strangers who haven't done anything more than a mean girls routine at her than to get back to her life - especially when 70% of MC's dialogue is about how everybody loves her sister and no one loves her *sob*, despite her not being a reincarnator/bound to a system/invested in that world at all.

It also bothers me that the MC has enough 'evil energy' to undo an ancient demon's seal despite the villainess being a mean girl who occasionally slaps people and the MC herself having very little established about her. Speaking of which...


ML is about as milquetoasty as they come.

For the most powerful evil demon to ever demon, he hasn't really done anything demonic besides brood in a corner. Despite having no love for the other world or its inhabitants, MC uses his demonic powers exclusively as a taxi / consequences deterrent from the OG FL's suitors.


The OG FL's suitors are not only unlikeable (which would be fine if they made for good antagonists), they are also forgettable and incompetent. They all share one brain cell that the OG FL unfortunately ran away with at the beginning of the story

which is possibly why OG FL is probably the most interesting one in the whole story.


Overall, the novel might actually be in the 'so bad it's good' territory. If this was made into an over the top manhwa adaptation or a dramatic reading, I might get into it for the cringe. <<less
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