The Ex-Girlfriend Reunited in a Shared Apartment Is Approaching


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A Secretly Sweet Romance Comedy Woven by Former Lovers!

A second-year university student, Yuji Kaga, decided to move into a shared house in order to sever his lingering feelings for his ex-lover.

However, on his first day of moving in, who appeared right before his eyes was none other than his ex-girlfriend, Mafuyu Himuro, the very source of those feelings.

In front of the other residents, their relationship within the shared house remains a secret. But Yuji’s feelings start to waver due to aspects only known to him as her ex-boyfriend, like how Mafuyu becomes clingy when she drinks, or her fondness for “goodnight kisses.”

It’s unexpectedly difficult to pretend to be strangers, especially when Mafuyu aggressively seeks physical closeness, demanding piggyback rides in private or stealthily initiating physical contact.

“I still like Yuji. We broke up, but my feelings remain.” The love comedy of the ex-couple’s attempt at a fresh start begins!

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Sharehausu de saikai shita motokano ga sematte kuru
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01/07/24 Ryuuseika RAWRR v1c7
01/07/24 Ryuuseika RAWRR v1c6
01/07/24 Ryuuseika RAWRR v1c5 part2
01/07/24 Ryuuseika RAWRR v1c5 part1
12/05/23 Ryuuseika RAWRR v1c4
12/05/23 Ryuuseika RAWRR v1c3
12/05/23 Ryuuseika RAWRR v1c2
12/05/23 Ryuuseika RAWRR v1c1
12/05/23 Ryuuseika RAWRR v1 prologue
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