The Evil King and Medical Goddess Wife: Whose Hand Covers the World


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While she was drowning, she was reborn and ended up saving the Prince, yet she was accused of being the Prince’s assassin! Miss Idiot has become a god in medicine! Since then she punishes and put her enemies in place, all sicknesses were removed. What?

The regretful prince wants to change his mind?

A mysterious leader wants to talk to her?

A first Divine Doctor wants her to be his girlfriend?

The iron tree blossoms (the iron heart finally opens), she naturally wants to laugh, but how can this Prince who almost drowned with her come to join the pursue of her love?

@happy-go-lucky fools
Translator/Editor: @sunnyflowers

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Queen's Legend
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New Kiisama89 rated it
June 29, 2020
Status: c2
Hi I never give any review before but I need to say something here.. I think the novel is good and I like this kind of story.. I cant really write a good review but I just want to say something nice about this.. The translator did a really good job and it is a nice story read.. So please give it a try to 😊
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New sunnyflowers rated it
June 27, 2020
Status: c7
Translator here! This is sunnyflowers from happy-go-lucky fools!

I'm not quite sure why people are giving the series a low rating when we literally just picked up this novel!

Even previously before we translated till chapter 7 as of today, people were giving this series a low rating from chapter 1, 2-3, which is quite ridiculous! Why? Because the plot hasn't even progressed enough at chapter 3 yet none the less at chapter 1! (You're basically not even giving it a chance, OR you don't even like the genre and is just... more>> giving hate to the novel ><)

Please read more before judging if this novel is good or not! This seriously dampens my mood because now for readers who look at ratings, this discourages them from taking a peek at the story!

Therefore this is why I am here to say, please give this novel a chance!!

Read it and see if you like it, and if you don't that's fine, but if you do--- please leave a good rating and/or write a review! I'm always monitoring this page to see rating + review updates! ^^

******MORE ABOUT THE NOVEL *******

This story is your classy smartass young lady who goes against an arrogant Prince, if you like a bickering couple, you'll definitely see it in this novel! It's a cliche romance if you like reading these types of plots, HOWEVER, you will find the female lead's mother to be quite hilarious. This badass young lady knows how to make one laugh with her offensive jokes, er well not really jokes but offensive comments.. Haha so do check it out.

Feel free to engage in a dialogue with me on NU or on our happy-go-lucky fools page!

Happy reading!


sunnyflowers <<less
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