The Entire Interstellar is Watching What I Eat


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“Open Globe Survival” is the most popular variety show in the Star Sea Alliance, which is different from other variety shows. This variety show does not have any stars, and all the guests in it are prisoners who used to be in Star Prison.

They are dropped on an unknown planet and hunt each other down, and the winner will receive the opportunity to survive. In this era of killer entertainment, “Open Globe Survival” has gained the attention of the entire Star Sea Alliance as they bet on the team that will push the show to the top.

Ji He accidentally transmigrated to this planet and joined “Open Globe Survival” as a newcomer.

【My God, he actually dares to eat that icky gross-looking thing?!】

【It looks like he was able to make Hengji beast taste delicious, I want to buy Hengji beast too!】

【What is he doing?! This rind can unexpectedly be opened like that?!】

【Save me QAQ if I don’t watch Ji He eat for a day, I don’t have the desire to eat anymore】

【I really want to try that thing Ji He made called fish soup, but it didn’t taste good at all when I made it myself QAQ】

Ji He’s series of operations stunned everyone watching the variety show and led a new trend across the Star Sea Alliance. Meanwhile, Ji He, who was trapped on an unknown planet, didn’t know anything about it.

Ji He was just a little distressed. Wasn’t the little black cat he picked up too tall? Obviously they eat the same thing, right?

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New User.948761 rated it
January 6, 2023
Status: c13
Update: used mtl to read to ch13. It wasn't super easy to ready but not bad either. It's just that the story moves so slowly. Also, I saw in novel updates that the story is on hiatus.... more>>

So far at this point, the MC has teamed up with another person. MC has cooked a few times. I think it's only been about two days since the MC has been dropped into the future. We have no idea on the plot otherwise nor the origins of the MC. Like the other reviewer said, the entire premise is that MC has a system and is in a future world where the average person doesn't know how to cook nor what foods are edible nor basic life survival skills.

I give the story four stars based on the idea and concept. The writing is decent. One star deducted because nothing has happened to move the plot and it's already chapter 13. Unless this is slice of life style focused on food and survival. Which then I'll change my rating in the future. Initial review:
Read to c4, 2. Great translation imo and I like how the translator keeps track of the stats at the end of the chapter. I'm just a little bummed that there are only a few chapters out.

The premise of the story is interesting. So far the MC seems smart and perhaps a bit ruthless. But with the survival setting of the story, that's perfect. I'm excited. <<less
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Potatoh rated it
November 4, 2022
Status: --
Will not rate for now because premise is a bit interesting but there are very few chapters released. Mtled til chapter 11 or so. From what I understood people in this era seem to have no concept of natural food and surviving in the wild, the players in the game rely solely on nutrient solutions and what they deem safe. They don't know that fish are edible and that boiling water makes river water safe for consumption. Makes you wonder what kind of environment they typically live in and the... more>> type of food they normally eat. Given this premise I think logic in this story is a bit broken. In any advance civilization, if they come across unknowns they send out scientists to study and understand this kind of environment. There's wildlife and vegetation they don't understand so normally they should be studied, it's a natural resource after all. Instead they send criminals for entertainment purposes. I'll probably come back to read after more raw chapters are released. <<less
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