The End of The World’s Reborn Cannon Fodder Counter-attacks


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I’ve been reborn? Xiao Ziling, who was facing the eve of the apocalypse, pulled a bitter face. The apocalypse isn’t easy to live in, you know!

In order to have a good life in the future, he must first hug a big, thick thigh. Xiao Ziling’s eyes are on the apocalypse’s future king, Chu Zhitian. He strived to be his reliable and capable Younger Brother, in hopes of being protected under this tree’s shade.

Only, why is it so hard to accomplish this small goal?

This big brother, you are a cheat carrier, you should be able to call the wind and summon the rain. Why the hell are you fighting with me for the Younger Brother position?

That big sister who transmigrated, you want to sponge on my family’s Big Brother? Also, please don’t think of me as a thorn in your side. My sexual orientation is very normal.

Cold-faced little brother, do not always look at me with those suspicious eyes. History has never had someone as ordinary as me. I am a reborn man.

Little sister selling meng, where did you come from? Why are you clearer on future events than I am?

……Your mom, what kind of world is this? Xiao Ziling was left in disarray – this world has a diverse variety of transmigration and rebirth loophole cheats everywhere. Even becoming a younger brother requires you to compete for it. Xiao Ziling was seriously under great pressure!

Seems like a big thick thigh must definitely be hugged securely, Xiao Ziling realized.

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Ease rated it
April 16, 2018
Status: Completed
Wow! I am surprised with how much I enjoyed MTLing this novel.

I read non-stop (minus sleeping, eating and nature calling) for 200+ chapters, stopped for awhile when the plot slows down and read til the end when the plot pick up.

The plot development is quite solid, though the author used lots of common troupes but there's an interesting plot twist. The MC kept babbling that he's a total cannon fodder in his past lives but!

... more>>

He's actually acquaintance with ML, the golden thigh. Turn out the ML even loved him but was too stupid to realized his own feeling and slept around with women instead. Only when MC died did he realized his feeling. But NOPE, baby! It's too late! MC is already dead.


I love the management of the base they formed, even from the first small base in the early days. There's a clear role for everyone, even for the survivors with no abilities. They even have uniforms for different groups, with different names. The organisation itself is one of the thing that I love to read in this novel.

They also have frequent fight scenes, against zombies and human enemies alike, and every scene was beautifully described. I can even create the image in my mind while reading.


And ML later subdued a zombie cat while the son later took in a zombie companion, which I find really interesting to read. They even have mutant pet dogs. I haven't seen that yet!


The MTL also not that hard to read for everyone interested. So do give it a try. <<less
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lisyaoran rated it
November 4, 2018
Status: Completed
There are several things that might be wrong tagged by NovelUpdate:

  1. this novel is YAOI, not shounen ai - as everyone know, shounen ai = no smexy scene, more to bromance, but yaoi got ALL OF THAT, and this novel got like 3 direct chapter on how ML indulge MC. (they are making *cough* in 3 sequence chapter.. nosebleed...)
  2. this novel has 279 chapter + 2 extra (novelupdate tag as 246 chapter) - when its getting to 246 chapter, I was surprised since

    MC haven't been able to accept ML yet, he always thought ML as a big brother and he as a younger brother when suddenly ML wants to roll sheet (making smexy scene) with him

    , I was shocked, is this novel Bad Ending?? No, it was not, because it has 279 chapter.
I don't know how to change the information, so I'll just write it here.

As for the story, It was sooo damn good that I was reluctantly wanted to read all in one sitting, thinking that after I read this awesome novel, will I meet another good quality novel like this? (I am the kind of person who like to eat things I like sloooooooowly)

MC in this novel was hell-bent to be the younger brother to ML that he willing to sacrifices everything to achieve that. ML was touched and think MC as his younger brother but he has no clue why he wanted to kiss (he kiss him) MC so much, is this how elder brother treat younger brother? (Nope, absolutely not!) ML was kind of a guy who thinks married with women is the thing he should do, he never thought of marrying a guy, which leads to a lottt of misunderstanding (on ML part). Their interaction is cute and I really like 2nd couple (but there is not so much bout them, .·´¯` (>▂<) ´¯`·.) the fighting sequence, the betrayal, the mystery and new abilities are written excellently, which makes me engaged in this story.

MTL was okay, you can understand the story well, but I still wait for the translator, it worth to read several times. Totally recommend this novel, (5/5)
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Narutolvr rated it
May 17, 2018
Status: Completed
This novel is so good!!!! It's funny, interesting, and doesn't leave you hanging too much with explanations like a lot of these stories do; the author does a fantastic job of tying everything together in the end! Just when you think you know how the rest of the story will go, the author goes in a different direction (that still makes sense) that compels you to keep reading. I think the author did a fantastic job integrating all of the different reborn/transmigrated characters into the world of the novel without... more>> bringing them in just to act as cannon fodder or one time villains who get face slapped then die/disappear.

What I'm most impressed about, however, is the author's portrayal of the MC. He's good, for the most part, but there are times you can't help but feel dissatisfied with some indecisive/laid back responses of his. But, towards the end of the novel,

you start to see the MC wasn't such an innocent black belly as you thought, carefully calculating everything, including his and the ML's feelings. What's even better, however, is you get to see his conflict with becoming the sort of person willing to go that far just to live. Unfortunately, perhaps due to me using MTL to read the raws or because of the story itself, we don't really get to understand the origin of the 'black' Xiao Ziling. This is especially apparent when you learn a bit about what happened in the previous life and how/why the MC was reborn


Either way, it's a great novel that I strongly recommend to anyone who wants a new take on the 'reborn in an apocalypse' genre. Even if you're not into BL, you'll enjoy it as the BL doesn't become a focus until way late in the novel. The first 75% of it is really just the MC's attempt to earn the trust of the ML so he can live free and easy, despite it seeming like everything and everyone is trying to prevent that. <<less
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luzumafu rated it
March 23, 2018
Status: c6
There aren't that many chapters out atm, but judging from the synopsis, I can tell this novel will make me laugh. The latest chapter 6 already has some foreshadowing about the other transmigrators, rebirthers, reincarnates, and all those other "immigrants"--and the MC is aware of the possibility too so that tells us that he isn't dumb. The MC, Xiao Ziling, died and was reborn and got himself a cheat--typical rebirth scenario. The difference is that they explain how he got his cheat early on so the author isn't just pulling... more>> things out from thin air, but there are definitely still some things regarding the specific skills/cultivation/powers of the rest of the world itself as well as the cheat that can be expounded on later. So far all we know is that after the apocalypse people's bodies categorized as speed-types, power-types, etc as well as the standard cultivation earth, fire, water, etc spirit roots.

All we can get from the current chapters is that the MC and his family are super close. Also there's that "you can't change fate" thing where he tries his best to get his aunt by his side to ensure her safety but just like his previous life he fails to do so. His cheat isn't that overpowered (though there is definitely potential). He has to work his butt off for it though because of his own bodily composition's shortcomings.

This is shounen ai, so just a heads up there. ML hasn't shown up yet, but my first guess is that he's the leader and the big thigh that he wants to hug (the thigh that also wants to hug MC's too, so most likely also a rebirth guy). All I can say is that based on the synopsis we are in for a time-lapse rebirth mind-fuq. Similar to Counterattack of a White Lotus that was Reborn into an Apocalypse xD which is hilarious.

Translation quality is perfectly fine since it is clear, little to no grammatical errors, and honestly all of their current projects are on my reading list so they know what the good stuff are and are trying their best to do those novels justice. <<less
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rhianirory rated it
March 26, 2019
Status: Completed
decent novel, though there are some logical inconsistencies you have to ignore and some bad editing on the authors part. Like how his sunglasses are off one moment and back on the next without him having put them there, or when one chapter he's 3rd order and few chapters later he's peak 2nd and a few chapters after that he's 3rd order again.

added to that there is the chaos of this being... more>>

a story within a novel (??maybe??), the MC being reborn, other people being reborn, at least one person with a game system and more than one person transmigrating into the book from the future. Also the reborn MC mentions "the book" so he seems to know he's inside a book?? Or that could just be more bad editing by the author, I don't know.


some of the side characters disappear for large chunks of time, like the MC's little Aunt, who shows up for a paragraph or two and vanishes again; there is no real sense of connection with any family members (or team members) except the ML and CXQ so I'm not sure why the author bothered introducing them in the first place. the MC himself is a confusing contradiction; it's like the author started out wanting to make him smart, world weary, strong and self sufficient but then changed their mind part way and decided to make him a typical stupid shou, then regretted it and made him bounce back and forth instead. So sometimes he comes across as smart and jaded and other times he's so childish and naive that you wonder how he survive for ten years on his own before dying the first time.

the ML is domineering and OP, like every other ML, and only nice to the MC, though he tolerates his "brothers" on the team. He's almost as dense as the MC when it comes to matter of the heart so its well over 100 chapters before he even begins to realize he might like the MC. The romance part of this novel is so slow it will frustrate readers to no end. If really slooooooow romance annoys you, you won't like this story. You might try reading it as a generic zombie apocalypse story instead. For me, my interested kinda lost momentum at around chapter 180 and I had to force myself to finish (i might have skipped a few chapters).

the ending was ok but not surprising. I figured out the truth of CXQ many, many chapters ago so having it spelled out was kind of redundant. this is my fifth or sixth zombie apocalypse book (not counting quick wear worlds) and they all seem to go about the same. The Chinese seem to have an obsessive need to group together and somehow the ML always ends up as the boss of a big base/country/world. There's yet to be an ending where the MC and ML say "screw this, I'm going fishing" and refuse to take power. Me, i'd rather go fishing than deal with all the politics. <<less
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patch rated it
March 11, 2019
Status: Completed
I was actually finished for quite some time now but I haven't written the review yet. And when I see the rating is lower than what it should be I decide to come over and write something.

This story is good. Very nice setting, good plotline, and each character has theirs own uniqueness.

It's a long story and to be honest, I expect a little more towards the end. But it still very good as it is.

MC was not that cute all the way through but he sell meng for living, so....... more>> yeah. He has his own story. And as you might expect, he was very OP.

ML was good and, yes, very vey OP. His past with MC still confused me quite a bit.

And my favorite was Chu Xiao Qi, but l'm not going to spoil the key point of this. Anyway, he was a lovable child.

The interesting thing of this story is MC was not the only abnormal one, there were some reborn, transmigration, etc. Normally those would throw me off, but this wasn't because it written so well that I wasn't feel forced.

One of the good and worth reading zombie/apocalypse BL theme novel. Try this!!! <<less
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lourdes rated it
January 19, 2019
Status: Completed
This iis really so much fun. I'm so iin love with this that iI feel like I wanted to translate this for others to enjoy too but... my lazy character I think I wont be able to complete it this the end so I didnt continue the idea.

Honestly I was so sad it was drop in novel update. Hope someone could pick this up and continue this the untill end. I definitely going to r-read it again from the start 😆

This a total package its fluppy, sweet, full of action,... more>> mystery, psychological, drama, comedy, full of twist and turn and unexpected surprises! Most of all this rocommended for fellow rotten girls!❤❤❤. I thought will there be no such a smexy scene between the pair because romance is So slow, both in denyal of their love for they believe there could only be love between man&woman. They never expected to be gay... for each other. I quite like this kind of story that original straight got bent for love.👍👍❤❤❤ <<less
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housyspecial rated it
April 29, 2018
Status: Completed
This is a very cute, realistic love story of our reborn main character Xiao Ziling and his OP Captain/Lover Chu Tian. Our Xiao Ziling is actually 24 years old but somehow his face has stopped aging when he was 15 years old.

When he found out that he was reborn 10 years before the apocalypse, he uses his cute 15 year old face to sell 'Meng' (cuteness) to become the younger brother of Chu Tian.

Sick of being a cannon fodder in his last life, he seeks out opportunities to gain the... more>> trust of Chu Tian, but besides becoming the younger brother of Chu Tian, he gains a lover too.

Cute, clever, funny, & pure Xiao Ziling x Cunning, intelligent, possessive, shameless Chu Tian <<less
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April 27, 2019
Status: Completed
It was very cute and interesting! This is the second short story that made me read the original through a Google translator. And it was worth it! The novella is full of cliches and stamps, but to my taste is a combination. The main characters are cute and cute, funny and enjoyable. I really liked it! Sometimes the author was able to surprise me even using clichés. :) I advise you to read!
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caffeinefocus rated it
March 29, 2018
Status: Completed
It's been quite a while since I read mtls of this novel so I'm a bit iffy on the details, but I do remember how much I enjoyed the slight complexity of the plot and the twist and turns as it gets near the end.

This isn't THE best zombie apocalypse chinese novel out there but it definitely has potential to be one of the best. A bit wacky and frustrating at times, especially with the romantic development between the two main characters, but the author did handle these elements well... more>> enough not to produce too much plotholes, or wtf scenarios.

My favorite thing about this though, is the fight scenes. Even with only google translate, those parts were intelligible enough to come off as exciting, especially with the use of the ''special moves'' for each abilities as the survivors battle with not only the zombies but with their fellow survivors as well.


Since MC wasn't the only one with a ''cheat'', nor was he the only one who was reborn, there's a lot of sinister machinations happening in both the foreground and background of the story, with each of the characters with the cheats trying to gain as much benefits for themselves as they can, politicking not even included yet.

You'll figure out the direction the plot and the twists were going to take the moment their ''son'' appeared, especially if you read too much scifi.

I especially liked the way the parallel timelines and alternate universes were interspersed to develop the romance between the main pair. It was pretty depressing, actually, rife with sacrifices and pain just to be able to make sure that the other will remain safe and happy. The sacrifices weren't limited to the main pair but with their families and close friends as well.

Background of the son was also too much of a downer.

They worked too hard to achieve their happy endings.


I guess what made this quite memorable for me is the idea that even with a cheat or gold finger, not everything will be as easy as you think, especially with this kind of setting, with danger literally everywhere for the characters. Coupled with the author's writing style and execution of these elements, it was, all in all, a satisfying read.

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