The Empress’s Gigolo


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In a world where its inhabitants can destroy a city wall single-handedly, the empress has a kirin as her pet, and the imperial palace of Great Xia has a pool containing a dragon. There is also a Sword Mountain where spirit swords occasionally leave in search of a master .

Bootlicking the empress, Ren Baqian ascended to the apex of life.

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Nǚdì jiā de xiǎobáiliǎn
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Seregosa rated it
June 18, 2018
Status: c20
Acceptable, but not more than average. I dislike the excessive interaction with the modern world, hell, I hate the fact that he's even able to travel back and forth, I am especially disgusted with the fact that he's even introducing stuff from the fantasy world to the modern world and not only the other way around. He's kind of living a double life, so this novel is half on earth half in a fantasy world.

... more>>

The comedy is kinda subpar, it's really not that good. The MC himself is a somewhat worthless human being with no talents, no real courage and low intelligence, but he can succeed in life because he's capable of, that's right, pretending to be knowledgeable/amazing by using modern day information or magic world items, none of which has anything to do with him. He didn't even think twice before showing around some magic drugs in the modern world that can instantly (almost) heal injuries and trying to mass-produce and sell them, but of course there'll be no issues, since everyone is flowery ret*rds in this world and nothing bad will likely ever happen. He can bring over everything he touches at the time of transfer which happens every three days on the dot, I guess he'll start bringing in guns, cars, modern farm equipment and even people later on, geez. The characters are quite flat, I don't feel as if they're living at all, they feel way too 2d. The world is similarly uninteresting.


Overall, this is a novel that isn't worth reading, at least not for me. It's not the worst I've seen, but it's really not a novel that I'd waste my time on and I freaking read 1600 chapters of MGA before I got so fed up with that garbage I quit, so that says something. This novel has similarly flat characters and a MC with sh*t for brains (no offense), but it also a chaotic setting where "everything goes and everything just falls in place without any issues", I can already predict how s*upid this story will be later on when he starts bringing more stuff between worlds. Maybe he'll bring an airplane or missile to the fantasy world and qilin or dragon to the modern world. Would be kinda interesting if he managed to bring a bunch of hydrogen bombs to the fantasy world and a lot of top-level fantasy creatures to the modern world, that way both worlds can experience the apocalypse at the same time and maybe this story would take a turn for the better :D <<less
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Klaruza rated it
June 22, 2018
Status: c26
This is male protagonist the cover is a trap?

If you like world building/kingdom building, bussines management you might like this one...

This novel is kinda unique, the MC can travels between two worlds and the pacing is nice too. And the empress is a bit savage ?

I'm not good at writing review but you should try reading this book
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8Psycho rated it
June 22, 2018
Status: c25
I was hoping for something in spirit of RtW, even though chances were not high.

And really, this novel is more like 'Red Packet Server' or 'Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms'.

In other words it is shitty novel on theme 'Scurrying between earth and fantasy world, exchanging sh*t on gold' as envisioned by ten year old. Standard Chinese plot armor (in might be plot Bunker at this point) and plot guidance.
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NovelReaderAnonymous rated it
January 6, 2019
Status: c308
So this isn't anything amazing but I personally kinda enjoy the whole kingdom building aspect so it was an enjoyable read at start. Unlike most people it seems like I actually have no problem with the start. In fact the start was probably the best part of the novel. If it remained like that I gave it a 4 star for nice read but sadly everything starts falling apart as the story progress.

First is the MC himself, now the whole point is he basically useless and is forced to learn... more>> stuff in a short period of time to pretend like he is amazing. That part is great and can be good plot point for the future. Ofc all of that last for like a short period of time before he instantly promoted to like the Empress's future husband and basically no one but the Empress can actually punish him. So he basically just google random stuff to bring over and everyone listen to him coz the Empress said so. Ok well that killed an interesting plot point fast but wait MC basically turns into a total power trip as*hole too to add on top of that.


So at the start while MC is worthless and shameless he is a good person. Like he does good things and he did it became he felt it was right. Like when he traded for the black mud recipe from the doctor, he gave doctor extra books and help resolve other issues. However at one point in the story where he back in his world, will talk about that mess later, he is forced to kill some people who invaded his house. In order to protect his family he kills the family leading that group and become fugitive.

It could had been interesting plot done well but its done terribly. He just bring the Empress who is like a god mu*der them all and runs form country to country. During that time they just randomly kill people, like ya their criminal but you still go about randomly killing people. At this point he basically on this power trip like he doesn't have to fear anything coz the Empress is there. Literally over 10 chapters wasted on his arc where he and the Empress tours Europe. The whole thing ends with the government people talking to him and they make a deal in the most ret*rded and unrealistic way possible.

Then later on his younger brother get into a fight and basically encounter some scammer who trying to blackmail his family. He could had easily call the government who he is working with and they would had dealt with it. But nop he had to show people can't be messed with. He goes to them throw money at them telling them to apology and they get the money or else. Government comes to try to resolve this issue but he said either they apology or he kills them. So in the end the government arrest them for blackmail and fraud, the he goes like see their smart people... Like what? You could gotten the exact same result by calling the government in the first place. There was literally no reason for him to do everything he did to get the same result coz in the end they still didn't apology to him. Like he basically become completely unbearable in the modern world after this point.

The final nail in the coffin was when he had to teach a class in the other world. He set up a school and ofc they won't listen. So normally this is where he suppose to use his wit and charm to make them listen to him right? Nop he f*cking threaten them with an assault rifle and shot the kids that dare to disobey him. Ofc he doesn't kill them and merely injure them which is easily cured with the black mud but these are all like 14-16 old kids. He discipline them by shooting them with a rifle... Like idc what world it is but that f*cking ret*rded and not ok. And wasn't just that one time example he continue to do it and author never explain why he does it later too other then implying he disciplining them. Like imagine at highschool instead of getting detention or even slap on the wrist your teacher shot you in the arms or legs but its fine coz you can heal up in like 5 mins...


Second author use of the MC's ability to teleport between the two world is terrible. It was definitely interesting with how he teleport back and forth. The first thing that made no sense was the time difference but I guess the logic there was to force the MC not have a life on his original world which is w/e. Its all terribly explained. The concept basically exist coz MC doesn't know sh*t so this gave him ability to google stuff he needs and as I said before its a good concept. However as other mentioned he just bring stuff back and forth between the two world without a care. At first he was cautious about it but as story on he give less and less of a crap.


Here is another part that done terribly is when he brings the Empress to his world. First time was an accident and was kinda interesting to see how she react. But soon you get so many chapters or just them going out on a data eating and buying cloth. Like its just repeat of the same thing over and over and over. Its not even like well written, its just like a journal being kept and its so dull. Ya it was cute to see their relationship develop but its like wtf is all the other chapters were nothing happens doing there? Like when people write romance novel they don't f*cking put every single f*ck date the couple went on in the novel, you only put the ones where some important thing happen or their relationship move forward.


The last big problem is the story structure is like 10 year old's day dream. Plot points get mentioned forgotten then mentioned and forgotten again. One of the things brought up SUPER early was their need for salt and how the other country sell them way higher. So literally a few chapter later he found a possible source of salt and said he was going to check it out soon. Well some almost 200 chapters later and more than half a year later he finally almost going to go... It wasn't like there were just so many important matter happening he couldn't go, there were so much down time and pointless sh*t happening which is why this plot point kept popping into my head.

I really enjoy it at the start but man does the novel take a nose dive down after a certain point. <<less
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White935 rated it
July 28, 2018
Status: c77
I was a bit skeptical to the novel to begin with (I originally bypassed it as I thought female MC, but reading the title and description I realized instead its from a male perspective, which is my preference).

I find in general that the story is unique, interesting and without the usual "stereotypical" personalities beyond what's expected... the setting and the environment seems alive, and I especially favor the personalities of the women, from their otherwise usual meek and fragile representation in many novels.

I'll highly recommend the novel to anyone... more>> who's looking for something.. a little different from the usual cup of tea.

Translation standards is of good quality, story progression is good in my opinion, but it does move slowly forthward... but for a novel like this its something preferable. <<less
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apsisodia rated it
May 10, 2021
Status: --
Now I understand why this novel was dropped. It was quite good in the beginning, kingdom building can be considered as decent. The biggest problem is MC. I don't know what's wrong with these Chinese authors, they are so bloodthirsty all the time. As the story progress, MC became more n more unreasonable, violent, dumb, (all the negative characteristics). The way he deal with situation is just plain s*upid. This may be due to author's lack of imagination, he had to write more to earn more, the situation that could... more>> be solved in just a phone call but author had to make a big matter out of it to write more chapters.

Overall, I would not recommend this, its very annoying! <<less
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AcasualPawn__ rated it
November 20, 2019
Status: c600
First of all this novel isn't about a particular genre, it has a bit of everything. This is a FUN novel.

Imagine someone getting advanced weapons like GUNS, GRENADES, BIOLOGICAL WEAPONS, POISON and he can shuttle back into the past. In the era where there were lots of kingdoms, brave warriors with strong physical attributes, fights with swords, bows and arrows. Imagine a weak human like him getting wild there with guns and grenades, killing strong and powerful people left and right. That's our MC.

Our MC in this novel gets an... more>> ability to shuttle between earth and another primitive barbaric world (kind of) where he tries hard to survive and somehow becomes Empress's Gigolo.

Now imagine someone from the past when there was no such thing as science, shuttling into the future world full of scientific wonders. And imagine that someone to be a female and on top of that an Empress. What do you think she will do? Yes, our empress wants every wonderful thing. Our empress wants to eat tasty food, our empress wants to watch romantic dramas and movies, our empress wants advance weapons, our empress wants to listen music.

So this is second most important character in the novel, Empress. She is cold, ruthless and controlling. She wants MC to change her barbaric kingdom into something like modern earth. And as MC is a bootlicker (MC loves her so much), he is more than willing to do it.

Our MC is also decisive and ruthless, he thinks logically and takes good decisions.

Well, this novel has influence building. MC builts his influence on both earth and other world. Side characters are interesting and funny. Interactions between MC and Empress are enjoyable. The whole process of MC opening a school and teaching science and maths to strong barbaric martial artists was enjoyable.

Overall, this novel has slice of life vibe with good amount comedy.

I have only read 600 chapters so I don't know quality of novel after that.

Give it a try

4.2/5 <<less
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DicerX rated it
April 15, 2019
Status: --
A well-made novel but the world building is chaotic because the author initially wanted to integrate our world to the parallel world but later on, gave up on the idea and focused on the fantastical world with some technology taken instead. The plot is okay, nothing drastic or out of the ordinary but at the very f*cking least the MC is not another young master strutting around grabbing women for a harem and going into meaningless fights.
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Sumanth rated it
June 22, 2020
Status: c950

A Job well done I guess. At the the start it was very interesting to read and by the it was intresting to read. This is one of the best. I Enjoy it very much. This novel is a hidden gem. Hope the next chapter cones out soon.

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Patchan rated it
July 4, 2019
Status: c580
This novel, compared to other transmigration stories is somewhat more on the realistic side (except for the killings). The protagonists from the same genre totally forgot about their life on Earth as if they're really born in another world. If you imagine yourself being transmigrated, won't you use the knowledge you know from your world or completely forget it and wait for the cliche transmigrated starter pack tools from the novel?
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Kagutsuchi rated it
December 31, 2018
Status: c300
The early chapters aren't really interesting. The MC is weak and he's trying to get the Empress' trust by doing stuff for her and basically being a s*ave. But later on, the MC brings technology from his world: weapons, etc. And he uses it to support the empire's strength. Gaining the respect and admiration of the citizens.

The starting empire is considered one of the strongest, or the strongest. But they are really poor in terms of technology, culture, etc. They are "strength without brain" kind of empire, aside from the... more>> empress and a few others, all they know is to fight. The MC uses his knowledge and technology from his world to support the empire.

He's not like Roland from Release That Witch, a guy with supreme knowledge while being a normal guy. The MC has to go back to his modern world to get into the details using the internet.

The romance is also good, the empress is really cute (After chapters 90, when the MC enters the forest that's the part where I started to really like the novel). The problem is that she is really strong so she can't act like a coquettish woman lol. There was a chapter where they were flirting, and then she tries to hit his chest like a shy woman but sends him to the hospital.

As you can guess by now, the MC can also bring the empress to his world. At first, he's only able to wait a few days before going forcefully from that world to Earth. But as his cultivation progresses, he also gains more control over that, when he started cultivation he was finally able to bring the empress with him (by accident tho).

In short, this novel's big plot is Kingdom Building and Romance, both of them are really amazing. <<less
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tarsom rated it
November 1, 2018
Status: c113
If you pass through the early chapter this novel is good and its get better on latter chapter. There are genuine Romance in this novel.

MC personality also improve in the later chapter and he is no more hungry for money
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Daresan rated it
October 14, 2020
Status: c950
Very good novel slept on this one for a long time due to the name but damnn I was so wrong. It has kingdom building fluffy and cute romance, Yandere waifu really hits the nail on my tastes. I dont really read romance stories but this one has kingdom building like release that witch. So 5 star for me, if you have different taste then you might not like it.

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expensivepeanuts rated it
August 28, 2019
Status: c266
This novel has Comedy tagged in its genre but the only laughable part here is the writing.

Warnings cus this novel contains:

... more>>

Gore (lots and lots), violent deaths (ridiculous tofu people dying violently), h*mophobia (the MC is homophobic), racism (author is racist and gets really obvious later on), wrong facts and crappy math (thanks to author not bothering to research or fact check and using their nonexistent math skills)


Anyway this story about the MC, Ren Baqian, who gains the ability to travel back and forth the modern world Earth and in another world's country, Dayao. He can bring items to and fro as well. At the beginning, the premise was along the lines of kingdom building and Ren Baqian trying to gain the empress' favour using his modern world knowledge and items.



The story really derails around chapter 200+. The MC gains an appetite for mu*der and goes around killing people left and right in the modern world. It was kinda understandable that he killed thousands of people in the Other world (he really did) because of the dangers there as well as the threats on his life, and I can also understand why he killed the mafia-esque group that tried to go after him and his family in the modern world but after he and the Empress went globe-trotting in the modern world, he started killing and hurting people who pisses him off or if it is convenient to him. The previously imposing empress became his Terminator mu*der bot, all he has to do is point at someone and she slaps them into a meat patty or send them flying away! It's really horrifying because the story started with an MC who is pretty chill and righteous even.

Later on he builds a school in Dayao and uses a gun to educate the students. It's played for comedy of course but it's too ridiculous to be funny.

After this I dropped the novel because of how cartoonish this story became. The novel tries SO hard to be funny it becomes painful and cringe-y to read. The interactions (especially within the court) even felt like something off a sitcom skit. Just pathetic.

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TheLadyWhoLikesBoyLove rated it
September 20, 2018
Status: c155
To all those who rated it 3 and below and only read thru what the early chapters? Not wanting to offend but this one is great, at first I was hesitant to read it because some reader's in qidian thought the pro would be a girl since apparantly they didn't read the summary. BUT this one is freaking great, awesome and cute! It's a f*cking shoujo and this is whyyy... more>>

the way the empress and our pro develop their relationship and the way they around each other is so damn cute



they're somewhat dating eachother at this point b*tches!


And also about his tramigrating to earth and the other world


the empress was accidentally also transported with our MC to the earth and I love those chapters


So yeah!!! This is one of my fav, I only hope there's no sucj thing as harem cuz he'll be killed by our adorable empress <<less
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shuiko rated it
August 26, 2018
Status: c1
A rare gem in its genre, making very interesting characters around the MC, that help build story and twisting plots.

Comedy so far is 10/10

MC 10/10

Logic 9/10

Worth reading. One of the stories I hope for 2 chapters + a day.
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shelwyn rated it
June 27, 2018
Status: c184
Edit: The story is being updated but novel updates hates qidian for no reason so they dont track every novel.

Have you ever read I have a Mansion in the Post-Apocalyptic World?

... more>> This story is similar, the MC goes from one world to the other bringing objects and knowledge from to and from worlds.

In Gigolo his move between worlds has a rigid schedule and he can't choose when to travel.

He interacts with the empress quite a bit, I was almost surprised how much. The situations are a bit dumb, sure there are semi reasonable explorations but I thought he'd world from the bottom a bit longer than he did. His technology makes her country better so she's happy, this is basically the plot early on.


I'm really disappointed how fast he gets rich and influential it's rather droll.

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thisworldofmine1 rated it
April 3, 2019
Status: c437
Overall, great, but somehow, the story just has some plotholes that can't be really fixed. Also, it just abandons a lot of characters that had the potential to come out more in the story. I'll probably get back to it later, but overall, it was a unique and funny-at-times read. And the MC isn't too OP either, so it's good to see a new kind of novel.
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June 20, 2020
Status: c1
MC sucks at negotiating


He's a total idiot when negotiating for benefits. China wants body parts belonging to someone above earth wheel from him and he just gets 10k sticky bombs in exchange. He's seriously underestimating the worth of those parts and could have requested for nerve agents or something better

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Flying Jade
Flying Jade rated it
June 19, 2020
Status: c700+
Sigh... Another run of the mill Chinese webnovel MC. He starts out with an average mild personality then blends out into ruthless before ending up with some god-complex and a huge self-entitled chip on his shoulder.

Is it funny? Sure, but when a book is this long, the comedy gets a bit stale.

As for character development, it is cliche for the leads. The side characters become props too at some point.

As for the rationality of the character and their actions, let me just say this, leave 30% of your brain outside... more>> before you start.

But overall, it has a good premise. It's ot the vest out there but it's good to read for a few hundred chapters anyway. <<less
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