The Empress’ Poor Quality Special Effects


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Comrade Wu Sheyue, someone who excels in special effects makeup, makes movie props….and the logistics of a strong assassination organization.

One day, killed by the organization to be silenced and transmigrated into LongFu Country’s Prime Minister Manor’s silly and s*upid Third Miss’s body.

Once she woke up, she finds out the mother of the body’s original owner has died and as a result the body’s original owner does not speak. Additionally, the legitimate and illegitimate sisters of hers everyday appears to have eaten gunpowder, and also the prince who comes to find fault with her, the black bellied wangye……. every one of them needs to be dealt with!

Doesn’t matter if in one’s own Prime Minister Manor there suddenly occurs a miracle, there’s still a bunch of green tea b*tches and white lotuses outside.

If there are no props I will make them, if there is no manpower I will make the move myself.

Don’t assume those evil-doers are fake, they really want a person’s life~

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March 28, 2019
Status: --
Don't know why this has such a low rating at present. I can only assume that others have read ahead. At present there are really too few chapters to judge. It seems like a fairly standard transmigration story, although the personality of the FL seems to have changed entirely after transmigration - before she was skilled at make-up, but too cowardly to flee from the "assassination organisation", afterwards she seems to have no fear. She mentions that her post-transmigration body is weak, but then manages to beat people up and... more>> forcibly restrain them? Choose one or the other! Having said that, I will continue to read this.

Dropped - it's just not the type of transmigration story I like. It's like the FL ends up in ancient China but without any repercussions or consequences for the s*upid actions she takes :/ <<less
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soysuva rated it
April 23, 2019
Status: c12
I think after reading the official translations for the webtoon, I rather stick with the novel translations. It looks better and I don't get frustrated with the Chinese names being changed into Western names. I would like to thank the translator of the this novel, even though you aren't paid for this. Thank you!

Anyways back to an actual review for this novel:

It's like any assassin rebirth novel, except the FL knows how to do make-up art (ex: changing a skinny man into a chubby man just from a photo). I... more>> like that the FL is pretty chill and not annoying. She does things with in reason. Like if someone does bad things to her and her people, she'll do it right back someway or another. I'm still reading the novel, but I've read a bit further in the webtoon. I don't have much to say about this novel yet either, but I like the direction of the story so far. At least FL is better than the FL in "Prince, You Are So Cheap". When she picks up a fight, she knows how to save herself instead of letting others bully her or walk all over her. I love it! <<less
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