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Jiang Pengji got something called the Court Intrigue Stream System.

System: “Your goal is to become the most prestigious woman in the kingdom (the Queen)!”
Jiang Pengji: “Okay, System. No problem!”

Years later, she met the target by becoming the most prestigious woman (the Empress).

Jiang Pengji: “Well done, no?”
System: “Why the heck did you fight on horseback? I want court intrigue among the King’s women!”

#how a future general wins the ancient throne

#Her man watches in silence, the System watches with tears

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Kurobito rated it
December 25, 2018
Status: c22
So far so good. I really hope this novel maintain the MC personality and not change her into a putty person who relied on ML just to get things done as many other typical female MC transmigration story.

The thing I like about this novel is that:

1.) MC does not allow the system in her head to control her. Rather than following it blindly, she question the system's logic in doing such action.

2.) The author describe a very sensible age for her to be a good general before transmigrating. Rather than... more>> made her into a young genius, the author made MC gotten all her combat knowledge through experiences in her previous life.

I can't say much for now as the it's still too early for me to say more about it. I look forward for the release of the next chapters. <<less
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frostcrystal rated it
February 6, 2020
Status: Completed
This novel is very unique in the sense that it's very strongly focused on the female point of view and the empowerment of women. The main character is a woman masquerading as a man in an era where women are considered property and women's rights are being slowly eroded. She's ambitious from the start, but her desire for power is eventually truly triggered by a need to correct gender inequality in the world she lives in, and you can see her slowly building up the foundation for this correction from... more>> very early on. That's certainly a solid motivation in my opinion!

All that heavy stuff out of the way, don't think that there isn't comedy as well! There are actually lot of different archetypes and tropes in this novel - the author seems to enjoy subverting them. The MC has not only a system, but she's also livestreaming her life, and the system can't be trusted - in fact, MC and System are mostly at odds throughout the story. At one point, the MC tells the System: "You are a Court Intrigue System, so our goals don't align. You want me to sleep with the emperor, but I want to be the emperor!" and that sums it up.

The other big departure from other similar historical novels is that for a long time, the presence of the male lead is very faint. On second read-through, the hints laid down are actually quite obvious, but there's so much flirting and baiting and pretty boys beforehand that it's easy to miss the first time around. However, most of the potential male leads get married off at some point and have happy families, which I like a lot. You do eventually figure out who ML is (at one point, he was referred to as the feminine phoenix and MC as the masculine dragon, which made me laugh), but up until about 700+, the MC just isn't interested in romance, and after they get together the ML is clearly the househusband in the relationship :). What I really like about this dynamic is that the MC is second to none. In a lot of other historical novels, though the FL may be a genius or supposedly have a modern mindset, the ML is ALWAYS somehow stronger and wiser than she is. This MC stands alone. She takes advice from others, but she's powerful, independent, and submits to no one, and I really like that.

I'm also big into the character building. MC has a ton of really excellent and trustworthy friends and subordinates that she gets along with in a completely platonic manner. It's been a really fun read for me so far and I'm glad I finished it!

1) The translation, although not bad, could be better. Some names and terms aren't consistent from chapter to chapter, leading you to believe that either the translator or author just isn't that great about keeping track. Even worse, once you get into the raws, you realize that the author likes to just call characters by their surnames and let you infer which one of the five possible characters it could be.

The first 500 chapters or so would also really benefit from translating the names of the stream viewers. It's really in all likelihood not the fault of the translator; this is just a series that is probably extremely difficult to translate.

2) Particularly after the translation ends and the war for the crown begins in earnest, you will find that the novel makes a sharp turn into death and gore. It is... a lot. It can be hard to swallow how bloodthirsty the MC is sometimes, as she seems to sincerely enjoy battle and is very good at it. I've also noticed that the novel makes a sharp distinction between named and unnamed characters. The latter die like ants and there's not a lot of guilt or hard feelings about their deaths. Regardless, it is for this reason that the next 700 or so chapters after the translation stops can be hard to read.

You will also probably have to come to terms with the fact that the MC is not a duly elected civil servant, but an empress. That means that she's a benevolent dictator, and she will sometimes put into play things like propaganda, torture, and killing useless people she doesn't like.

3) Again, after the translation ends, the story starts dragging a little bit. I didn't find the second half as compelling as the first half (although obviously I made it to the end so it has its bright spots). The overarching plotline with the System was a bit more confusing than it could have been.

Character List:
Because there are just so many characters and it's hard to keep track of all of them, I've taken the liberty of compiling a list for all of you (but mostly myself). Beware, it has spoilers all the way up until the end of the novel! Enjoy :)


The world the novel is set in is split into five kingdoms - Dongqing (Eastern Qing), Zhongzhao (Central Zhao; not to be confused with Zhangzhou, Zhang Prefecture), Nansheng (Southern Sheng), Beiyuan (Northern Yuan; not to be confused with Beijiang, what is likely the Eastern Steppe) and Xicheng (Western Cheng). Prior to the split, all five kingdoms were one empire under the Xia Dynasty.

Two major timelines interweave in the story - one is the one we are following, with several other reincarnators and transmigrators, and the other is where MC is the only transmigrator in the timeline. The latter was MC's first try.

MC's faction:
Shangguan Wan, Wei Jingxian, Wan Xiu'er - Fellow bandit kidnappees. Chapter 1
Feng Jin (Feng Huaiyu) - Met MC in bandit hideout, Chapter 17
Xunmei - MC's personal maid, married to Xu Ke and volunteered to stay with his aunt while away
Xu Ke (Xu Xiaoyu) - Bought as a s*ave chapter <100, branded on the right side of his face. Mother was killed by a nobleman. Served as accountant to first batch of troops. Only has an aunt as a relative. Married to Xunmei.
Jiang Nongqin - servant girl whom MC saved from su*cide, who later beat her rapist to death. Currently leading the women's battalion of the army
Qiguan Rang (Qiguan Wenchang/Wenzheng) - Son in law to Wei Yuan, who was MC's original home tutor. Introduced around chapter 100. Of mixed race; his mother was r*ped by a bandit from Beijiang.
Wei Ci (Wei Zixiao) - ML. First mentioned in Chapter 88, but officially introduced later. Master Yuanjing's last disciple, said to have an unlucky fate. A reincarnator from a different timeline and the MC's secret lover in his past life.
Meng Hun (Meng Mou) - Officer who wishes to kill Meng Liang, Chapter 100 or so. Afterward is in charge of her army
Meng Heng - Meng Zhan's eldest son and MC's cousin through her stepmother Gu Zhen. Meng Zhan has always suspected that he was a bastard thanks to Wang Huiyun's tricks, and so treats him very badly, favouring Meng Liang despite Meng Heng being very talented.
Cheng Cheng (Cheng Wenfu) - Historian and book collector. He and his wife were saved by MC from assassination. Father to Cheng Yuan (Cheng Gongliao) and Cheng Xun (Cheng Gongluo)
Huijun - Young prostitute that MC brought out of the slums. Resembles Wang Huiyun, Wuma Jun's mother and the Emperor's previous lover. Introduced in chapter 281/307. Before her heath, her mother mentioned the name 'Huiyun'. Gifted to Wuma Jun along with MC's half-sister's dowry, with the intention of eventually ending up with the emperor.
Li Yun (Li Hanmei) - Kid who was sent down from the mountains by his master and father (Xie Qian (Xie Shaohe), MC's mother's old friend) after learning martial arts to see the world. Has an innocent and childish personality. Spear master.
Gu Xin - a middle-aged subordinate of MC's mother (Gu Min). Of mixed race. Has been taking care of Gu Min's businesses in the north for many years.
Dian Yan - a bandit leader that Wei Ci saved from the plague and brought in. In Wei Ci's previous life, Dian Yan was MC's faithful subordinate.
Zhang Ping - Wei Ci's friend and travel companion. Inventor and machinery enthusiast.
Yang Si (Yang Jingrong) - Prince Changshou's master strategist. Later abandons a sinking ship and goes north to find a different master. The son of a prostitute, adopted at a young age by Master Yuanjing.
Feng Zhen (Feng Zishi) - Wei Ci's friend who got roped into helping out at Xiangyang. Previously a drug addict.
Qi Kuang - Poached from Yang Jing's party, where he was underappreciated due to his looks and disability. Specialist in naval warfare.
Shao Guang (Shao Chongming) - Recruited in the capital after MC's gender is revealed. Specialist in managing water resources.
Fu Wang (Fu Zhengtu) - Ex-general of the Meng family. Raised by wolves, captured at Jiamen Pass. Has a huge crush on Huijun; father of her children.
Sun Wen (Sun Zaidao) - Old man from Zhongzhao's Nie family who was prominent in Wei Ci's previous life. In this timeline his family fell except for his grandson (Sun Lan). Went north to Xinjiang (Beiyuan) as a spy in exchange for Sun Lan's care and admission to school.
Qin Gong (Qin Fengjing) - Youngest son of the Qin family, hereditary general of the Xu family. Follows Xu Fei; every man before him in his family died in battle. Sold to MC for the price of 10, 000 men. Married Xu Yanxiao in his previous life.
Bai Ning (Bo Ning) - Wei Ci's friend from his previous life. Inventor who specializes in fireworks, and later gunpowder. In his youth rescued a crippled old general who taught him martial arts ans strategy.
Bai Yuexia - Bai Ning's daughter. A high-ranking official in Wei Ci's last life. Perceived as ugly due to a large birthmark covering her face. A huge fan of MC.
Xie Ke - Xu Pei's surrendered general. Li Yun's cousin.
Han Yu (Han Wenbin) - Met near a stream after MC stole a whole bunch of horses from the Mengs. Master Yuanjing's disciple. Originally Xu Pei's military advisor, surrendered to MC on Xu Pei's death.
Dou Xi (Dou Zhongguang) - farming specialist introduced by Feng Jue.
Fang Zhi (Fang Buqu) - Old friend of MC and Lu Zheng. Teaching in Wanzhou.
Mi Hua (Xu Chung) - A female official recruited after the fall of Nansheng. Was prominent and capable in Wei Ci's previous life.

Members of other factions:
Wuma Jun - 4th prince, was being carried by Fang Jin during the bandit incident in Chapter 17
Meng Liang - MC's pe*vert cousin by marriage. Likes to crossdress. Killed by Meng Hun
Meng Zhan - Meng Liang's father
Tang Yao (Tang Zude) - Master Yuanjing's student and semi-servant. Got into a fight with MC at the hot springs.
Liu Heng - MC's older cousin, Feng Jin's friend
Cheng Jin (Cheng Youmo) - Master Yuanjing's eldest disciple. Later subordinate to Huang Song. Uncle (although much younger) to Cheng Cheng.
Lu Zheng (Lu Shaoyin) - Wei Ci's friend and fellow student. Yuanjing's disciple. Later An Cui's subordinate.
Huang Song (Huang Bogao) - god-grandson of old Eunuch Huang. Friend of Feng Jue. Introduced around Chapter 358. Was commanding a group of people in Shangjing (old capital), later promoted to colonel. Commands another faction hoping to become emperor. Cheng Jin and Feng Jue are his strategists.
Feng Jue (Feng Huaijie) - Feng Jin's youngest brother. Subordinate and best friend of Huang Song.
Wang Huiyun - Li Yun's mother, Xie Qian's wife. Original Huiyun died in labor and was possessed by another soul, who left him to marry the emperor and gave birth to Liu Huan and Wuma Jun. Suspected mu*derer of MC's mother.
Prince Changshou - Younger brother of the Emperor of Dongqing. Wuma Jun's uncle.
Liu Huan - MC's shu stepsister. Married Wuma Jun at the age of 12, and got pregnant immediately using a pill. In actuality, Prince Changshou's daughter through Wang Huiyun.
An Cui (An Duoxi) - Wei Ci's lord from his previous life. From the fallen kingdom of Nansheng. First appears in Chapter 605 as part of the Red Lotus Army.
Feng Gui (Feng Huaizhang) - Heir to the Feng family, Feng Jin's eldest brother
Wan Xuan (Wan Changrui) - citizen of Zhongzhao. Plotting against the Empress of Zhongzhao in revenge for the death of his 15 year old daughter, who was killed for losing her handkerchief.
Xu Pei (Xu Xinzhao), Xu Fei - Brothers competing for the leadership of the Xu family and the position of alliance head.
Yang Jian - a general and county chief from the south. Talented in navy fighting. Father of Yang Tao. Not well looked upon by his peers due to having once been affiliated with Prince Changshao. Later makes a reason up to withdraw from the alliance.
Yang Tao (Yang Zhangze) - Yang Jian's son. Talented in martial arts but rather hopelessly naive. Accompanied by his childhood friend Yan Lin (Yan Shaoyan) who does most of the thinking.
Nie Xun (Nie Chengyun) - Master Yuanjing's son-in-law. The son of Meng Zhan and Gu Zhen - was exchanged at birth with Meng Liang, the concubine's son. Adopted by a side branch of the Nie family of Zhongzhao. Younger brother of Meng Heng. Currently subordinate to Huang Song, enemy of Yuan Xin.
Daoist Liu Ru - Master of a Taoist temple in Zhongzhao. Said to have royal blood.
Wei Zhen (Wei Zishun) - Elder brother of Wei Ci. Works for the Nie family of Zhongzhao.
Nie Liang - Ambassador of the Nie family sent to Cangzhou. Originally fated to die young.
Hua Yuan - a mysterious man from Nansheng, subordinate to An Cui. Gave some military advice to Yuan Xin while Nie Xun was recovering from injury, and scammed him out of a lot of grain. Has a split personality.

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erikvio rated it
March 1, 2019
Status: c110
This novel subverts expectations.

The story follows Jiang Pengji, a genetically modified female super-soldier/general in the distant future who was unwillingly bound to a system and thrown into some alternate universe ancient China. She takes on the identity of a young noble girl crossdressing as her deceased twin brother. The system is tied to a multiverse live-streaming service akin to Twitch, and it intends for her to gain popularity on the platform by participating in harem and court intrigues/face slapping. JPJ is having none of that though, and is brutally forging... more>> her own path using a portion of her brawn that carried over from her previous life, her battle acumen, and her borderline supernatural Sherlockian analytical ability.

The author appears to enjoy setting up situations that play on the reader's assumptions based on other novels in the genre and subverting them. The characters that would typically serve as antagonists and obstacles turn out to be quite sensible and friendly. I'm enjoying the side characters quite a lot, actually, particularly the father. The world she finds herself in has quirks and mysteries of its own.


Including the fact that she isn't the first reincarnator to have shown up in this world. And the bigger SPOILER that her family was expecting her arrival for a while.


JBJ as a character kind of mirrors Shi Sheng from Side Character Transmigration. She's quick to violence, arrogant, suave, and extremely willful, but ultimately, she's more disciplined than Shi Sheng. She's too much for the world she finds herself in, but she isn't infallible, and other characters do have wisdom she benefits from. Readers may find her abrasive. She is behaviorally bis*xual (she's actually straight though), and fulfills the archetype of the princely woman who's a better boyfriend than any man (provided that the girls don't toe her bottom line, that is).

The system as a character of its own is annoying. The live streaming aspect is slightly interesting, allowing the author to insert live reactions/comments on her surroundings and actions. The comments from a few regulars can be entertaining, but if you've ever found the comment sections of YouTube or novel chapter updates cringeworthy, then proceed cautiously. She receives points from views and donations which she can exchange for various things, though she remains suspicious of the entire fiasco.

There hasn't been a love interest, though a few seeds have been planted from both genders, some moreso as a joke. JBJ just doesn't seem particularly interested at the moment.

The pacing is a little slow, with sparse events that punctuate her acclimation into her new life, but her overarching plan is lofty, and I'm intrigued enough by the mysteries to stick around. It's likely going to be a kingdom building plot. <<less
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dramamonster rated it
March 1, 2020
Status: c497
Jiang Pengji is a super soldier General from the far future. She is brilliant, powerful, competent, and totally awesome. After her battle death, she wakes up in the body of a girl pretending to be a male aristocrat in an ancient fictional Chinese dynasty. Inside her is a System that intends to livestream her to another dimension to earn popularity points. Oddly, the other dimension that is watching her livestream looks more and more like our world. Her viewers mention Bill Gates, Baidu, Han dynasty, etc.

The novel is hard to... more>> read in the beginning with the brutal world building, but excellent after the plot gets going and Jiang Pengji can show her heroism and intelligence.

Initially, I found the story distasteful. In this world, the female characters are either r*ped, about to be r*ped, being exploited, ens*aved, or sold. There is mention of cannibalism. The men are shallow and weak. The court and royal family are corrupt and incompetent. The ancient world she is reborn into is cruel, chaotic and ugly. I think her world is shown this way so that she can overthrow it and make everything better later. But it's hard to read about so many females being sexually abused and men being killed, even if the re-telling is dry and factual.

Jiang Pengji meets lots of single young men (whom I couldn't differentiate after a while, particularly as each male has several different names that they are all referred to by. For example, Wen Zheng is also Qiguan Rang and Rang. Wei Ci is also Wei Zixiao or Zi Xiao. Liu Xi is also Liu Lanting. Liyun is Li Han Mei, referred to as Han Mei.). She's hetero, but admires the beauty of females around her. As she pretends to be a lazy young man, she slowly makes plans for the future.

The first 350 chapters or so felt very slow to me, and I had trouble liking any of the characters. The livestream and commentary with the System seemed unnecessary and annoying.

However, chapter 369 onwards is where the novel really shines and becomes a 5 star novel. After a quick time jump, Jiang Pengji has made her plans for the country. A natural disaster allows her to step forward, protect people, and implement her long term plan. The livestream becomes a source of valuable crowdsourced knowledge. For example, an experienced OB/GYN in the audience guides her through a childbirth. Her audience gives her knowledge on making bricks. She starts nation building. Jiang Pengji also displays her cunning and takes over the System that is trying to scheme against her.

Anyway, from chapter 369 onwards, I really enjoyed the novel. Jiang Pengji is wonderfully just, protective, ruthless, inventive, and we see how she cares for the civilians and rebuilds society. She has the knowledge and experience to wage war and win battles to protect civilians and kill evildoers. She uses her resources well, and plans well to build her new society. From chapter 369 to 497, the plot just snowballs with lots of heroic face slapping as Jiang Pengji fixes/improves society, particularly the status of women.



The ML is Wei Ci aka Wei Zixiao. Up to where I've read, chapter 497, there is zero romance. After the time jumps, other characters marry, have children, mature, but Jiang Pengji is a leader who rescues/builds society/cities with the help of her talented friends.

There are two timelines. In the first timeline (chapter 288, 399, so far), after transmigrating, Jiang Pengji never meets up with her father and instead becomes Queen of the Bandits. She takes over the country as Empress Chen, first ruler of the Jiang Dynasty, and Wei Ci is her male Empress. The villain is the System, and a fragment of the System is in the FL's dad, Liu She, who is also a villain. Everything ends badly.

After Wei Ci dies in the first timeline, he is reborn into this new timeline with his memories intact. He tries to avoid Jiang Pengji, but realizes that she is different. In this new timeline, after transmigrating, Jiang Pengji lives with her dad, Liu She, who is a noble official. Her dad is actually aware of her future destiny as ruler of the world because her mom was really a modern woman who transmigrated back and told Liu She that his daughter would be Emperor Chen, first ruler of the Jiang Dynasty, and told him everything she could remember about that history. Because of this, Liu She meets people and realizes that in the future, they will be his daughter's General, etc. It's not explained clearly in the story how Liu She is aware of the future, so this spoiler explained it for me.

In the new timeline, there seems to be another time traveller in Zhongzhao who is also a villain, and the mother of 3 characters (so far) by different fathers.


The translation is mostly fine, but the livestream viewers, whose comments are inserted regularly, have names like: Bingtang Ningmeng, Yinyuejia Zhuge Qinmo, Laosiji Lianmeng, Zhubo Zhengmian Shangwo, Dawang Paiwo Laixunshan, Weifeng Tangtang, Nongfu Shanquan Youdianxuan, Xiaojuanzide Juanzi, and Maorongrong Depidai. Some viewers are instead translated as One Chestnut, or Sugar-Fried Chestnuts. It would have been a lot easier to read if all their names (which appear to be phrases) had been translated.

The geographical names (this is the Sixteen Kingdoms Era, after all) were all left in pinyin. Dongqing, Nansheng, Xiqiang, Beiyuan, Zhongzhao, would have been easier to figure out if they were translated as Eastern Qing, Southern Cheng, Western Qiang, Northern Yuan, and Central Zhao...

The novel is on web novel. com, and chapters 60 onwards are locked unless you use stones to unlock them chapter by chapter. <<less
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thisworldofmine1 rated it
April 3, 2019
Status: c120
Although some other reviewers are saying this, the MC is NOT bis**ual! She's straight, but she does want to impress girls, just like any other independent strong woman!

Its actually pretty great. The MC's reason for her OPness is realistic and it's through her own hard work. Although she is arrogant, it's because she thinks the time she was transported to is really behind and ancient. But she soon changes just ways and doesn't look down on people as much, which she still does plenty. But hey, she was a general,... more>> she's used to having respect and obedient subordinates, so it makes sense. All in all, it's an intriguing novel and it's a pretty good and slightly complex read with mysteries floating around. <<less
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xenocross rated it
December 3, 2020
Status: c781
Empress Livestream is unique for its genre. It defies the generic trope and trapping of its kind.

The premise is the same as many other shoujo reincarnation/ transmigration in chinese webnovel: a competent female died and transmigrated to another dimension in another female body. She got a system that can give her cheat. In this case it was "court intrigue livestream system".

If it was other novel, the MC will use her cheat and become domineering, amassing wealth and power and face slapping her enemies. But in the end, a male MC... more>> will dominate her and she will be subservient to him... MC is ruthless but male lead is more black etc. Boring novels like that are many.

This novel defy that. It execute the plot differently, and you can rest assured that MC still dominate everyone, including the male lead.

After a period of local scheming, the novel transform into territory management and war - fans of Romance of Three Kingdoms will understand.

The plot is deep. There are things foreshadowed in early chapters that reveal intricate plot in later chapters. It also tied in to the world building and characters.


And then it was revealed that MC is not alone. There is at least one other dimensional traveler with cheat system, and 2 time traveller.

It was also revealed that the system is not a simple cheat. It has sinister purpose.


Cons: translation is subpar and sometimes can be mildly confusing. <<less
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December 24, 2019
Status: c428
This is a one of a kind novel so if you didn't give it a try then I recommend it to you at first you may feel like it's similar to many other novels but as you read you'll understand how wrong you were I once stopped reading it bcz I thought it's boring but it wasn't long after I returned to reading it and there were many surprises in it the only bad point I could give is it's slow progressing but for me that's important as even the... more>> smallest events lead to biggest ones.

The FL is different from what you can think she's OP but have her days too and mostly it's presented smartly.

ML someone you'll like dw it's just he'll not appear till later when the story progress.

There's the other characters that for sure will make you love them and mostly the audience in the stream


even though the FL have a system it's more than just a simple one currently the system is a threats to that world and mostly he's so cunning yet mysterious so JP never trusted him


In general you'll feel real most times while reading and it's realistic comparing it to the fantasy them so yeah didn't got bored of it and I'm glad I didn't drop it fully. <<less
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Carrotflower123 rated it
December 29, 2020
Status: c1
This is a hidden gem I've stumbled upon after years of reading
There are some issues, but the sheer hilarity and comedy of this is better than almost any other novels
So I'll lay it all out now:
- The premise is a bit cliche, but is also very unique with the livestream and what the MC does
- The female lead is awesome. And I know a lot of people say this with other novels and it seems like they're way too OP once you start reading, this actually... more>> has some explanation. Sure, the MC here is also unreasonably strong, she explains things with super deductive skills and logic and it ACTUALLY WORKS
- The Main character doesn't care what people think. She didn't blindly trust her system, and when she's meant to be doing harem intrigue livestreams, she's teaching viewers how to hunt and cook!
- the main character is HILARIOUS, savage (more than any other MCs) and ruthless
- This is LGBTQ friendly! The MC gives off super strong gay vibes, even though there is a male lead

So basically, if you're wasting your time on cliche harem novels, female xianxia or 'rebirth to be the empress' crap, drop it all and read this. <<less
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Nom de Plume
Nom de Plume rated it
September 8, 2020
Status: c1462
This story does not have a full and complete translation out there, but is decent to MTL if you can keep track of the characters. The political situation is very complicated, so taking some character notes while reading might be worth it.

Let me start with: I expected nothing from this story. I read a lot of things I don't expect to like and for once it paid off. Please keep in mind this is a slow build.

I called this novel 'Plotholes' for a few days because of how many things... more>> did not make sense, especially in regards to the Live-streaming system. I kept reading anyway only to find out that these plotholes were purposeful. Be patient and they will be plugged later in a satisfying way.

My example plot hole above takes hundreds of chapters to resolve and the reader only gets a few clues at a time. See summary in spoiler tag.


A Virtual System like this live-streaming service was the cause of a major war in the future and our character, as a general, is on guard against it. She is playing the pig eating the tiger for multiple years against multiple characters. This suits her arrogant personality and the villain (s) arrogant personalities as well. Both sides are satisfied tricking the other every time until the illusion becomes unnecessary. It does not get old like you would expect.


The positive of a virtual antagonist like this is that it can turn almost anyone against our protagonist and oftentimes does. Some enemies directed by the main system are old family enemies (a woman who possessed multiple bodies to target the Liu family), some who are much closer to our main character (read to find out), and some who are complete strangers.

You find the system annoying at first? Good. Now you can watch it get destroyed.

tip: Ignore the chat names of her viewers. They don't matter individually too much. There are too many viewers and they are often interchangeable. <<less
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frustratedguy109 rated it
June 10, 2020
Status: Completed
EDIT: Since translation of this novel has stopped for over a year, I finished reading chapters 782+ with MTL. Overall, I still like the story a lot and won't change my rating for it.

... more>>

The main antagonist in this series is the "Heavenly Brain" which was supposedly destroyed by the Federation 2000 years ago. In fact, it was not completely destroyed but hid itself in various dimensions to devour "destiny" energy to restore its strength. To do that, the Heavenly Brain called itself a "System" and attached itself to prominent figures in those dimensions to steal their destinies.

While doing this, it schemed against the Jiang family because of some unclear reasons. The main branch of the Jiang family is supposedly the only ones who can kill it for good, but it always seemed like the System held a personal grudge. Anyway, it managed to destroy the Jiang family's main branch, leaving Jiang Pengji as the sole survivor.

Jiang Pengji was born with the destiny of an Empress of another dimension. While undertaking a mission, she was caught up in an explosion and transmigrated to a different dimension. The Federation higher ups knew about this but apparently they also needed the destiny energy for things (not really specified, basically the Federation's destiny didn't look so good and they needed a supplement), so even though they were able to contact the MC through time and space (don't think about it, it's fiction), they left her there. If she managed to become Empress and survive, she could return to the Federation and provide them with her destiny energy.

One of the things not fully explained is how the sub-system got attached to our MC. Through the side stories, we find that the MC initially transmigrated without the sub-system. In this life, the MC conquered all 5 countries without any signs of the System being present. Years after she became Empress (Regnant), the ML committed su*cide. The MC talked/bargained with someone (the System?) and agreed to wipe her memories and redo her transmigration.

So somehow, the MC transmigrated again, this time with a sub-system attached. While conquering the five countries and forming her empire, the MC is pitted against various sub-systems and puppets of the main System. When MC finally conquers all 5 countries, the main System reveals itself and they have a final showdown. The MC wins and becomes Empress (Regnant). In the side stories or epilogues, she is shown to have returned to the Federation timeline and dimension after she dies in the dimension of the 5 countries.

One thing I disliked throughout the story was that the MC was always selfish and bullheaded. By that, I mean that she always went ahead with what she wanted to do even if everyone else tried to persuade her otherwise. She completely ignored everyone else's feelings and kept putting herself in danger or dodging paperwork. Only in the last 100-200 chapters did she have some character growth and started behaving herself (a little). (Old Chief: Stop being s*upid! You have powers, so use them!)

There are minor inconsistencies and logical fallacies after more of the Federation side of things are known. How come Old Chief is able to communicate with her? Why is the Federation not providing her with help? Why are artificial birth replication chambers so expensive if everyone in the Federation uses them for children? Why are robots not used in combat if they're so much stronger than the MC? Apparently everyone "knows" that having robots rather than humans raise children is much better. But later, we learn that humans' emotional centers are slowly degenerating through generations because of lack of use. Duh! But the Federation info chapters are probably less than 25 total, so I can ignore them.

One thing to note about the side stories is that they jump across various timelines. Sometimes they are from the first timeline (without System) and sometimes they are from the second timeline (with System). It's not apparent at first which timeline the stories are set in.


Original Review:

I binged over 500 chapters in a week. Overall, I agree with the review by frostcrystal.

There are some interesting elements to the story that I find fresh. One of them is the antagonistic relationship between the main character and her system. Also intriguing is that there seem to be multiple people in the world who has transmigrated or some such.


The protagonist's mom is a transmigrator/time traveler, the (likely) male lead is a regressor, another (dead?) side character is a transmigrator, and some big bad antagonist that is possibly a transmigrator/time traveler who also controls her system. (Side character and antagonist might end up being the same person.)


One drawback to this novel is that the main character is incredibly OP.

In addition to her incredible strength and deduction, she also seems to have some psychic powers. At least she's able to use them to "imprison" her system.


If you're not binging the series, then it seems like things happen slowly. A lot of chapters are spent on set up for the action. The translation is pretty good but there are still lots of minor mistakes. I'm assuming that the author made some typos but the translator should have caught it and fixed it. One time the main character's name changed from JPJ to JYJ. Other times you have XX speaking when it's obviously supposed to be YY when looking at the context. Names of people or places might have characters swapped (eg CangZhou vs ZhouCang). The translations can be inconsistent probably due to different translators (Northern royalty vs Northern borderwalk vs Northern borderline vs Northern tribes). <<less
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bookchan rated it
May 2, 2020
Status: c553
This is a really interesting novel. You can tell that author put in a lot of research and planning into it. Plot points mentioned early in the story become relevant later and are very well woven together. The side characters are great and it's awesome to see a female lead building an empire and going through all the struggles that entails. I like how the main character doesn't pretend to know everything and how we see her grow through the story. She has things that she's good at and she... more>> has things that she isn't good at. <<less
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ResidentialPsycho rated it
February 3, 2019
Status: c59
This is a refreshing story about a bis*xual female transmigrator who becomes a cross-dressing girl in a setting similar to ancient China. She is cunning and intelligent with deductions similar to those of Sherlock Holmes. She is a funny and strict former general who loves to wantonly flirt with girls, which is very refreshing.

The drawbacks in this series is that the action scenes are sparse, and the pace is a bit slow. If you aren't interested in reading another book about historical China, this may grow old fast. If you... more>> are interested in it, however, this is a must-read. <<less
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neuramine rated it
August 7, 2022
Status: c785
Fair warning: The novel is only translated to chapter 781 and the tl has been dropped. I personally gave up on MTL-ing it because of the military and historic terms not coming through well. You could probably MTL it if you aren't picky about the details/plot like me.

HOWEVER, I really f*cking loved this novel and I (futilely) hope that someone picks up the translation at some point. The MC is OP but she learns and adapts when her flaws are pointed out. The transmigrator/livestreaming plot is much more non-typical that... more>> it seems at first (starting around chapter ~350) including the relationship between the MC and the system.

I also really liked how the author used the livestreaming audience as a tool. It allowed for the perspective and reactions of outsiders to her actions that other characters didn't witness. It also explains how she obtains knowledge of things that were not relevant in her dimension as well as allowing for explanations in more subtle scenes. I.e. She will do something or something will be said that is not directly explained and someone in the livestream audience will explain it further to another viewer who is lost.

Overall I highly recommend this novel and I love the MC's character! <<less
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hiranixa rated it
September 13, 2021
Status: c781
I would actually give this book 5 stars if it weren't for the discontinued translation. Even so, this book is vastly different from ANY OTHER book of the same genre. You can expect nothing of 'strong FL eventually subdued by ML'. In fact, it's the exact opposite!

It's so exciting to read about a female protagonist actually putting in effort to improve the empire's economy, health and everything else. Not only that, there's also war and fighting scenes in this book which the author perfectly describes without any unnecessary or excessive... more>> words.

So basically, if you're tired of reading the same thing about 'reincarnated FL', then give this book a try!! <<less
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Addicted Reader Syndrome
Addicted Reader Syndrome rated it
May 9, 2021
Status: --
This is one of my favorite novels that has a unique plot, focused on a strong female lead who does a lot of add kicking and Soo many strategies!! On a conquest to become the ruler of a country!

At the start she cross dresses as a man. No worries, this story is not like those where ML dominates the FL in the end. The plotline is a bit slower than what our patience could live up with BUT it's a worth read cuz it has a lot of face slaps... more>> and interesting plot twists. Also comedy. <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Tree-Na rated it
November 1, 2019
Status: v1c43
Dropped, although I'm giving this 4 stars because despite me being disinterested, this is a well written story.

The MC is ruthless without being overboard and explains her reasonings for most of her actions- which I can appreciate. I think she's supposed to be read as bis**ual- although as a lesbian who associates with many bis*xual women, she reads more like a straight man. As of my reading she had little inclination for starting up any relationships with either gender though, and she does keep insisting that she's "straight".

The plot is... more>> very interesting, and has a tendency to divert your expectations for "face slapping". The MC seems a little to OP for a ancient China based story, but I can understand why and it works well with where the story is going.

However, the plot is a little too slowly paced for me and I ended up dropping because I have little patience for slow plotlines and aggressive mc's. <<less
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yamibae rated it
February 27, 2022
Status: Completed
5 stars! Absolutely 5 stars!

This novel is such a hidden gem of a find I'd never heard of it until coming across it by chance while looking for Female Protagonist novels. At first I got interested just from the blurb and thought it was some sort of palace drama but just from the first 10 chapters it immediately subverted my views. The female MC is strong, ruthless, calm and highly intelligent it shows with every decision she makes and how she conducts herself. The MC is quite the overpowered existence... more>> but not to the point where she can truly become god or something just enough to be a badass.

The world and kingdom building in the novel is decent, nothing shocking but I think where it shines is in the various sub-plots and in the characters' relationships with each other. Every person in the novel has their own difficulties, their own motivations and their own ambitions. The live stream audience in the novel also provide a great background commentary and also a funny cut-in every now and then to lighten an otherwise boring or somber situation.

The system as it were plays a role in the story but not the role you might expect, I'll keep that a surprise. <<less
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RipeApricot rated it
February 23, 2022
Status: c52

At first it's still a bit entertaining, but as the chapter goes on it get's boring. Probably around chapter 40+ and so on (I'm currently on 52).

There's nothing going on. Barely any interaction with viewers. I can hardly see the system in the novel. They keep blabbering about random stuffs. Anyway I decided to drop this now.

This is not a quick transmigration novel. And if you are looking for an 'entertaining, fun, interactive livestream' style this is not it.

- RipeApricot
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Pommie rated it
December 25, 2021
Status: c781
I love it however I hate that the translation stopped halfway for a year already.

The female lead is emotionally and physically strong. She is absolutely fine with killing others just to make sure her people can be safe and well. The war arcs are also very well written. It's not too lengthy and boring, nor is it too short that it makes you feel the author is just writing for the sake of it. No, the author really somehow still makes it interesting to read even after hundreds of chapters... more>> later.

The MC is actually smart and insanely observant. We can actually see how she's intelligent. It's not just the author throwing words that only says she's smart so on so forth, but there's also plenty of evidence backing that up. Also, even without her counselors, she can still plot and she doesn't become a flower vase that s*upidly rely completely on others. More importantly, when the ML shows up, she doesn't suddenly lose all her iq and just fall in love like that. Instead, she is more ruthless than ever to protect him, haha tho it doesn't seem that she fully understand her feelings for him as of yet. But the ML is also not a flower vase that onesidedly receive her pampering.

The ML only appears after nearly 200 chapters so if you're here just for romance, this is not your cup of tea. The romance as far as I have read, is only is like a really small side dish and theres so much more to this book. Plus the humor is superb :D in between the story that will be little sprinkles of humor here and there that's bound to leave you cracking up. <<less
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lilacalicious rated it
September 10, 2021
Status: c782
This is the definition of a hidden gem. There's so much interesting things going on, and it feels like a real deconstruction of the genre. Everything is thought through. The system is here for a reason, it's not just a completely good thing. The MC is a plotter, and everything she does is for a reason. The livestream's viewers are interesting, and there's somehow character arcs of them as well. There's a lot of plots throughout, every character has their own reasons for doing things. A lot of things that... more>> didn't make sense/were plot holes, are actually secrets/hidden things. <<less
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