The Emperor and the Female Knight


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“You are looking lovelier by the day.”

“Is there anywhere that you feel is uncomfortable?”

The emperor of the continent, possessing both ability and looks, has fallen in love with a female knight tougher than any man! But before their comradeship turned into love…a story of a particularly new style of a ‘female knight romance’, divided into both solemnness and comedic relief by the golden ratio!

The female knight Pauliana stood on a disadvantaged battlefield, defeated by the Acrean army. She had desperately worked to survive in a patriarchal society, but she was now going to die.

However, the young Acrean king, Lucius the First, looked at her desperate struggle and threw out a suggestion.

“I have a dream. It is to continue to invade to the south and become the first emperor of this content. How is it. To follow me to set foot on the edge of this continent?”

Pauliana swore a lifetime of allegiance to the king who had recognized her. As a knight. But at the final stage of his campaign, Lucius the First realizes that he’s in love.

The him who wants her to be his ‘woman’ and the her who does her utmost to serve her ’emperor.’

On the battlefield of love, the emperor is the weaker party! The ideal chivalric romance vs. The peculiar palace romance, what will happen when the two collide?

Associated Names
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Emperor and the Dame
Emperor and the Female Knight
The Emperor and the Knightess
The Knight and Her Emperor
황제와 여기사
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7 Reviews

Jan 21, 2021
Status: c303
First of all, I'd like to say that I absolutely LOVE the manwha, it is one of my absolute favorites and its thanks to it that I've put my hands on the novel; the original source. I was far too impatient and excited to know what happens next in the story, so I started to read at around chapter 180~ ish, where the season2 of the manwha ended. So far, things went smoothly... but then it went downhill, fast.

Now, I was well aware before of the various differences between the... more>> manwha and the novel; mainly the physical appearances of both our FL and ML (In the novel, Pauliana is a blue-eyed brunette, Lucius is green-eyed blonde. While in the manwha, she is a green-eyed redhead, and he's a blue-eyed platinium blonde) Not a big deal tbh, but there's a catch; their personalities are also rather different. Spoilers ahead, please read with caution:

When Pauliana first meets Lucius in the manwha, she begs to be killed honorably; and he adheres to her wishes pretty fast. However, the soldiers don't exactly respect or obey to his order immediately and plan to r*pe her, which of course, results in pauliana savagely fighting all of the men coming her way. In the novel however, Lucius is extremely superstitious and believes killing a virg*n woman will curse/haunt his men and himself, so he orders for one handsome man to bed her before having her get killed. Basically r*pe. This left a sour taste in my mouth, but I let it slide. Further down the road, there are many other differences between the manwha and the novel, but I've only ever skipped to where the manwha ended, so I'm not exactly sure what they are. Anyway... The real problems arise after Lucius falls in love with her. Desperately.

Pauliana doesn't love him, her only feelings towards Lucius are those of respect and loyalty; nothing that could exceed what normal knights feel towards their emperor. Her reasoning is honorable, but the author somehow makes Pauliana's character inconcistent. At the age of 33 she becomes desperate for a husband, someone who could be by her side. The sudden loneliness is a surprise since not that long ago, she had rejected Donau, a man who loved her just as much as Lucius, for reasons. Of course she did not feel the same way, and I respected that. But later, something so mindblowingly annoying happens. A new character named Frau Sneke makes his appearance, and he's a gold digger who clearly doesnt love her. He makes his intentions known to Pauliana (that he wants to marry her for her money and title) and, while she was angry at first, she later on felt moved and apreciated his honesty. She seriously considered marrying a gold-digger because she was that lonely. Alright.
Unfortunately, Frau wasnt as honest as she thought and it turns out that he had a secret bastard child somewhere. a son he concieved with a maid from his household (and the main reason why he got disowned). Frau had planned to hide his existence from Pauliana, so his son could inherit her name and title, as well as her fortune. Pauliana finds out, and in her absolute fury; she forces Frau to cut off his own pen*s in front of his son.
This is where things started to look extremely shady for me. Frau, while having lied about having a son, had made his intentions clear from the beginning- that he was after her money. The fact that he wanted her money for his son's well being isn't that different. The reaction from Pauliana and, hell, everyone else was so extreme that they told her she was too soft on him, and should have done worse than force him to cut off his own dick??? What.
The author seems to strongly believe so as well, and they wrote it as an act of grace from pauliana's part. Lucius, who had witnessed the whole thing, told her she was too soft on him too. The man's only crime was to have lied about being child-less. Was it really worth traumatizing his child?

A few chapters later, Pauliana and Lucius get drunk and have s*x. (c264) Its at this point that the story becomes absolute nonesense for me. Pauliana gets pregnant from that one-night stand and, as soon as she discovers that she is carrying his child, she demands for a vacation and runs off to give birth far away from Lucius. She doesnt even tell him that she isnt barren, like he had thought. Once she gives birth to his son, Pauliana's thoughts go from hoping the child dies, to hiding his existence from Lucius completely. (A selfish and hypocritical thought because Frau had his d*ck cut off for that exact reason?! What the hell pauliana! What the absolute F!)
But Lucius ends up finding out anyway after an impromptu visit to her land. He is of course overjoyed by the news and confesses his love immediately! Which angers pauliana.

Her angry reaction was a mess. Because marrying the emperor would result in her losing her name and knight status, she makes it a big deal to practically step on his heart even further. She tells him she doesnt love him or the son she bore for him. The confession hurt her more than anything else in her life??? And she wouldve been happier if he had just married her out of obligation and not love? Author. You make pauliana fall for a gold digger who doesnt even love her, but when Lucius, the man she practically WORSHIPS tells her that he loves her, she throws a fit?

Maybe I just cannot understand her reasoning. But everything after that one night stand was absolute selfishness on Pauliana's part. Her hating her own son was the cherry on top. She even suggests marrying the emperor so their son will be a legitimate heir; then divorce him?? Lucius was thoroughly broken by his love for Pauliana in 200, agonizing chapters, but she further breaks his soul by acting like a selfish brat. Where has her noble knightly personality gone? Everything Lucius has done was selfless. He had been ready to give up on his feelings for her happiness, he had redeemed himself many times, but she keeps acting like a cold-hearted witch, something I KNOW she isnt.

After that point, Lucius tries his best to woo her. But Pauliana's character is already broken for me.


Another thing I hate about the novel is the writing style. It is far too slow and agonizing to read. Something happens, but the author keeps adding descriptions and mentionning things we already know. Yes, we know how loyal Pauliana is. We know what her duty is. We know how she would kill herself for her emperor. We know her past. we know how she felt when X thing happened- we know we know we know. We have to go through entire chapters of descriptions/things we are already aware of just to read what happens next. This is extremely tiring to read and I find myself skipping chapters for that reason alone.

The saving grace for the story is Aino. I love that jerk. He's a himbo and an as*hole but he's a funny one. He's the most honest character I've seen and I honestly was WAY MORE invested in his love story with Cekel than the main pairing. He should get his own spinoff, that guy is hilarious. Had it not been for him; I would've rage quit reading.

Dont get me wrong. I love this story. I still love Pauliana; I love lucius. I love everyone. I want to seperate the manwha from the original work and I sincerely hope that season 3 wont have the mess this novel contains. Pauliana is everything I wanted in a heroine, and the fact that she isnt conventionally attractive is a bonus. Most heroines are gorgeous women, but we have this manly, strong gal as our FL- a breath of fresh air getting ruinned for all the wrong reasons. Finally a story where someone loves the other for more than their appearances- But Pauliana has never looked more ugly to me after her

becoming a mother and hating her child for selfish reasons.

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Jul 09, 2020
Status: c12
I read the manhua and immediately fell in love. I was expecting more corniness and kind of the psuedo-knightess genre, where the female knight is supposed to be OP but ends up getting rescued all the time. Not here!! This novel took a refreshing take to sexism and struggles that women face (i.e., does not gloss over them and seriously questions a bunch of BS that the MC has to face), and the main character is not cliche at all. She is really lovable, and works soooo hard for everything,... more>> but has a great head on her shoulders. The romance is VERY slow-burn, but sooo great. Only problem is that Webnovel, which is where this is located after being licensed, locks the chapters after 12 or 13, so you have to work for those free fast passes.

The manhua left out a lot of the darker parts, thought, so mega content warning on that.

Such as, she gets "sodomized" in the beginning of the novel, but apparently a lot of the soldiers do, as well. But it didn't feel romanticized at all, which is GREAT. A lot of these romance novels have a thing where the ML has to r*pe the FL or something to make it romantic which like... no thank you.... lol....

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Apr 23, 2022
Status: Completed
GO READ THIS (OR THE WEBTOON MANHWA). WHATEVER JUST READ. This is officially one of my favourite romances. Hit right in the feels.

Came from the webtoon and realised there are some obvious differences between the novel and webtoon (manhwa). Because the webtoon is a visual medium it doesn't include a lot of thoughts and monologues of the characters but the novel literally narrates everything each character thinks. And frankly? I liked the subtlety of the Webtoon better. Because I lost a lot of initial awe and respect I had for Pauliana (The FL) after getting to know how much of a very "panicky", "anxious" and "dramatic" person she was inside her head. It's like you respect someone for outwardly strong they're and given the chance to peek into their mind, you see all their weaknesses and fears and realise they're actually not as strong as they come off as. Anyways that's how I felt, and certain aspects of the novel were narrated so exaggeratedly that it kind of comes across as corny or cringe. The simplicity of the Webtoon was nicer.

However this is the source material and this novel deserves every bit of praise as a separate medium of fiction with a strong plot, fleshed out characters and interesting premise. If not anything else, it would definitely be an entertaining read.

I liked how they gave the resolution (ending)


Pauliana didn't sacrifice her needs and self worth to get married to her love and chose herself over her love giving exactly the amount of importance the emperor gave her-The emperor was head over heels in love but wouldn't sacrifice his empire for her. It was only right she did the same making for the perfect power balance in a relationship. Also the emperor attempt to redo the f*cking foundation of the continent to marry her? Best freaking outcome seriously


Besides the story and characters I also loved the social commentary aspect of it. How the subject of gender equality was tackled and explained and how the resolution to female oppression was also the answer to how they could get together as a couple was simply amazing.

They were the Emperor and his Female knight till the end.

Cheers to this story that I'm gonna treasure for a long time.
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Apr 27, 2022
Status: Completed
Please note that this novel wasn't your standard fairy tale story. It was still happy ending of course but the journey was far from perfectness and sweetness, rather sometimes it was also could be dark and depressing.

... more>>

For example, MC was sodomized by her commander during her early days as a knight. She was also almost r*ped by ML's knights when she got captured. Although she managed to keep her v**ginity intact, there were still so many knights who saw her naked state so it must be humilating for MC at that time.


Please avoid this novel if you want to have a perfect and beautiful MC because:


MC wasn't a beauty and no, she wouldn't get any better with makeover. Don't get me wrong, I didn't look down on MC for being ugly, rather I'm glad that the author made her so full of flaws. It's getting tiring to have a beautiful and perfect woman as a lead and MC was one of the most refreshing (and realistic) main lead character so far.


And also please avoid this novel if you want a devoted ML because:


ML was a beautiful man and he was also a great ruler but as a lover, he was far from perfect. When he was still at war, he often slept around with many women that was offered to him. When he came back to the capital, he married 3 wives at once for political reason even though he already fell in love with MC. And yes, he slept with them and one of them even got pregnant with his child. Although he became single again not long after due to some unfortunate events, it still didn't change the fact that he once married and had a child with another woman. MC in fact felt a bit bitter about it but she still ended up with ML anyway.


But if you want to read something closed to reality, I really recommend this story because it had its own charm and you would soon get captivated by it. <<less
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Oct 21, 2021
Status: --
This novel. This story. Is so so so underrated.

Here's the thing, I am one of those people that read the manhwa first before the novel. I was so in love with the story that I couldn't help myself when I saw an opportunity to read the web novel. Even though the big picture of the story is kinda cliche in a way, you know, the popular rich guy and ugly manly girl trope but how the plot goes is way different than I thought it was going to be.

Pauliana is... more>> a heroine that i've always tried to find. She was strong knight with a selfless personality, but she is really dense when it comes to love and friendships, and she never lets a man define who she is no matter what. I love her so much! So I really recommend this and the manhwa.

p.s. One of the most chill, heart-thrilling, beautiful love story I have ever known. Not too much but not too little. <<less
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Jun 10, 2021
Status: Completed
How can I say it?

I was smitten by the manga then search for the novel because of curiousity since manga has lots of wait to do and novel is already finished... so I read the novel.

Its good. But how can I say this... The manga is much more subtle...I like it better?

... more>> But the novel is much more detailed... Which is better manga or novel? I dont know. Lol

Both I like though...

Well for the weak hearted manga is better cause some detailed in the novel is heavy for the heart...

Its okay to start from manga and continue the parts in novel but dont be shock if you read the novel from beggining. So many details a little heavy for the weak hearted.

The character in manga and novel have different feel but story is the same.

Regarding the facing and plot its decent. Its good read. Not the best but also not worst.

I did enjoy reading. <3 <<less
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Sep 03, 2021
Status: c362
If you want an epic journey with a sprinkle of adventure, unique characters, and an easy read, please pick this up. There isn't too much romance though there are parts here and there and it eventually is a big plot-mover.

As this is a manhwa, I'm surprised there aren't more readers of the novel (which is found completely translated with a quick search). There are parts that are better done in the novel and some better in the manhwa.

I have to say this story is incredible. Maybe the ending is making... more>> me biased, but it is so amazing. Sure it's a pretty long read with some repetitive parts (it seems like each chapter was released with at least a few days between, so they wanted the reader to remember what happened the previous chapter or past parts of the novel), but some parts are skimmed over a bit quickly (too quickly sometimes imo). I didn't binge read this so it took me a while to finish, but that's ok. The way it's written allows you to pick it up after a few days again and flow right back into it.

There is SO MUCH DETAIL and SO MUCH REALITY aspect to this story. It felt like a truly fleshed-out society and characters that we could fully immerse ourselves in. You could understand different perspectives very well, which is a big part of the story. Even more so is the gender inequality and status quo of this world, which is tackled a lot throughout the story and really incredibly seen through various actions, behaviors, and verbiage. It's realistic in that it's similar to a medieval European setting with its world and patriarchy, and I love that it doesn't try too hard to change the world too much too fast (and be "politically correct" according to today's standards, since that's TODAY and not what could even pass through the minds of those in that kind of setting).

The final few chapters had me IN TEARS. The hill scene was even more romantic and perfect than any kiss scene could ever be. THAT was the most beautiful part.

It's not perfect but it's one of the few 5-star ratings I've given on NovelUpdates. PLEASE try it out and be patient with it. Accept it for the slow story. <<less
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