The Easter Egg Game


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Book 1

On the day he received the Easter Egg, Lin Jue’s entire life changed. That nightmarish night, everyone in the school became zombies apart from the thirteen who had received an easter egg. It wasn’t because of a deadly virus, but rather a cruel game. Unable to leave the school, they were able to find a bargaining chip for life in the plaza. The prowling hunters in the dark were not the most fearsome opponents, the hidden Judas in the survivors was the most deadly. As everyone died one by one, the survivors struggled, waiting for dawn.

Book 2

It was a nightmare- in a sealed off university campus, the thirteen who received easter eggs were trapped and forced to fight for the sake of seeing the next sunrise. The Judas hidden among the players, the enemies that surrounded them on all fronts, the companions that were ready to turn against each other…

When Lin Jue woke up on his dormitory bed, there were no wounds on his body; everything from the previous night had just seemed like a dream. But Lilith was still giving out her easter eggs, and Song Hanzhang and Lu Ren were already there. The second round was just about to start. It turned out that all of it, all of it was real.

Book 3

“It means that the world we are in now is fake.” That one sentence from Song Hanzhang woke Lin Jue up from the joy he felt from surviving the second round.

From the moment they received the easter eggs, they had stopped existing in the world of men, and been made to struggle to survive in an endless game. The zombies of the first round, the insects of the second round; every round resulted in piles of casualties in this dangerous world. And in the third round… they were faced with an unprecedented, terrifying crisis.

A team from 2002 and a team from 2022 began a battle of life and death with Lin Jue and the others from the 2012 team. Only one could survive, so who would be the real winner?

Associated Names
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Cǎidàn Game
Cǎidàn Yóuxì
Thái Đản Du Hí
Trò Chơi Trứng Phục Sinh
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Pegocorn48 rated it
March 31, 2021
Status: Completed
I thought I'd put down a comment since there weren't any. I'm enjoying this a lot, it's pretty slow burn and a lot more about surviving the horror game. It's short and interesting, even this close to the end I don't know how things will end. Also the game they're playing is very mysterious, you don't really understand the mechanics of it throughout but that sorta makes things just scarier. I like it so far. I'm scared for what I'm assuming are MC and ML but it's so interesting

Edit after... more>> finishing it: the ending was very satisfying!! I liked where it went in terms of finishing this arc but it leaves you waiting for more and I think there's two more volumes. <<less
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January 8, 2022
Status: --
I just finished reading the authors other novel "Welcome To The Nightmare Game", and when I tell you the power the author has when is comes to writing heart wrenching scenes is unbelievable- I mean it, I highly recommend reading it. But I really want to read this novel but does anyone know where to find the second and third book? I'm assuming that the chapters listed here are the first book and I rather be able to read all the books.
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Viviria rated it
May 20, 2021
Status: Completed
I give 3 stars for an interesting storyline and appreciate the writer and translator.

But, sorry to say, I really don't like the MC in this novel. I tried to like him, but it didn't work even after I finished reading. I can't explain it, but there was something in his character that made him look annoying to my eyes.
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Nyaa.23 rated it
January 29, 2022
Status: v3
Pros :

The plot is very interesting. In the first arc : zombies, second arc : giant insects. Last arc is full of twist.

The characters are okay ig. ML way of thinking is just something that I can't comprehend. He's like detective conan with a crazy childhood best friend. MC has some character development but is still a ferocious rabbit in my mind. Lu Ren is a fun addition.

For the thriller aspect, It's more of a mental game. Tbh I don't have the brain capacity to take in all of the... more>> things- basically I'm as clueless as MC in the beginning of the story.

Cons :

Romance is barely touched. The relationship between MC and ML is mutualisms. But ML could survive all by himself tbh, maybe with the help of Lu Ren.

The whole action n brain capacity needed are kind of tiring. <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Peachyxist rated it
May 20, 2021
Status: Completed
This is actually a definite read! I decided to give it a try at like 2 in the morning, gosh I scared myself (T-T) my favorite character is Lu Ren hahaha. Anyways MC and ML really had that s*xual tension but since this is a short novel with 30 chapters don’t expect them to go all they way either. But all in all it was an amazing journey to read!
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ZeyFletcher rated it
May 6, 2023
Status: Completed
It was good, this is in terms of the plot itself. The romance, , the build up was there, but I wanted more in the end huhu. I want more clingy Song Hanzhang, and embarrassed Lin Jue. Anw, their dynamic was good. The themes of the survivals were, hmm, also good, the last one was unexpected. The author spoiled it on book 2 tho, so it wasn't a surprise HAHAH. I like how Lin Jue became so OP in the end, it was a bit of a stretch tho, his... more>> unreasonable battle instinct and all that, but I dig it anw, I like OP characters, especially when they are underestimated. Song Hanzhang, it was good that the author gave priority to his feelings and background too.

The only comment I would have here is that there is too much background or unnecessary information about the other characters who doesn't really impact the main characters.

Especially since they're all gonna die lol

. Some may like it tho, cause it makes them more real, but I'd like those chapters to be given at the end for their romance huhu.

The ending was definitely not what I expected though, it was really cool. And when they came back to the real world, it was also still really cool. Honestly, I'd read a book 4 if there was one huhu

Recommended very yes for the action. If you want some real romance tho, hmm you can try? But there is no development until book 3 <<less
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Magz84 rated it
March 19, 2023
Status: Completed
I am having trouble rating it. Really hard to decide whether I enjoyed it or not. First of all I liked the elements of horror in book 1 and 2.

Book 3 was random, felt all over the place, kinda like the author had to continue but ran out of ideas so they came up with a random.. Goldfish.

Their relationship didn't develop until very late into book 3, I'm finding it hard to call it BL novel. In fact as I was reading book 3 I felt more sorry for the... more>> enemy couple and kinda briefly wanted them to survive instead.

The MC was naive and I cant understand his obsession at all. There was hardly any development there. The ML was to put it simply a prick. He did not feel as OP as the author wanted to portray him. His attitude towards MC changed (?) at the very end and even then, it did not seem satisfying.

The extras I did not read, I tried but I found it well not worth the time and stress it would cause so I skipped those. I could also do without going into detail about the other characters. Pointless, considering the main CP was half done..

I was really considering to drop the novel whilst reading book3.

On the other hand, I liked the style of writing, descriptive and I think they built the setting well for the horror games (1/2). The plot was interesting somewhat and the plot with zombies was good. I liked the plot twist (?) at the end of game 3

that they were reborn 10 years later


In fact the story was entertaining and I would have given it a higher score if not for the lack of BL in it, and with a few changes to book 3. <<less
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Meiyap rated it
December 7, 2022
Status: v3c35
So good

Admittedly, I was hooked.

I think it took me 3 days to finish what was translated. I was listening to it like a podcast while I was adulting.

But Ugh it's a cliff hanger.

TL thank you so much for your hardwork.


Question. If there were two music box. Lu Lin has one. Why and how. I'm assuming Song ge (he's my ge now) gave it to him. Who was he reviving then? But those music boxes are bound so he has his own? Damn

1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Emphyteuta rated it
December 4, 2022
Status: v2c25
I do not recommend this story. It’s started promising and was gradually went downhill.

The first book (4 stars) was interesting because none of the characters were too overpowered and even the MC needed to face some serious moral dilemma which is unusual in these type of novels. The supernatural abilities and props were not too OP and even the cannon fodders actions made sense.

the second book... (2 stars) oh boy. Everything goes totally downhill:

... more>>

1. I reckon that the players are chosen randomly but if this is the case how in the actual turtle do we get soo much clinical psychopath and overpowered marital art genius with super senses (even before the getting the abilities) ? It makes no sense and honestly after the first book I did not want a shounen story in my face. Honestly half of the cast has a serious antisocial personality disorder (even before the game!) or just plain overpowered mary sue like the new girl.

2. The props. Why are they op? In the first book there were many supernatural ablities but every one of them has a flaw (e.g. time limit) nooow we have a prop with which one character can honestly skip the whole story? And other ablities like snake sense, unlimited wind and fire users wtf...

3. The mary sue squad. How did that four girl survived for like 3/4 of the book by themself in one confined space when they were total newbies and had one mary sue group leader? It was stated that you need to constantly run/move, otherwise the monsters overevolve you. But they could basicly survive in one space for the duration of 3/4 of the challenge. In the first book every group had casualties and everyone needed to be on their tiptoes.

All in all, now we have:

Miss mary sue. Two and a half overpowered psychopath. A cold genius. An MC how sometimes op, sometimes can’t found his shoelaces. And prop which are not consistently handled.


All in all I am really thankful for the translator/editor team because they did an amazing job but I do not recommend this story. <<less
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iyok rated it
March 8, 2022
Status: Completed
This novel deserves more reviews.
what I like : strong MC, slow burn, action packed

what I don’t like : the ML was a bit of an a-hole.
hope there’s a sequel. You didn’t get to see much of their romance (in fact, there’s pretty much none, until the ending secne. 😂
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Kookies rated it
April 4, 2021
Status: c25
It's veryyy goood, really recommend it. I don't know why the rating so low (4.1)

But this story really worth 4.4+ rate, but I kinda dissapointed because it's just have 30 chapter 😞. I really hope there more arc
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