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Junpei Takeda, a high school student, is childhood friends with Noriko Tatsumiya and is bullied by Kido Shouta. One day, while bullying Junpei, they (Junpei, Tatsumiya, & Shouta) were suddenly summoned to a different world by the whim of “God”. Summoned Heroes with cheats, or so he thought. But it turns out Junpei’s stats were even worse than an average farmer. Tricked into a deathly labyrinth by the only one he trust, he walks the journey for revenge.

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junjunjey rated it
June 7, 2018
Status: v2c2
I disagree with some of the reviews here suggesting not to read this novel if you can't stand cruel torture and gore description due to having a weak heart or simply can't enjoy it for whatever reasons. Actually, there is a special, magical technique which can let you able to read this novel despite not enjoying gore stuff. I thought this technique was commonly known but perhaps I was wrong. So, lo and behold, let me present you with the magical technique which will defy all common sense of those who suggested not to read it. And the technique is...

Just f**king skip the scene or skim it until you reach the point where it ends.

That's it. Congratulations. The more you know.

Jokes aside, in all honestly, there really is no necessity for readers to read the scene in order to understand the plot. It is nothing but a side dish which, for those who particularly fond of this specific tags, would find it good.

Extremely verbose and long-winded. I lost count how many times I frowned, sighed, and even pulled my hair due to the unnecessary explanations or descriptions which took so many paragraphs to be explained. Thanks to this novel, my retorting skill went up since due to having done it repeatedly, now I can easily retort as easy as breathing such as "I don't need to know about this part!", "Why the hell do you have the need to explain this unnecessary garbage stuff, Author-san?!", "Things I read earlier actually pointless and has no relation to the story? You bastard! Give me back my precious time!"

There are massive info-dumps in every chapter. Actually frenzy85 did a good job explaining about this part so I'll put this to end.

For starter, I'd like to convey my gratitude toward Translator-san because, at the very least, having someone to translate it still much better than not, right? For those who don't have the ability to understand the raw, reading it using translation machine is tiresome and the quality is sucks. Thus, Translator-san, thanks for translating this piece.

Having done my part to evade those who will call me ungrateful if I just simply stated that the translation is bad as if the translator has the obligation to reach my standard (which of course isn't the case and I am 100% aware of it), here's my honest opinion.

Well, as stated above, it's bad. It's so jumbled up and hard to follow. I never succeed in getting into the story because the bad translation combined with the bad narration. Translator-san is too faithful to the Japanese structure. Example: If the Japanese is "Kimi ga... suki desu." then Translator-san would translate it "You... I love." instead of the conservatively known "I... love you." Okay, the example is probably not quite right but it's closer to it. Anyway, whenever there is any punctuation in the paragraph, Translator-san tends to keep the punctuation position as it is instead of restate it to make it closer to common tongue. Quoted from the site, a paragraph on the first volume's prologue:

*PikuPiku*, one of the girls started to convulse, raise queer sounds. And suddenly, its abdomen was torn up, as if it flowed out, or maybe fall down, *DobaDoba*, loads of small insects flowed.

The characters aside from MC and the childhood friend are all one-dimensional. Most of the side characters are I-do-evil-because-of-no-reason-but-I-am-just-created-evil type of character.

On a side not, I personally found the childhood friend as the best character in this series. She is a much better character and a more relatable than even the MC. Sure enough, the surprise she did at the later part of v1c1 is quite forced like her switch was suddenly flipped, but it can still be reasoned nevertheless.


Her choice in betraying the MC in the spur of a moment was due to the panic she felt for being powerless after suddenly got thrown into a dark-themed fantasy world.

Her guilt, regret, and resolve after experiencing hell of a wrong choice that was shown in the first chapter of Volume 2 was the only thing in this messed-up novel I found decent.

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BlackWidow7089 rated it
April 4, 2017
Status: v3c7 part2
One of the best stories I have ever read! The author manages to make the MC both cruel and vengeful but not lose his mental and moral state. He is weaker than many things in the labyrinth and has to fight hard to live on but is OP compared to the rest of civilization. It carries out the storyline without me losing interest - this is an incredibly hard task btw. Anyway definite 5/5 star LN
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Rarez rated it
October 10, 2018
Status: v5c3 part2
I just'll list down my problems

Volume 4

    • What happened to the Revenge-Betrayal Genre?. Did I miss something?
    • Noriko and Bullies only got mention once or twice. which is stupid considering Revenge is the main premise of this novel.
    • Why is the MC sane and happy?!?!?! He got Betrayed, Sent to Hell, Tortured like Hell, Sold his humanity for survival. Powered himself with hate and vengeance, every time he shows kindness it get spat on.
    • Why did the MC goes "I still hate you regardless" to his one of his revenge target rather than, you know.... "WHERE IS NORIKO!?!?, WHERE IS KIDO!?!?!" did he forget his hate and vengeance?!?
    • Why did the MC didn't get angry for his Denied Vengeance.
    • Why is his Mimicry feels more "Main" than his original look?
    • Why is the MC is so Chill about the fact he WILL RETURN TO THE HELL DUNGEON in 5 months and probably die there (he even admitted it). Why did he did he decided to waste his time going to his girlfriend's hometown rather than Get More Power to increase chances of surviving the hell dungeon or Hunt down Vengeance Target so at least he dies happy?
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donor3080 rated it
September 21, 2018
Status: v4c1
it is one of the best isekai i've ever read.

- The plot is very interesting and keeps you in the story.

- there will lot plot twists in the most cruel way you will never expect. Almost every characters are crazy and those who are normal they just die.

... more>> - The MC isn't a pu** who doesn't kill his enemies and he always takes revenge.

- There are some chapters which are very hard to understand at first but will be cleared later in the story.

- The story has a good pace and keeps you in suspense.

Overall it's good novel to read. <<less
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sgrey rated it
November 1, 2017
Status: v5
It starts similar to Arifureta, but it is a much darker novel. Pretty much any gruesome thing you can imagine is in here. The story itself is not that great and it's too dark for me. The writing is poor, most of the characters are murderers and rapists. Every single battle is exactly the same: someone sees MC and thinks he is a wimp, talks to him in condescending tone and them MC kills them in a gruesome way. The only thing this novel has is just gore, nothing else.
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Animeboyz rated it
October 4, 2017
Status: v4 epilogue
I came here after having read the manga version, but there are differences between the two. Even though I enjoyed the manga version much better, I still think this is worth a read. The story is quite fast paced and very much like an RPG game. I wouldn't be surprised if the author actually writes game story for a living.

Expect to find a hardened MC that was too naive of the cruel world, that's not unlike Westeros. Our protagonist isn't one to save every damsel and every hard luck cases.... more>> He is prioritizing his survival and eventual revenge above all else. I think it's a lot more interesting to see how his character develop in terms of judicial temperament rather than the unique cheating skills he continually acquires. We are shown early on the huge power gap and the long road our MC needs to reach the summit. <<less
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frenzy85 rated it
June 17, 2017
Status: v2
Poor world-building. Poor characterization. Not very interesting overall plot.

First and foremost, there's a lack of comedic undertone from the beginning. While not a bad thing, this does make everything much more serious. With everything being so serious, even slight things that seem illogical become things to retort to... and there's a lot of these throughout the story. This sense of incongruity plus the lack of comedic undertone makes people nitpicky. Sometimes they're wrong (for example, the dangers of incest can be taught by summoned people), but the fact that the... more>> story brings about this kind of feeling from people isn't a good thing.

One of the things that people seemingly like about this novel is the dark theme. But it's really very shallow, imo. Everything feels so fake.

Segments don't flow well from one to the other. Feels more like a mishmash of tropes and ideas than a story. There's a looming sense of something being wrong as I read through the story. It's not about major plotholes, and more a lot of many minor things that makes the world-building feel very flawed.

Despite the long-winded narrations, there's very little description of places, objects and people...

There's a big mystery that's part of the overarching plot; but the way it is presented doesn't instill a sense of intrigue. Same for a lot of the minor mysteries. Very simple, cliche, poorly executed and poorly presented.

Characters just do things. It doesn't feel like they have motivation or personalities driving their actions. Every now and then, author also forgets to take into account available information for each character is different. Character development are also very meh...

A very good example of how to fail in "show, don't tell" as well. Author never shows, and always tells; and sometimes the characters even seemingly contradict what the narrator says.

Lots of pseudo-philosophical talk and generally talking in the middle of battles. Lots of redundant or irrelevant parts, too. Most show only a trivial understanding of the subject, and some are also just factually wrong...

A lot of details on every floor, but it's pretty uninspired.

Author's style choice is also something I find very lacking. The way the story goes, a lot of common tropes that people find overused could've fit the story well, but it feels the author avoided them just to be different instead of taking into account appropriateness... which brings back the topic of it being a mishmash of ideas than a story.

For example:


With a crazy MC, a first-person perspective can allow MC to be an unreliable narrator to great effect. Instead, we get a 3rd person narrator but with MC interrupting very often with long-winded monologues.

With very skewed stats, this could've been justified much more with an automatic stat distribution system. As of v2, we've only seen two characters invest in stats from levelling. Both choose to invest in only one stat.

among other things

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Gin_Hindew rated it
February 10, 2017
Status: v3
A great edgelord story

I like when a story is honest, sometimes we have authors trying to make something but they get too carried away by their personal tastes and forget what they are supposed to be making which causes the story to derail into bland generic plots, not in this case

The author is clearly trying to make an edgy story for fun and it works, the MC is betrayed and gets stuck into a dungeon where he survives by luck and wit until he becomes OP... compared to the outside... more>> world because the dungeon is set in ultra insane difficulty to the point it has never been cleared even by the front liners who are OP monsters among OP monsters

To make it clear, the story is ultra edgy and never tries to hide it, there are not speeches of morality or someone with a clear superior way of doing things, there is no special secret power or chosen one, just a bunch of people becoming OP edgelords because that's the only way to survive and they don't even flaunt it or pretend to be special, is just he way things are

This edge is an essential part of the world building


The dungeon can only be explored in one way using the regular doors, people can go further but they cannot go back but by still unknown means they have set a network to teleport stuff from upper floors to lower ones and the MC finds some facilities intended to produce stuff for the front liners... like homunculy s*x slaves, food and homunculy farmed specifically to be killed and provide experience points

Yep, because the front liners are so strong and have lived for so long they became mad with power (and some others are just regular mad) and have created a society focused on clearing the dungeon above everything else, people can only settle in a safe floor or keep going on eternally and this have made them go completely nuts

Even gods are unable to get people exit the dungeon so even with their insane powers they are stuck going down and down


The story is set in a world filled with despicable humans that summon otherworlders on a regular basis to be muscle if they have enough cheats but the dungeon where the MC is stuck exists connected to many unspecified worlds so there are people from many societies and levels of technology inside and outside the dungeon, there may even be people from different earths

The game elements are also ok on the world but there is a constant imbalance inside the dungeon, not only in the insane OP monsters where one random mob can easily curbstomp a demon king on the outside but mostly on the MC as he is a fragile speedster taken to the extremes, the monsters are so OP they could end him in a single strike even if he set all his points into defense so he set them all into speed which causes a constant feeling of danger as he is so frail but that is also his only chance of survival

Later on we are introduced to some really broken characters


The MC has he ability to collect up to ten skills from his defeated enemies, this is a very rare ability on the world but it seems like inside the dungeon all the strong people have the same ability or something similar, or it would be more precise to say that only people with the ability to collect skills can become OP among the OP so even if the MC seems special at the beginning he becomes a random mob once he enters the dungeon

There is someone with a skill to interfere with physic laws which can give teleport or limited time reversal as the revealed effects so far, compared to that stuff like defenseX2 is really lame and there are hints of even more broken people on the deepest floors


The edge is not a flaw, is just the way it is, just like how having history in a historical novel is just normal, now about the real flaws


The translation has some flaws but is easy to see that some of them were carried from the original writing, the episodic nature of the story is more "monster of the week" than a proper adventure but it helps to avoid some plot holes than may appear if things get too complex because the author really is weak at establishing the atmosphere of a setting and just throws the MC into new stuff and right to the action

Also when the MC realizes something he forcefully hides his deductions from the audience to reveal them in the climax and this also could be seen when the author forcefully hid the identity of someone while explicitly saying was someone the MC could recognize, both author and MC just point at stuff and say "Hey look! something interesting for later but I'm only telling you is interesting to keep you reading until the reveal!" which is kind of clumsy but when the episode ends it doesn't really matters anymore so its fine


The plot holes big and small are all over the way:


The childhood friend just decides to sacrifice the MC instead of sacrificing a bully to have the MC take his skills, I think that betraying a bad person should be way easier than betraying a close friend, right? they even had two years to think so its not like a sudden development

When the MC fights an army of cockroaches and lowers his guard getting close to kill one with his knife when he could use his gun as he is in danger of being swarmed all the time, this clearly was a way to get him in a pinch to have the mysterious character save him, the problem is that there were plenty of other moments that could have done the trick better than plain carelessness in the face of a bug army

There was this time when the story clearly says the MC looted all the tools from a small village but later he and other guy have to dig using a sword because they got no shovels

When the MC instantly agreed to help a guy in a dangerous near lethal mission he had no need to do as he could literally walk away into the next floor without having to face anyone, also he believed the guy just because he seemed nice without informing himself about the other side of the story, and we are talking about a betrayed MC who just before kept doubting a town when they explained their problems

The ability Appraisal Eyes cant appraise humans and later the MC is appraised with it; granted, it could also mean he is no longer human


So the author simply doesn't make things complicated which prevent the plot holes from becoming deeper, a wise choice that tells me the author knows his limits and thus just does the things he does right without dwelling into the things he is not good with

Also I am grateful that despite the dark setting the MC doesnt become as edgy as he could and keeps a cold head all the time, he recognizes the motivations of everyone and doesnt lecture on morality or any value he no longer has

As a literary work this novel is weak but to relax and kill time is so damn entertaining, highly recommended <<less
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scribbledoutname rated it
November 23, 2016
Status: --
It's not exactly a bad story but it feels like the author is just doing their best to squick you (the reader) out. The story itself isn't all that great... the way the MC works his way through the dungeons and shoots up through levels by taking down strong enemies is pretty exciting, but given the shitty personalities and shitty situations the MC repeatedly experiences I'm not expecting any kind of satisfying build up.

That said, it's decent enough that I'm looking forward to the next chapter but the pointless squick... more>> and horrible circumstances of some (most?) of the characters is really putting me off.

I may or may not drop this. 3~4 stars depending on how this plays, but it's closer to 3 for now so I'm gonna give it 3 stars. <<less
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Chariots rated it
April 7, 2018
Status: v3
A very formulaic novel.

  1. Situation happens. No apparent solution conveyed to the reader
  2. MC defies common sense (not in a dumb way), jumps into it anyway
  3. MC solves the problem and explains how he solved it by mentioning information that wasn't available to the reader
No spoiler example: MC encounters an undefeatable monster. He could skip it, but engages anyway. When he almost loses everything, he feeds the monster some mushrooms and it dies. He reveals that offscreen, he saw that the only weakness of the monster was a certain type of poison that... more>> was only found in a certain mushroom that he found in a previous floor.

When main plot starts to advance, it becomes obvious that the author didn't really plan anything out.

It is OK. If you can bear with the author constantly hiding information to make an a*spull later, could be a quite fun read. <<less
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EvilGenesis666 rated it
October 30, 2017
Status: v5 prologue
First of all, let me say this novel isn't for the people with a weak heart. With that being said, you can expect horrific depictions of cruelty being shown.

The world is extremely dark and almost everyone is evil and being a douche to others not because he gets any benefit but just because he can. I haven't seen a collective consciousness of humanity so evil in any other novel (not even in GADW, and worst of humans were eating babies there, here it's a common thing). Beside humans killing and... more>> torturing each other, they treat every other intellectual and humanoid race worse than animals with their reasoning being : ''We allowed you to live, so we can do whatever we want with you.''

The novel is very edgy and dark, and the only reason I rated it with 3 stars is because of the mysteriousness and foreshadowing that is thrown often and the MC - he is one of the most well done ruthless characters here. He stays consistent, actually has a reason to transform from a naive high-schooler to a killer and doesn't get fazed by seduction, cruelty, etc... Also, I don't see him getting any kinder for the foreseeable future, as he knows that the world he is in is sh*t and nearly everyone is a scumbag. But even after all that, he still has emotions and can show kindness and love to someone who he is close with (though that's very rare). <<less
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TerraEarth rated it
August 12, 2017
Status: v4c6 prologue
Some of the better storytelling I've seen from a Japanese WN/LN to date and I've read quite a few (most are garbage). I would have docked some points for the RPG system being rather unpolished (and that's being generous), but the story itself makes up for it I feel.

A recent complaint is the ... more>>


that occurs between MC and another character. It just feels a bit out of place and I would have preferred if the author had kept it off the table for a while or had developed it better in the first place. It's not that big of a deal though so I'll just take things as they are. <<less
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Blackout6661 rated it
August 6, 2017
Status: v4c6 part1
To be honest I just want to know what happens with him and childhood friend and other bully's. I just want to read how he made them suffer, but I can already see how this is gonna turn out. Childhood friend is gonna see him alive outside of labyrinth-apologize profusely until he forgives him (witch he will do because he loves her deep in his heart) - then the girl with will say something along the line of " you betrayed him how does he know you wont do it... more>> again"- then Norkio will follow him back into the labyrinth to help him conquer it (witch he will and some how become god). That's how I think the main story will be. Last boss will probable be of course the main bully who gets a power up from the current god to stop MC (witch fails of course) and then he kills bully and god. It's a typical other world LN but this story moves to slow and is just annoying that's my opinion. <<less
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graydragon12 rated it
March 3, 2017
Status: v3c4
Alert: This novel is not for everyone. It have a very dark setting with rape, murder, killing and torture being the norm. Also the author is very detail in describing the torture, amputation and experience scene so if you are someone who don't like that, don't give this novel a try. It is not your everyday "everything will be fine, people will live and be saved by the last minute" novel.

People keep comparing this to Arifutera but this is a whole league above it in term of the darkness of... more>> the story. While Arifutera go downhill quite quickly after the leave the dungeon and just turn into a adventure/OP MC, this novel stick to its core as the MC advance deeper into the dungeon. He will kill everything that even remotely pose a danger to him (cute girl, loli, hot elf). He still has his humanity and will tend to help if someone in needed if helping them don't get him into trouble that is so don't expect him to kill a noble and or wipe out a underground guild for a kid.

About the part the the MC get capture by the first girl he met in a dungeon everyone keep complaining about, the story stick to its setting so what do you expect. Junpei is a weirdo that only put point in his dodge. His only damage power come from the weapon and he doesn't expect that. He was still an amature at that time. He let his guard down and she just grab him like that. Try asking your friend to grab your hand unexpectly while you two are talking. Even with godly speed, you can't dodge it if you are not expecting it


I do wish the artist that draw Arifutera manga switch to draw this manga cause the art in Arifutera is good. <<less
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ollerus rated it
April 13, 2019
Status: --
Great story with great MC until something happens this novel so much quality first but later meh I know lot of people not gonna like my ideas about this novel but I dont care just read or not up to you.

... more>>

edgy dark story with edgy MC dont think or want something from this novel and just read it or just dont save yourself from suffering MC and mc's childhood friend moron and ret*rd and japan authors love ntr so %1000 hentai ntr story thats how this novel starts good thing this is not hentai otherwise we see MC binded with rope and MC childhood friend get f*cked by as*hole good thing we dont see that there no need that explaing for this novel already other do that dont believe 5 4 star reviews this is max 2 3 star novel nothing more first arc good but when other high lvl people appear in dungeon everything go sh*t author idea everthing is evil even god everybody love killing and r*pe even heroes so this is story nothing more everyone in dungeon suffering some x person success gods special room stayed alive long time bla bla wanna do something and MC so edgy makes weird faces he so op until author want otherwise so what happens MC childhood friend author pull some guilt trip for us where she become slave thanks to as*hole and she become big D giants slave bla bla she suffered lot and she met old friend but old friend want V she kills that moron take morons skill bla bla after thats dosent matter when you crate revenge story you complete that not guilt trip that well I dont care looks like manga and light novel canceled axed so good we saved seeing this anymore than this well first and maybe second arc good laters arcs sucks but thats up to person who reads good lucks and dont try so hard to read just drop it if you dont like

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BrotherofHavok rated it
June 30, 2018
Status: v4c5 part6
One could argue this was a "snuff" piece.

Don't get me wrong. It is very believable why the MC acts and does what he does, but just because its realistic/logical doesn't make it anything other than a bloody constant heart wrenching stomp on the MC.

I did like parts of it, but the Manga is doing a much better job adding in "good character moments" than the LN.
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Degidegi rated it
February 25, 2018
Status: v2
Those who like it brutal, give "The Dungeon Seeker" a try. Everyone else, stay away from it unless you want to get traumatized.

I really can't say if the plot is good or bad, cause the description of both mental and physical cruelty made me stop reading at the beginning of the second volume, but at least there is a plot where the motivation behind people’s actions is easy to understand.

Still, how sick does an author has to be to write a story where every single person is so messed up,... more>> that the people in the world of "Berserk" look like "The Care Bears"?

I must admit that this time the low rating is based solely on my personal opinion and not on the actual quality of the novel, but reading it was really no fun at all. <<less
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October 2, 2017
Status: v5c1 part1
I completely fail to see how this is R-15 and not R-18

Serious Spoiler also slightly disturbing so click if you want I guess?

... more>>

First side story involving his bitchy childhood friend ends up mentioning scatology. Now usually I wouldn't care about younger kids that read that, but honestly if someone didn't know what that was and googled it....I feel that and some other things should make it R-18 or other R-18 novels need to be re-labeled as R-15 in my opinion


EDIT: It got updated to R-18
Also I like the story don't think I don't just because I was annoyed at the R-15 tag.


Skinhead walked closer to one of the campfires. Around the camp there were about 12 women from an age span of 7 to 30 years old, naked and completely destroyed.

The expressionless women was surrounded by dozens of men with ugly faces. In this land discriminations from age or beauty didn't exist, but only from class.

"There are ten maids and two aristocrats, well, I guess even a grate Nobel rarely holds a girl of that class. "

Naturally, the two aristocrats were saved for the people with the highest rank, which in this case was Skinhead and Longsword.


"Ai' mate. If ya f*ck a 7 years ol', she can't get pregnant."

A shady and slender person said from behind said to skinhead.

"Indeed my fine gentleman." Skinhead said whilst slightly caressing one of the fine 7yo young women.

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apa rated it
October 14, 2019
Status: v5c1
Its been a while since I read this novel..

When reading this novel the only thing I wanted was someone willing to kill, some one willing to do anything for their goals.. Well that's what I got really love this one but like everything it has its problems..

This novel has a manga and it gave great visualization for the items etc that the novel cannot be described in words.. The novel starts up basically but faster pace and soon when we are out from the dungeon... The story goes to shit.... more>> It has nothing that the novel has and is just bad. The ending is dissatisfying and felt like a waste of time. <<less
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Koolaides65 rated it
September 19, 2019
Status: c1c7
While I will admit that I am not particularly far into the work itself I have several things of note to share.

Firstly: this is a rather dark work in comparison to other Isekia stuff. But in a lot of ways that is good. Realism goes hand in hand with gritty and unpolished. Darkness is the shade cast by light, one without the other is a flat one-dimensional world full of flat one-dimensional characters. As long as there is light somewhere, a moment of joy or accomplishment, this work will never... more>> be depressing or a bog to read through.

Secondly: While I am just out of the initial setup chapters, the dungeon the MC is in is essentially meaning that the world-building is always going to be just a little disappointing for one reason or another. So while it is definitely not terrible, don't go holding your breath

Thirdly (and why I am going to stop reading) : the translation quality to English is poor. While everything is technically correct, the tone of the author is broken. And when translating a work if some kind of tone cannot be constructed, whether a faithful copy or an artificially induced amalgamation, the reader is lost to the emotional undertones of the story. I can follow along on the technicalities of what is happening, but add in the odd language use, the cultural references I don't understand, and the work of having to paste it all together in my brain, whilst reading, to make a sort-of entertaining story is too much to ask.

Overall: A decent story, nothing groundbreaking.... if read in its original form. <<less
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