The Duke’s Daughter Trained a Wild Beast


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I transmigrated into a novel with the ending of ‘Everyone dies and the world is destroyed’. With that crazy development, this world is about to end soon…

In order to survive, I proposed to the villain who will destroy this world.

“Accept the marriage and take me.”

By becoming the villain’s wife, I tried to stop the misfortune. Then after that, divorce would be enough.


“You must have been terrified of the demon blood flowing through my body. It’s okay, I understand.”


“Still, I can’t accept this. Even if you hate me, let’s go home and do it in my arms, please?”

The thing that you’re tearing apart, is it our divorce paper?

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공작 영애는 맹수들을 조련한다
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koco2018 rated it
December 27, 2021
Status: c12
A well-written story, great translation. Our MC is very likable and strong. Our ML is a heartthrob villain with a classic illegitimate-royal backstory. I'm sad there are only 9 chapters translated so far.

The author dabbled successfully in world-building and created the malleable goal of "reform the villain" and did not set boundaries or time limits that would harm the novel's growth. I see a lot of potential judging from the intelligence of the characters, the deep plots, and the relationships that need more explanation. The author has so much to... more>> explain and I am so curious!

Read the prologue! It really sets the mood for the whole novel and provides the backstory that chapter one refers to. I nearly cried when the ML was holding Lena's body, repeatedly using healing magic... Geez, our MC still doesn't believe that ML liked Lena, how dense. Ah, that's probably confusing to you who haven't read the novel yet.

A Quick What to Know. -->

    1. This story is--> MC transmigrates into the novel "The World Once Destroyed", she becomes the main villain's admirer/lackey Lena.
    1. The main villain and this story's ML is Ed, whose real name is Adrian but his nickname is used more frequently.
    1. Lena and Ed's relationship in the novel is explained in the prologue. The Lena in the prologue is not MC.
    1. Once chapter 1 begins, our MC has become Lena.
I am enjoying this novel, it's different from other "became the villainess" novels and you should give it a try. The prologue pulled my interest straight away and chapters 1-9 have kept me interested. This should be a good novel with a strong base that should survive for at least 50 chapters. <<less
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J Doe
J Doe
January 26, 2022
Status: c12
This is a pretty simple story. Our MC is a transmigrated novel reader who empathized with a villain and his tragic sidekick (love?) who the MC then possesses in a reboot of the story. She brings her normal life's trauma into the character's life, missing some of the nuanced feelings of her family, but she also brings a lot of changes for all of the characters. I like that she feels for the original Lena and that the father takes some responsibility for the horrible relationship he has with his... more>> kids. Looking forward to more! <<less
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