The Duchess of the Attic


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Duchess Opal, after having suffered an event considered a disaster for an unmarried woman, was married off to Duke Hubert, in exchange of the huge fortune of her dowry.

The new life of Duchess Opal consisted of solitary imprisonment in a dusty attic. The house after her marriage was full of hostility towards her. And the Duke, making use of all her fortune, lived comfortably with his real lover in the same house.

Opal gained a reputation of a loose woman after being attacked one night, and she was treated like an hindrance. However, the Duchess doesn’t like losing, so it won’t end like this!

I will outwit those who make my life miserable…!

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Yane Urabeya no Koushaku Fujin
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November 2, 2019
Status: c3
Somehow, the manga adaptation is easier to read. I would only rec this novel is you find...

1. chauvinistic double standards amusing,

2. sl*t-shaming righteous/justifiable,

3. human worth based on female “purity” bearable,

& 4. abuse a source of entertaining drama.

To help make your decision, here are a quick selection of quotes that summarize the, uh, spirit of this work:


1. “But... but... I would have been assaulted if I didn’t make any noise.” “If you could protect your public’s reputation, you could find a better marriage partner, whether you’re a virgin or not. But now it’s spreading surprisingly fast that you’ve been defiled.” -Father.

(IE better to be assaulted than shout for help & lose your worth as a noblewoman.)

2. “Well, Opal. What will you do after studying so much? Isn't the territory’s management a man's job?” -Potential male lead.

3. “A noble maiden, shouldn’t open her mouth until the master speaks first. It’s also my fault that I couldn’t educate you properly. Opal, you seem to have become a very wild woman.” -Father.

4. “I heard one of his maids saying that I’m not clean, so he won’t touch me.“

5. “McCloud seems to have mistress, surrounded in mystery. But, you’ll be his wife, so don’t care about it. One or two mistresses are no big deal.” -Father.


There’s victim-blaming & sl*t-shaming galore. There’s restrictive gender roles. There’s sh***y parenting. There’s the reduction of a woman to her virginity. The devaluation as a human being based on a woman’s rumored “purity”.

I mean, I’m sure it’s great if you suffer from a malignant case of misogyny, internalized or otherwise. Or if you just enjoy torturing yourself with dramatized sexism justified by the norms of a fantasy society.

To each their own, I guess...? I’mma stick with the manga. At least the pictures are pretty over there.
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Keisotsuna rated it
December 25, 2019
Status: c3
I guess it's an okay..? I can't really judge the translation quality because I MTLed the novel and honestly, most manga adapted Japanese novels aren't very high in quality. Just my opinion, I highly recommend you focus on the manga because its more enjoyable.


Anyway, so about the story— it basically narrates how the MC, Opal, who was talented in managing territories despite being a women in feudal times, was unwillingly married to a Duke who married her for her money (dowry). Because of a scandal where she was labelled... more>> a promiscuous woman, she was unable to find marriage suitors in high society, thus resulting in the marriage with the Duke. The marriage however, was far from her ideal one. Everyone in the Duke's household dislikes her and believes that she is a sl*t due to the malicious rumors. Furthermore, the people of the mansion supports Stella, the sickly childhood friend of the Duke, and discriminated against her. Opal initially ignores the bad treatment until she discovered a potential fraud in the Duke's account.

(Whoops, am I spoiling too much? Sorry 'bout that. ✌)

She ended up cleaning the mess behind the fraud and even tricked the Duke to giving her all his properties (because he was stupid enough not to read the contract before signing it). She did all of these in order to gain the right to manage the territory, which had been ignored by the Duke for years, and help it grow.


There were some time skips and we see an improvement in the relationship with Opal and the Duke, but the story mostly focuses on their business and investment ventures, which is a bit boring (for me) since there wasn't much plot development.

Lastly, in the end,


after seven (or was that eight?) years, Opal eventually divorced the Duke, rejecting his proposal for an official marriage. She ended up reuniting with her childhood friend, Claude, who had earned himself a reputable identity and title since the last years that he disappeared. Claude proposed to Opal and she agreed.


There wasn't any great plot development and even the romance isn't very touched upon. Though I might add, I really like Opal's character. She is independent, intelligent and decisive. She would make a great female lead but unfortunately, the plot is a bit lackluster. I would've love if it was longer and had more substantial plot. I also sincerely hope that the manga adaptation will be done beautifully because I do believe that this work will make a better read as a manga. Please do read it if you have the chance. 😊 <<less
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