The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron


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A decision can destroy the sun, moon and stars. A finger can kill the Heavenly Overlord. While chatting, the Heaven and ten worlds can be annihilated.

A poor little kid walks out from a remote mountain area while holding the Nine Dragons and the Incredible Cauldron. With a control over the time and space eternally, he embarks on the Path to God where he defies the odds of the boundless universe gaudily by fighting against royalty and clashing with the legendary generation.

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GoGoInTheA55 rated it
August 13, 2018
Status: c15
A degrading novel! With the usual MC getting NTR'ed by a young master.... there are only young masters and their backing fighting against the just MC, while a group of nobodies gave out useless comments to increase the word count of the novel. And I will bet that this novel will contain some of the stupidest Harem members in the world, the first is already introduced at ch5 (Archery goddess gave him her bow after impressed by his skills) and the second at ch9 (an annoying girl who got bitten... more>> by a snake... and our noble MC came and suck out the poison from her thigh)

In the first chapter we got a scene totally similar to Martial World in which the MC's long time childhood friend became a gold digger and went to court the dukes son. The MC is humiliated. He considers the girl his property from ch 1... an example from the novel itself.

One might ask, if it were a monarch’s woman or an emperor’s woman that his son had taken a fancy to, as a duke of the Qin dynasty, would he dare to ask the monarch to let Qin Feng have his woman? He wouldn’t dare, as he could not afford to offend the monarch. He could only afford to offend commoners like Su Yu!


Even as a grown up the MC doesn't understand that people can change. But well enough of his first love interest (*cough plot device). A pinch of narcissism from the first love...

"I, Jiang Xueqing, am extremely beautiful. I am destined to be an extraordinary woman. How can you, Su Yu, who lacks moral conduct and capability, be worthy of me?"

Arrival of Plot armor

"Can it be that, just now, this mysterious small cauldron landed on me and then entered my consciousness? At the same time, that mysterious red liquid modified my body and removed the obstacle inside me, allowing me to make a breakthrough to Level Two of the Martial Path?" Bewildered, Su Yu tried to remove the small cauldron, but it wouldn't budge at all


And what was MC's reaction to all of this?
He accepted this thing as something normal and in the next line thought of using it to increase his cultivation using it (he hasn't even researched the cauldron yet nor was he scared of this event). He also seem to be able to accelerate time in his mind so that 1hour outside is 8 hours inside his brain.... Boohooo!

I will be ending this review here as not enough chs have been released yet but the present rating for this is 1star!!

P.S. from ch12 onwards is a tournament arc....... just scroll down and only read the spoken words. <<less
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Finger_Ring rated it
September 3, 2018
Status: --
Am around chapter 370ish. This novel goes downhill pretty fast. What drives the plot is the missing love interest. His first fiance gets engaged forceably several times to three different people and keeps getting kidnapped or sent to a stronger location for the MC to power up and fight. Lines of arrogant pricks and lucky encounters keeps the MC ahead of his peers. Be prepared for repetition of constant tournaments because that and the love interest has driven the plot so far. It is not so difficult to see why... more>> this novel so far has a high number of chapters. Seriously, someone should slap the author for pulling that stunt so many times. I fear reading any further and this author cannot write a proper story if his or her life depended on it. The world is out to get him and like Princess Peach, he will have to go to another location to save his love interest from getting married to a prick that is a villian with the twirling mustache. <<less
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BumChikiBum rated it
August 15, 2018
Status: c18
The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron is really similar to King of Gods. Let's see :

... more>>

-Talented youth in his town, but apparently just below average in the institute
[Divine Cauldron (Yes) | King of Gods (Yes) ]

-Struggle to improve his cultivation before assessment in the institute
[Divine Cauldron (Yes) | King of Gods (Yes) ]

-Get lucky encounter by strucked by something from the sky, sudden improve in cultivation and the power of eyes
[Divine Cauldron (Yes) | King of Gods (Yes) ]

-Hunting some low ranked beast to earn money to buy elixir to improve his cultivation, ended up lucky and have good material from upper ranked beast
[Divine Cauldron (Yes) | King of Gods (Yes) ]

-Space and Time Manipulation technique using his eyes
[Divine Cauldron (Yes) | King of Gods (Yes) ]

-Ended up famous through competitions in the institute
[Divine Cauldron (Yes) | King of Gods (Yes) ]

-Sudden proficient in archery
[Divine Cauldron (Yes) | King of Gods (Yes) ]

-There are tiers in every technique for cultivation
[Divine Cauldron (Yes) | King of Gods (Yes) ]

-The world as a whole is rarely described at the beginning
[Divine Cauldron (Yes) | King of Gods (Yes) ]



Well, there are different things too. At any rate, just read it first even if you have a doubt about the story. It's not that bad, you know. <<less
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Moongod rated it
January 2, 2019
Status: c249
Honestly, one of the most cliché novels I have ever read, it's like every adult hates Su Yu and wants him dead. It's also full of horny young masters, that keep on claiming women. When he was still on the first island people claimed his woman, he defeated them naturally and when he went to a bigger continent, they claimed his woman again and he defeated them again. Now that his fiancée is in the phoenix valley (or something), I can guess that when Su Yu will get her, somebody... more>> will have claimed her again <<less
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Mighty Action X
Mighty Action X rated it
August 18, 2018
Status: c30
It's a good story with a good pacing. Quite similar to KOG but the MC is a transmigrator instead of a world native like Zhao Feng. It's a shame though that this is underappreciated all due to some dumbasses who misjudged the quality and potential of this novel solely through the first 10 chapters.

Anyway, judging from the number of raws it currently has, I believe that it will adapt the same pace as MGS or DMWG later and would explore into the larger worlds and dimensions.
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Andeetected rated it
April 13, 2019
Status: --
At first, I was skeptical why this novel had such a bad review when the first few chapters were better than most novels here, so I read on.

BIG MISTAKE! I wish I could rate this lower than that 1.0

The plot if there was any is recycled again and again! It's just torture and depression for the MC. And that's fine by all means if the premise wasn't always his wife being taken away, and him trying to recover her.

Repeat that scheme a million times, and that's what this novel is... more>> all about.

Avoid at all cost! <<less
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September 20, 2018
Status: c70
I have mixed feeling about this novel - I can't really find anything that I totally hate about it yet I can't seem find interest to read on. Maybe it's because of all the comments saying how his fiance gets kidnapped 3 times to marry other guys in 300-ish chapters.

There is one thing I really like about this novel (although that thing probably made lots of people drop the novel)

... more>>

I like his ex-girlfriend gets a second chance (don't start wishing to chop off my head, please). I know she was a bitch and did lots of bad things, but you know what - she knows it too. And she regrets it. At first its selfish regret, that she abandoned someone who can can be strong in the future, but after she goes through some sh*t and sees that her dream life is not what she though and is yet again saved by MC she truly starts to regret.

And as the MC say- she is only 14 years old and still immature.

After she does not try to use her beauty to win him back and knows that he will probably not truly forgive her, but she wants to leave a mark on his heart so she is not forgotten (in an earlier chapter she does say/think that the most painful thing is to be forgotten) which leads us to chapter 66. Now there are 2 versions of this chapter - one censored and one not. She used incense to make him sleep with her, that is her way of leaving a mark on his heart. In one version, when he wakes up he says "Goodbye, former lover" or something like that, while in the other he says that he was feeling an empty feeling in his heart, so she successfully left a mark on his heart.

Now I don't know if she will play any more role in future chapters, will she come back as part of the harem, but I just like that the author had the guts to do it (and does take guts, judging by the hate comments these chapters got).


But aside from that, the novel did not really get me super interested, but I don't hate it. Probably gonna let some chapter pile up (around 500+) and then read it again. <<less
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terrythor465 rated it
August 26, 2018
Status: c1
It's a good find. Pacing is good and the MC's revenge comes quite fast. Still quite early to rate a five, but for now a four is good enough.

It's mostly the standard start. Trash MC, gets his heaven defying treasure, and practices the best techniques he can get.

Honestly the thing that set this apart from other novels is that he moves on pretty quick from his childhood friend breaking up with him for a more powerful person.. This gets resolved extremely quick, even though the two of them are still... more>> alive they regret it.

The tournament arc early on is extremely short and honestly most of the antagonists don't last that long, they don't always die, but are instead suppressed by the MC's cultivation and techniques.

Still on the short side of thing with very little info about the world, but so far it's been quite good. <<less
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agila0212 rated it
April 3, 2019
Status: c430
I got interested on this novel when I read about this part:

After he returned from the Evil Forest where he was given as dead, his appearance and temperament have changed, his hair has turned silvery white and his eyes mysteriously can not be opened if there is no good reason!
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