The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad


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The immortal emperor was reborn into a medical sage, and directly became a daddy. His wife was as beautiful as a fairy while her daughter was crying for other mothers. The child didn’t know any better… Hahaha~!

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03/19/19 TapRead c10
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03/17/19 TapRead c8
03/16/19 TapRead c7
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03/11/19 TapRead c1
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New Aytise rated it
March 14, 2019
Status: c5
The story is great and very original, I've never read anything of this kind before. The Male Lead returns to earth after spending 500 years in a cultivation world. He keeps a few skills under his sleeves and meets an unexpected surprise back on earth : his 5 years old daughter, which he had before going to the cultivation world. I'm looking forward to this story as it looks super interesing an the ML doesn't seem like the over righteous kind nor is he the super shameless kind. I haven't... more>> read yet how he interracts with female lead but he's super sweet to his daughter. Worth a read! <<less
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