The Disqualified Prince’s Conquest of the Inner Palace the Prince With No Magic Power Takes the Throne With the Royal Consort of Inner Palace on His Side


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The country had twin princes.

The younger brother had the greatest magical power of all successive royalty, while the elder brother was a ‘disqualified prince with no magical power’ with less than half the magical power of a commoner.

While he was treated coldly by his parents and despised by the nobles and servants in the royal court, the disqualified prince, Prince Schwartz pinned his hopes on the ‘Succession Battle’.

If he wins the succession battle, the eyes of those who have mocked him will change. With this in mind, he challenges his twin brother to a duel, but is defeated by a magical blow from his twin brother.

In despair, Schwartz runs away from the royal court and disappears. ……5 years later, he returns to the court after a major problem arises that shakes the country.

Enemies are killed. Women are seduced. The country is taken. The reversal of Schwartz, the ‘disqualified prince without magic’, is about to begin!

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失格王子の後宮征服記 魔力無しの王子は後宮の妃を味方にして玉座を奪う
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New bozakir
September 24, 2022
Status: c26
Well, I was wondering why this had some polarizing scores and no reviews and decided to check it myself.

TL;DR: Schwarz is a bit r*pey and he has a magic dick. Basically feels like an old Connery era James Bond movie with safeties removed. He casually sexually harasses underlings and when he sleeps with adversarial women on dubious consent they flip their allegiances. If you can get past that, story is ok-ish. Nothing groundbreaking there.
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