The Different World with the Red Star


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Urushi Touka’s overwhelming power is just too much for his day to day life.

Touka was on his way home from school, when he ends up using his power to save a child, causing him to destroy an oncoming truck with his fist.

Seeing that, god decided that his power was too abnormal and called him over.

It was there, that Touka found out the reason behind his power.

According to god, the power he has is too much for this world, and mentioned that it would be possible to send him over to a different world.

With two replies he gave his OK. Here begins Touka’s life in a different world!

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To a Different World with the Red Star, Isekai wa Akai Hoshi to Tomo ni, 異世界は赤い星と共に
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Date Group Release
12/27/16 Kiriko Translations c3
08/13/16 Kiriko Translations c2
05/31/16 Kiriko Translations c1
05/25/16 Kiriko Translations prologue
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Nvelist rated it
April 16, 2018
Status: c3
It sad that another hidden gem is left tattered again in the dust.

Hope though some good samaritan would pick this up and unlock its more potential expectation.

Another amazing story where Truck-kun never succeed in his plan of throwing the MC into another world. But instead get pulverized by the protagonist punch.

... more>> It was a deed by the good MC in the name of "Children are treasure of the world".

Different from other isekai stories where the powers of individual depend on the stars brightness and MC is seriously OP since his star is the moon that varies to pale and crimson blood color.

I pray someone would pick this up this hidden gem! <<less
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keklel rated it
January 6, 2017
Status: c2
This novel is just average. First, a girl's father ran off to distract bandits and still didn't come back. Why didn't she seem concerned about her father at all? She just said "oh he probably died" lol. And the MC didn't have any suspicions about this either he just accepted it as normal wtf.

Most of the rest of the story didn't seem well thought out either like the MC being able to cut himself with a knife even though he got hit by a truck with no injuries at all.
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