The Devilish Immortal


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Guided by the meditation, an ordinary boy with a bizarre life finally set foot on the road of immortal and fiend. He could fly freely among God, man, demon, evil, spirit and ghost! Whether or not one could be a fiend, it did not depend on race, but human heart… Standing on the top of the heavens for worship, it was inferior to go back to the mountains and see summer daydream…

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03/19/19 TapRead c10
03/18/19 TapRead c9
03/17/19 TapRead c8
03/16/19 TapRead c7
03/15/19 TapRead c6
03/14/19 TapRead c5
03/13/19 TapRead c4
03/12/19 TapRead c3
03/11/19 TapRead c2
03/11/19 TapRead c1
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