The Devil is My White Moonlight


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In his previous life, Mu Xiyun was a famous immortal, the first disciple of Moyun Mountain, and the hero of the battle between immortals and demons.

But in the battle with the traitor Gu Qingqiao, he sacrificed himself and died.

Everyone said that Gu Qingqiao was the lowest half-blood demon and the enemy who killed his master.

The two hated each other, but he had always longed to meet Gu Qingqiao again.

Fifty years later, Mu Xiyun was reborn.

He studied cultivation again, left the mountain afterwards and became involved in a suspicious case.

On the way, he met a mysterious man who was pursuing the same case as him.

Since then, the man never left his side.

Gu Qingqiao: “Ah Yun, I was wronged.”

Mu Xiyun: “I know. I’ll help you get revenge?”

When the people who despised him and tortured him knew the truth:

Immortal sect: “Please save the three realms for the common people in the world!”

Gu Qingqiao: “I won’t go!”

Mu Xiyun: “Qingqiao, I can’t bear the suffering of the common people!”

Guqingqiao: “Let me help!”

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