The Devil Does Not Need to Be Defeated


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———【Holy Sword】



As a brave summoned to another world, Shien is basically invincible.

The goddess told him: “You are the one who is most likely to defeat the devil.”

The princess told him: “I have never seen a foul man like you.”

Even his teammates said: “How about you go to build a country?”

Unfortunately, Shien is so determined to walk his own path.

“I want to be an adventurer, fight monsters without risk and upgrade, and then sneak to defeat the Demon King after i have achieved the max level, and hide my merit and fame.”

However, the Demon King does not necessarily have to be defeated, in fact, it can also be…

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The Demon Lord is Already Defeated?!
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15 Reviews

Dec 23, 2020
Status: c300
I read about 300 chapters in machine translation. This light novel looks more like Japanese than Chinese. Although, the disadvantages of the Chinese light novel remained. For example: you can just skip many chapters and not lose the plot thread. Women in a harem, as is almost always the case with the Chinese, are "achievements" and not living characters. And many other pluses.
But all the same - it is interesting to read. Great, if you just want to relax.
And for the fact that there are practically no Chinese... more>> names - special thanks to the author.
P.S. I'm sorry for my bad english. <<less
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Feb 11, 2022
Status: c184
The author has this strange misunderstanding about how good writing works. He seems to believe that if you point out the incoming stock trope or cliche and supposedly act to avoid it, it not only makes you clever but also let's you proceed to use said cliche with no further twist since you couldn't think of a way to replace it with something else.

And your main character also ends up looking like a douchebag when he goes out of his way to avoid cliches like 'helping people' or 'showing sympathy.'

But... more>> other than that I guess it's fine. <<less
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Oct 04, 2021
Status: c1040
This is my first review, so well...... pretty random. I will not discuss the storyline, characters, or etc. I only write things that I find quite disturbing.

Well the start is pretty good, I hope this novel will have a good result. But.... the more I come here the more I don't enjoy it. finally when it reached several tens of chapters I almost dropped it. But I tried to survive to read it. the results did not disappoint me.

For writers who just started writing original novels or what to call... more>> them after writing fan-fiction novels (I've read all of the author's fan fiction, except Shoujo grand summoning which I will never read). This is very good work. I highly recommend it. well I use google translation so my writing is not good enough <<less
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Feb 07, 2022
Status: c51
Reading this novel is like watching someone play out their own dnd fantasy by themselves.

I see people comparing this to JP style writing but I’d say it’s more akin to Webnovel originals type writing. The massive amounts of internal monologuing and cliché story elements are partly why.

In regulars to cliche story elements, the author through the main character is acknowledging them as a bother yet continues to bring them up as if just referencing them is enough for us to look past it’s repeated use.

And speaking of repetition, I honestly... more>> believe more than half of what I’ve read so far can be cut. Exposition and explanations about common fantasy and video game tropes, can be summed up as ‘fantasy world has fantasy elements’. Most of the questions the MC asks are also there to waste our time. Eg. Why take all these quests in a single area? Because they can all be done consecutively for more money obviously. And the MC touts this as something ‘ realistic’ not in games or novels. Yes something quite common in rpgs has never been done before.

I could go on and on about the peeves I have with this novel but I think I can sum it up with how the novel feels like less of a story and more of a daydream. Things happen because it benefits the self-insertion of the MC, expositions are added to pad the time we can be exposed to the fantasy land.

I see the reviews that say that the later parts are better, so if you do read more than me, I hope you do enjoy it. <<less
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Mar 15, 2021
Status: c750
I really love this novel, it's kind of a mix of Japanese style isekai with a Chinese style main character. The MC named Skien is a regular person who becomes a hero, whose main job is to defeat the demon king. Except, things aren't so simple.

I love the interactions with his harem, you can feel that they all have individuality, not like most Chinese harems where 90% of the wives are the same person cloned essentially, and the interactions between them are great.

If I had to give a negative, it... more>> would be some inconsistencies, for example:


When he meets Ai, he picks her up and hugs her. She talks about how much she misses being hugged like that, but later on it is showed that she deliberately got angry at her sisters for doing the same exact thing, but she likes when he does it.


I love this work so personally it is a 5/5 but objectively I would say 4/5. <<less
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Mar 30, 2022
Status: c72
Weirdly wordy and filled with filler dialogue.

I swear an average of 40% of nearly every paragraph could be cut down without removing anything.

I assume its suppose to be a romance harem story but we haven't gotten close in over 50 chapters. In fact we are still quite far away from finishing the introduction arc.

Will probably keep reading every so often but I'm not in a rush to see how this plays out.
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Jul 27, 2022
Status: c161
It reads like the author read "I Was Caught up in a Hero Summoning, but That World Is at Peace" and wanted to make a version full of malice. There are too many parallels of elements from that novel for it to be a coincidence even if the plot and some of the characters are different. Just the bit about the first demon lord (of six) being a loli who is introduced as being able to destroy the world easily and she's interested in the main character, and gaining the... more>> blessing of the supreme god who is supposedly indifferent to everything, and the princess of the kingdom who is the most talented human in history but she complains about how much work the main character's existence gives her...

But that's fine, the MC and plot and enough characters are different enough that I don't care. What bothers me are mainly the main character, the narration, and the repetition.

The entire story boils down to this:

  1. MC encounters a cliche situation.
  2. MC/Narrator complains about it being cliche in detail.
  3. MC proceeds to act like a psychopath, freaking everyone out.
  4. MC ends up with a worse result than if he'd just done what a typical protagonist would...
  5. MC acts smug about it.
  6. Return to the beginning.
It would bother me less if he didn't explicitly act opposite of how he claimed he wanted to act. For example,


He became an adventurer in order to make friends/contacts, learn about the world, create a normal identity to avoid standing out, etc. So of course he goes out of his way to avoid getting close to the party he joins and goes out of his way to make every other adventurer avoid him. And of course when he gets the chance to learn about the world he spends his time looking up magic instead. And of course he continually acts in ways that make him stand out - sometimes they can't be avoided, but mostly it's just because he wants to act a villain.

As a side note, he also puts way too much effort into making two high-level enemies commit su*cide when he should have been able to get experience for defeating them? Given how he keeps on getting half a dozen levels each time he makes an attack, he could be much stronger currently without putting in any effort...


Then the author spent 3 chapters describing what a perfect woman the princess was and making MC constantly feel inferior to her despite being as strong in less than a month as she was after more than 16 years and having a better weapon than her.

Only worth reading if you love Chaotic Evil main characters and lots of isekai cliches. <<less
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Jun 04, 2022
Status: c297
I like it for most of its content, but why must every MC a pervy dumbo... The story is interesting and there are some interesting characters, but every 40-50 chapters until now there is a part where it looks like that he will die if he is not thinking about something pervy, for 2-3 chapters... Maybe its just my opinion but that part looks always forced, its annoying and just goes not with the flow of the story. Also there are some parts that are not logical, I know it... more>> is a fantasy story but sometimes it's still just wrong.


One of the logic issues I have with the story is, that his companion is always attacked by some Nobels when she is wandering through the capital looking for strong guys and he is taking care of the ones over level 60 with just some pebbles. Not only that it makes no sense to send guys every day and let them crush every day, I mean yes, "wild" nobles are dumb in most of the novels, but just dumb is not enough, when they do something like that for weeks but never changes the approach... but the bigger part is, he gets to visit the library for a month and is going there every day and learning magic that nobody else could learn because it is so difficult, he is still helping her... How??? Can he clone himself, remote attack or something else.

Also she is going to bath with him every night naked and is "fine" with it, just thinking pervy stuff, the the princess trys to get him accept a honorary noble title and he instantly agrees to it when he hears that the higher the title the more wife's you can have.

Or the princess is telling him how many soldiers are allowed with which noble rank, but it is so over the top that the novel itself explains that it is just s*upid, like you can have more private soldiers as a Marquise then there are citizens in the Kingdom.

Or he kills a troop of solders and taming a renown black dragon and there is no dumb noble that is trying to do something? Where are the dumb nobles from the last 50 chapters?

There are multiple times were you think that is just s*upid or even if it is a fantasy world, that is still not possible... End of rant.


If you are fine with something like that, I can recommend the novel, if not, you may be dropping it for sometime like me... this is the second time for me, maybe I will come back later but for the near future I will read something else.

Best regards, Br0therTuck <<less
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Mar 05, 2022
Status: c500+
This is a pretty okey isekai story where supossedly the MC is summoned to defeat the demon lord but quickly finds out that it's already been defeated. The focus of the story is mainly on the MC fighting stuff and trying to act contrary to how most isekai stories goes while building his harem. However at the same time while the author starts a lot "cliche" story lines while having the MC lament on this to be funny I guess? It at least for me never really works out since... more>> the author almost always plays out the cliche part just that it happens a little different most often for the first 100 chapters or so by the MC saying the lines of the "bad guys" or what they will do to prevent it from happening or anger them early on.

One of my biggest issues with the story is that the MC from the start is super OP and will only grow more OP as the story goes on. However for some reason the author seemingly never thought this through and instead for the next few hundred chapters or so he does his best to downplay the strength of the MC. This is most likely because the author doesn't want it to be like in most stories where the MC just one shots everything and instead they want to spend quite a few chapters on the battles.

A bit spoilerish on the MC's powers though most of it is explained in the first few lvls.


First of the MC is a summoned hero, as a summoned hero they are given two unique skills you could say compared to everyone else who at most can only have one. The first unique skill that all summoned heroes get is the holy sword and the strength of the holy sword depends on the summoned hero. In this case the MC gets the most OP sword ever and the other holy sword even close to his which defeated the is only comparable after he has sealed his own sword twice. So to not be too OP this sword is pretty much always sealed or not used cause the MC wants to hide his identity as a hero.

On top of that his other unique skill is a super cheat growth skill. In this world lvls and skills are what decides if a person is strong or not. First of when someone lvls up they will get stats depending on both how they lvled up, their disposition, race and so on. So for instance it is sort of hinted at that everyone get's +1-10 in stats depending on the previously mentioned parts so a human fighter might get +7 strength and +2 in most other stats while a demon mage might get +9 magic power and +4 in most other stats. At the same time if the human fighter lvls up while overcoming a desperate fight and after extensive training he might get +8 strength instead or if he lvls up after lazing around he might only get +5 strength. But the MC on the other hand always get +10 in all stats every time he lvls up.

Furthermore skills are super important in this world and when someone lvls up they get +1-100 skill points and then they can use those to buy skills or improve skills the costs and such differs depending on the skill and it's lvl and who wants to learn it. Like some might be talented with magic so they can learn magic for a cheaper price but at the same time they have no talent for swordplay so they can't learn any sword or melee skills or if they could the price would be way higher. Of course the MC always get +100 skill points per lvl and each skill and skill upgrade only costs 1 skill point. So each lvl he can learn and max out 10 skills comparably most ppl even at the highest lvls can get several skills but they can only get them to about lvl 7-8. This is probably the authors biggest downplay far as I've read since again the MC can max out 10 skills per lvl but even at lvl 50+ where he could have maxed out over 500 skills he barely has 15-20 skills. The other part is that according to the author each lvl spikes a lot in price for everyone else but also increases a ton in their power for instance the MC's resistance skills at lvl 1o makes him pretty much immune to dmg from lvl 8 skills. His holy sword also depending on how sealed it is makes all his skills be at lvl 11-20 not even the gods or demons can break through the limit of lvl 100 and skill lvl 10 but the holy sword allows this as an otherwordly priveliege but again for some reason the author doesn't even seemingly take it into account that they have mentioned that lvl 1-3 is the low skill lvl 4-6 the medium skill lvl and 7-9 the high skill lvl and there is a huge jump in power each time you go up a tier. Then how powerful shoulden't lvl 10-20 be?

There are more stuff but I am writing a bit to much on this, but in short while the author tries to downplay the MC's power to make some points. The MC at lvl 24 has seemingly stats comparable to a lvl 75 super human who is supossedly the most talented and strongest human to have ever lived. His skills are all maxed out at lvl 10 which not even demons or gods can do. What makes gods and demons usually stronger then humans or the mortal races is that they can all learn demonic or god specific skills and have super powerful unique skills. The MC can learn all god specific skills as well. His holy sword also allows him to have power equal to at most +100 lvls and +10 skill lvls and a 99% dmg reduction. This is probably one of my biggest gripes since for instance in one fight with his sword unleashed his resistance skills is at lvl 20 + he has 99% dmg reduction but for some reason he still takes a great deal of dmg from a normal punch though it is from a super powerful goddess. But just a few chapters earlier the author was showcasing how lvl 10 resistance makes him immune to lvl 7-8 skills dmg. So how powerful would the lvl 20 resistance skill be? None at all since for some reason only the 99% dmg reduction skills matter all of a sudden. It just boogles me how the author makes the skill lvl cap out at lvl 10 for everyone but the MC can get all his to lvl 20 and then the author has already explained that every 3 skill lvls the power of the skill pretty much increases by x5 - x 10 in strength. The author even has the stomach to write that the MC at lvl 55 isn't all that because his lvl is lower then the ppl he's fighting so it's actually a tough fight. I was like hello author you made him match the strongest human when his lvl was 1/3 of her and now he's having a tought fight with someone weaker when his lvl is more then doubled....


In short the author has from the start made the MC way to powerful and to rectify this the author tries to downplay the MC's powers or just flat out ignore stuff and mention stuff that doesn't make sense at all with the setting that has already been layed out. This is often a problem with stories like these that make the MC waaaaaaaaaaaaaay to OP from the get go and then want the MC to have intense or equal fights most of the time when in fact it just becomes silly since the MC at least in theory should be able to one shot pretty much anyone.

Outside of this it's mostly a power fullfilment harem story so if you wanna read a story about a guy who is pretty much unbeatable from chapter 1, does mostly whatever he wants while slapping ppl and spends most of his time building a harem then this is for you. <<less
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Jul 28, 2021
Status: c1040
I had read all the chapter of this works. On the beginning, it just like some isekai japanese novels but on later part, the story became good to enjoy it. Still, there's some flaws on it. If there are afterstory or like extra about the main character life, it will become better.
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Sep 11, 2023
Status: c342
Well.. Personally loved this setting and the MC himself not having some sort of savior complex going on like in 90% of hero summoning stories.

Only complaint is that the translator dropped it and the MTL is so horrible I had to drop the story beacause of it : (
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Jun 11, 2023
Status: c978
A story that was better than I expected. It feels like some Chinese dude read his nth Japanese light novel about hero and maou, and then snapped because of all the tr*shy Japanese tropes and cliches (especially beta protagonist, doormat protagonist, passive protagonist, simp protagonist, and a number of others), and was like "hold my beer" or "fine, I'll do it myself." And he really did a good job at fixing lots of problematic things, though the story still is lacking in some aspects.

The setting is good. The author took... more>> the typical hero vs demon king setting and refined it. He also placed some mysteries quite well (you can more or less suspect the truth, but it takes over 900 chapters for you to piece some things together). It's nothing special, but it's solid.

The plot is so-so. The beginning is tr*sh (tbh, I don't remember anymore after 900 chapters, but I remember that I had to muster my patience to keep on reading), but it fortunately got better soon afterwards. I don't remember when exactly, but somewhere between chapter 100 and 300. Generally, the middle of the novel was the best part. It started going downhill somewhere in the second half or right in the middle, but still was passable. Not enough, though, that I'd read the last 100 chapters with bad MTL, hence why I didn't complete the read.

Characters are pretty much 2D, but solid 2D (at least the ones that count). The protagonist is quite to my liking because he is a combination of [funny dude messing around] that you see in Chinese novels with comedic undertone a lot and [fck them simps], which means the protagonist is never simping for any female characters and he's the one calling the shots. The author generally seems to have a grudge against simps and vents it a lot in the novel, which, again, I like.

Some other characters are to my liking too. The main antagonist is. Some love interests are. The romcom is rather enjoyable in this novel, and I also like that MC doesn't wife up everyone that you'd expect him to after reading other novels with big harems, i.e. No forced relationships.

In general, it's an entertaining story with a weak start. If I had to point out one more thing I disliked in it, it'd be long boring passages. I skimmed through quite a number of them, and they appear both at the start and later (but I think mostly at the start, which was probably one of the reasons why I didn't like the beginning).

I recommend to those who like romcom with harem and hero vs demon lord (with some twists, as the title suggests), but don't expect a literary masterpiece.

The translation unfortunately stopped rather early on (after 320-340 chapters?). Novelhi has somewhat passable MTL (it's readable except some garbage spots), but is missing the last 70-80 chapters or so. <<less
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Jan 11, 2023
Status: c86
The author is a bit of a hypocrite when he complains about holes in the script and absurdities in the novels, and the work itself does not lack for this.

The story and the breakdown of expectations are interesting, however, the explanations are very long and repetitive, add that to the MC's personality and I wouldn't recommend the work to people without patience.
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Dec 17, 2022
Status: c100
Plain and simple it's annoying.

I got excited because it had a lot of chapters and starting out it read extremely well. But honestly it's 99% dialogue and you'll learn everything there is to know about this "world" but the story progresses like molasses. I love op characters and harem genres. But my f*ck guys. It was better the first 5 chapters when he was stuck on his own.

constantly you'll be stuck in a non moving slump reading about laws of the world. How magic works. Blessings. Adventurer rules. And how... more>> the protagonist constantly relates everything to light novels and troupes. Or how he doesn't want to be noticed and does things to be noticed. It's annoying. Cliche this and cliche that. And when it starts looking good it'll just get confusing. You won't understand it, and I doubt the author can either tbh.

to chapter 100 I'm pretty sure less than a month has passed. Oh. Also he doesn't say cliche and talking about the troupes for nothing.. Because it's f*cking full of them. But tbh they wouldn't be that bad if the protagonist wouldn't constantly point them out. Or how he's conforming to the world internally but vocally bringing up things of his world. Which he says in front of others but rarely does anyone point out its strangers whatever. It's not even a good weekend read. Don't waste your time.

he gets unsettled or his attitude changes at weird times. He's a wimpy Japanese charcter who somehow survives for over a week in no man's land due to cheats. Tried to be a recluse? Turns into a dick, into a c*cky show off, a troubled protagonist, a blamer, a escape artist then a sadist. I mean seriously I don't get it at all tbh. Also pretty sure it's the first time I've read a harem isekai and a love interest still hasn't been pointed out let alone by the 20th chapter. Just my 2 cents <<less
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Jun 08, 2022
Status: c300
This is too excellent.. Translation gets better and better, bordering on top-notch in my opinion as you go on. 300 chaps in and he's still getting to know himself and chicas. I'm totally enamoured with the ladies in this story, they are absolutely NOT one-dimensional, and each has an interestingness to them, and some personality quirks and depth. I find that there is some clever romance and humor in addition to the main plot - mc's a douche, but he always ends up being kindof a badass douche and he's... more>> aware of lots of undercurrents - pretty damn refreshing and likable MC in my view. Not sure where it will go from here but highly recommended so far <<less
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