The Destiny of the Rainbow


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A parody of Snow White.

“Did the thought of this ever occur to you? The reason why you was chosen out of many princesses in the Marchen? That’s because I felt restless. I was wondering where you would go away, which filthy man you would kiss.”


“Isn’t it called love that you hate and loathe me? Thus, I’m so happy right now.”

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무지개의 운명
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Lily-Bluez rated it
June 13, 2022
Status: c14
This was a great story that gives snow White vibes at the begin, but quickly change direction. To a little darker. I'm not sure why the other reviewer call the translation mediocre cuz I didn't see many if any mistake.
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DoingMyBest rated it
May 11, 2022
Status: c11
The translation quality for this is mediocre. Grammar/wording choices are questionable and occasional spelling mistakes. It's better than MTL but if you like a smooth read I'd pass on this. Quality does improve towards later chapters but the first two chapters especially were quite rough for me.

As of c11 this appears to be very loosely related to Snow White. The plot is effectively a slightly more complicated version of prisoner devolving into yuri stockholm-syndrome with her yandere captor.

... more>>

As of the end of c11 the MC has only just developed feelings for the FL as they're separated so I can't imagine you'll get much actual yuri interaction here in the last 3 chapters. I think this is effectively a very quick attempt to build suspense before either a surprise happy ending or some other form of twist. Relationship to Snow White might be used in this ending which would make it slightly more related than the minimum amount it is at the moment.


Chapters are very short and there hasn't really been much worldbuilding or character development. With the length of the chapters I'm not sure how this pulls it around in the next 3 chapters, but given its relatively unique contents and the incredibly short reading time I'd say give it a shot if you can stomach the grammar and lack of background information.

To be honest given the lack of significant plot (imo) as of c11 and the translation quality I feel this probably sits closer to two stars but I'll keep my rating as is until I can pass judgement on the ending. <<less
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