The Demon of Destiny Has Fallen in Love at First Sight With Me, But She is Too Innocent and Too Cute


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“Beautiful and cute, this girl is so beautiful and cute…”

Vide, a demon who can controls fate, was excavated from an ancient ruin by the lone thief “Eiya The Black Eagle”. Despite being a demon, Vide who is super cute, innocent, naïve and tomboyish, says she will become Eiya’s familiar as a gratitude.

“You are my soulmate.”
“You should live your life as you please.”

He tried to to sound cool, but…
Can a good-natured, unremarkable thief and an extremely beautiful demon overcome their bad fate!?

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Unmei no Akuma ni Misome rareta ndaga, amari ni jun de kawaii sugiru ken ni tsuite.
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