The Demon King’s Game


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A competition between the Demon Lords of the Demon World.

The cornered Demon Lord, Gremory summoned an unbeatable soldier.

“I am a professional gamer?”

The legend of E-sports, fighting against demons!

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마왕의 게임
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paksheet rated it
July 25, 2016
Status: c24
Hmmm, how to say, the premise was interesting, getting summoned to play ranking games for a demon lord... and surprise, those ranking games are for some reason, just real time strategy (RTS) games, and the MC is a retired pro e-sports player, but whatever.

That lasted all of 10 chapters. Now, he returns to the real world, and it looks like he is venturing on his (feels like a 2000 chapter) quest to return to the pro scene from scratch, almost exactly like The King's Avatar. Unlike TKA however, the... more>> MC here is a perfect superhuman basically,... good looking, rich, tons of fans, fashion revolves around the fashionless garbage he wears, women stalk him and have orgasms just from him showing up to do live commentary on a game, blah blah... and with the cheats he obtains from the demon lord (never grow old, never deteriorate, perfect physical condition forever), despite being past his prime for a pro gamer, he will forever be unrivalled (in TKA, he is clearly past his prime, he knows it, everyone knows it, so he is rushing to return for the few scant years he has left, in addition to being unable to return pro for 1 year because of his contract). In the 1st place, he already had a 90% win rate, so there are no "rivals" anyway. So, MC is boring, there is no room for growth, and there will never be rivals.

Secondly, the game he plays is Star Craft,... so... reading play by play moments of an RTS game is boring. There is no sense of continuity like in an MMORPG character, and you don't really understand anything either. For example,

MC advances 4 gunners to enemy base, controls them to defeat a force twice their size, and retreats.
The enemy rush back with 6 spitters to retake their base.
MC returns with 2 tanks, and the exact second his upgrade for stronger fire power is finished, the tanks do their 1st shot on the enemy harvesters.

So dry, and just don't care at all, especially when 60% of every chapter for 10 straight chapters is like this...

1. doesn't follow premise, wanted fantasy setting of demon lord games stomped by a gamer, instead getting a VERY unrealistic pro-gaming scene where there is ONE pro, and everyone else are total noobs. (pros are literally noobs, does this even make sense?)
2. MC is superman, everyone else are just blind, deaf, bald, disfigured monkeys with 1 arm, and the remaining arm only has 3 fingers left.
3. play by play description of RTS games just doesn't work. <<less
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ninthlite rated it
July 13, 2016
Status: --
The writing is solid, however I feel like I'm just reading an abridged description of a starcraft match. Unless the author manages to introduce some original components to this story I will drop it.
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Dusk rated it
July 8, 2016
Status: c10
Can't say much yet but it seems promising, this novel is like a tower defense game played in reality. The players of the game can summon creatures into the battlefield from hell, the creatures summoned can be humans, elfs, orcs, beast creatures, etc. Just like a game. But the creatures are true living beings in the game, if they die however, they will not die in reality.

The summons can be ordered either to built their defenses/ resources/ arm weapons/ sacrifice for stronger creatures. Yes, you are right, this is totally... more>> a tower defense game lol.

There is a bit lacking of common sense when I read it but it's not much of a hindrance. <<less
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tsundere_taichou rated it
July 24, 2016
Status: c18-19
A superpro in "not starcraft" gets summoned and plays a reality version of the game pretty much.

Decent so far, still very early so cant really tell much about the character and story progression as of yet
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