The Delicate Prince and His Shrewd Peasant Consort


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After transmigration, she has changed from an elite doctor to a peasant shrew??? And that delicate man sharing a bed with her is—handicapped??? On the way building the family fortunes got hindered by all kinds of obstacles. Scums, sluts, one after another…She could only arm herself as the black lotus to fight the white lotus, step on those green tea bitches, face slap the scums and abuse those third wheels. Until the day she brings her weak and sickly husband into the capital…What? Her weak and sickly husband is a prince? Who got demoted to a civilian? She meant to lead a life of peace with her husband, but so people just wouldn’t give them a break and even try to end their lives! The miracle doctor pounds the table and jumps to her feet! Seizing the harem, ruling the kingdom, everything will be in my hands!

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