The Deal Between the Knight and the Demon – A Yuri Kiss


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Saria, a knight, made a firm decision to make a name for herself by hunting demons that harm people. However, she botched the job and ended up being saved by Anya, who is a demon. In order to repay the favor, Saria starts living with Anya. As she gets to know Anya and their bodies come together, Saria’s heart races uncontrollably…

Even though she came to defeat demons, Saria ended up being saved by the demon Anya. As a knight, to properly show her gratitude, she offers the power Anya desires, surrendering her body as Anya commands, sharing kisses and cunnilingus. When Saria tells Anya to target her and not other humans, their play becomes even more intense! Furthermore, as they continue living together, they discover each others secrets… Enjoy the deepening yuri love that transcends their predetermined roles.

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[上田ながの、瀬奈茅冬*] 騎士の私と悪魔の取引 百合の口付け
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06/16/24 Dumah’s... epilogue
06/16/24 Dumah’s... c7
06/15/24 Dumah’s... c6
06/14/24 Dumah’s... c5
06/13/24 Dumah’s... c4
06/12/24 Dumah’s... c3
06/11/24 Dumah’s... c2
06/10/24 Dumah’s... c1
06/09/24 Dumah’s... prologue
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