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After raising a girl he picked up from the slums and teaching her alchemy, all for the purpose of being taken care of; she turned out to be a genius and her alchemist skills eventually surpassed her master’s, the main character.

However due to various circumstances the main character was unable to remove the guise of being the great master. Even though the main character attained the luxurious lifestyle he wanted; it came at the cost of being burdened with unnecessary worries on a daily basis.

This is the story of a deadbeat mediocre “Great” master and the genius disciple who loves her master.

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Raneday rated it
February 6, 2018
Status: c7
Well this kinda reminds me of "Running Away From the Hero" but with a more amiable? Relationship with his/mc's disciple. The novel centers about misunderstandings where our Mc/Granite pretends to be the ideal master for his dicple/Shalltear, and due to Shalltear being a sort of prodigy in the field of alchemy, she over read whatever her master tells and her and ends up a conclusion with the random words of Granite

All in all the misunderstanding was quite fun to read and there's some heartwarming scenes to from time to time
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