The Dead-End Café in the Royal Capital, “The Hideaway” The Chief Secretary Comes to Relax at My Shop After I Accidentally Became a Mage


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Just before her life ended due to illness, Mai was sent to another world. As a parting gift, her grandmother gave her magical knowledge and power.

Mai opened a café at a dead end in the royal capital and lived her life thinking, “Just being able to live healthily is a great success.”

The Chief Secretary, Henry, was captivated by the dishes Mai prepared and came to the café “The Hideaway” every day.

In another world, Mai lived robustly, determined not to waste the life she had been given, while Henry, a serious official with secrets and worries, sought peaceful days.

Centered around the interactions between Mai and Henry, this is a story where Mai makes people happy with her delicious food and magical power.

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06/13/24 The Kay’s rookie... c7
06/10/24 The Kay’s rookie... c6
06/09/24 The Kay’s rookie... c5
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06/01/24 The Kay’s rookie... c3
05/30/24 The Kay’s rookie... c2
05/27/24 The Kay’s rookie... c1
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