The Days I Clear Escape Games Pretending to be an NPC


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[One of the players is a murderer, find them or survive for seven days.] There is a new player in the Infinite World, he is hidden in the crowd of NPCs. Only at the end did everyone get given a surprise:

“Huh? What’s this? Is it the ghost card you were looking for?” Ren Yi waved the spoils in his hand with an innocent-looking face.

During the funeral vigil, he ate melon as the pampered A Fei. 

In the apartment full of hidden dangers, he was the harmless and helpless blind young man, Song Bozhi

At the banquet of monsters, he was the powerful and arrogant demon crane lord, He Jun.

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New flighty01 rated it
May 12, 2022
Status: c38
I went in expecting the usual fast paced thriller about infinite loops and survival strategies but was pleasantly surprised by how the author wrote the introduction, the characters, and the scenarios.

  • MC
... more>>

MC was introduced as an actor who decides to play as an NPC in order to gather more information about his situation. He fools not only the ghost and NPCs, but also the players who was looking for the ghost and him.

After the first instance, he loved the feeling of acting as the NPC and completely immersing himself into the roles. In all honesty, he doesn't care about winning in the instances and just wants to act.


  • ML

ML was introduced after the first instance as someone who is an experienced player that is being hunted by his enemies and allies alike. He has good instincts and is really sharp. He knows how to differentiate an NPC from a player but has a hard time with the MC.

He meets the MC in the second instance and while he has some suspicions, he never knew that the MC is a player until the MC defeated the ghost in the end.


I was amazed by the first instance but got hooked by the second instance. I really enjoy how the author writes the psychology behind acting and even describes the microexpressions in great detail.

  • The first instance is about how the NPC adjusts to his role.
  • The second instance is about how he controls his microexpressions (since he's playing a blind character)
  • The third instance is about how to make ad libs and understand his character (since he's playing a demon character who has great authority amongst the other demons).

I've read a lot of showbiz novels before but I never thought a horror/survival novel will show a better way to act in a certain scenario.

The translation is also great so I'll be patient for the next chapter. <<less
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New LadySayuri rated it
May 5, 2022
Status: Completed
I Love It. This is my first encounter on a very different and new take in solving infinite flow / survival horror games: RPG type. Acting all the way until the game ends.

About MC, ML & their relationship:

... more>>

MC is an actor that just wants to keep acting. Despite his abilities he tried not to be overly OP, He really did try to limit his other ability and rely only in his acting, observation & logic skills but the game was being very malicious to him from the start, so when the instances get harder he had no choice but to unlock his secret one by one in the moment of danger.

He has a seriously bad childhood, a mix of child abuse from his mother and the origin of his secret, makes it that he cant express his emotions except when acting (which is ironic cause its also part of the reason, also his special abilities are tied with his emotions). Because of this altho he has a gentle persona outside, in reality he is very indifferent (except for food), low maintenance & likes to be low key.

But despite his apathetic & expresionless face, luckily ML is keen on facial expression changes & always recognize & find him (lol not really but its hilarious when he fails to recognize him in the game instances). ML is quick to notice & gets interested in MC which is showed in the arcs & in MC's challenge.

ML is a wolf in sheeps clothing type of gong but he was very sweet, smart and cheeky which made him a suitable partner for MC. ML did pester MC at the start that looks like a momentary interest/fascination but ML really does see thru MC's expresionless face thru his eyes. He acts clingy/overbearing but he really doesnt push MC about anything (except the first date & first time, MC thought he's in top XD) and accepts him as he is. The story showed very few moments of them together in desolate corner but every one of them is heartwarming specially when they started to sort of live together.


About Plot & Desolate Corner:


Desolate Corner is an infinite flow system that selects people who have directly or indirectly (intentional or not) cause other people's death & didnt get punishment. There's a lot of gray area in the selection process, so the players are mixed with real people with bad morals & ordinary civilians.

Which is why MC & ML entered here after death. MC's past and reason will be explained thru out after the first few arcs but ML's past and reason is showed on the very last arc: MC's challenge.

The officials of desolate corner saw MC as a threat from the start because of his secret ability but what they didnt know is that if they just left him alone, he wouldnt even think of using it and rebelling but of course as long they dont touch & restrict MC's freedom cause he doent like being controlled.

Also the reason why the officials seem like they dont want more players to survive is because desolate corner has a popolation capacity and they really need to purge players in order to accept and accomodate new comers. On the premise that this people are not sinless they really didnt care who or how many of them are purged. So its kind of a pickle for the old players because not all of them deserve to die and get their existence erased.

So they are the antagonist, and they did show maliciousness to the players but they are just doing their job altho I still dont get whats the purpose of desolate corner, maybe I missed something but I still dont get why they make/send the players to an obssessed ghost's world to collect their card. Survive or die is just the elimination process but that one is a cycle question paradox.

Im guessing since these people have "sinned" they cant be reincarnated and are stuffed here but since there's no recycle, except if you win the top 10 challenge, they have no choice but to be indescriminately purged.

Desolate Corner is just like a new purgatory for specific people that has an unpolished system. It's just unfortunate that there are also people that arent hopeless mixed in. And thats what they showed at the end of the main text, at least theyre willing to fix the system and made lenient changes to the selection process and only choose people who really deserve to be there and gave a way out for old players that still wants to live.


I might have missed a few details since I completed this via MTL, so I might come back later to correct something after reading the translation. <<less
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Aachiin0914 rated it
January 2, 2022
Status: Completed
This is one of my favorite Novel.

MC is op from the start. Although, there will be some kind of confusion about his abilities, anyway, the point of the novel, is not MC being a ex-host of a system, but MC being a player of escape game, who cleared the instances by acting as an NPC.

The instances of the barren land, or so what they called it, is all RPG. And there is only one mission, and that is to capture the ghost of the murderer of survive in 7 days.

So... more>> all of the instances have an time limit of seven days.

The ghost card in the synopsis is the "Ghost of the murderer".

Oh... yeah, below were all kinds of spoiler so... you know what to do~

  • How the barren land picked the players -

    The barren land picked people from all sort of life in different worlds. Like MC and ml, they did not came from the same world. Anyway, the barren land picked people who caused (more like related? or something) other death of other people. MC actually distain the way the barren land picked its player, because like MC, many people are innocent. And did not actually meant the death of the people around them. MC wanted to changed it. Because as the barren land has said, barren land exist to punished those who cause people's death-- so having innocent people in the barren land is a lost. And also the barren land has limited player slot, so barren land has to eliminate players at every turn.

  • Mc's past --

    MC is an illegitimate son? I forgot about it actually. I can't remember if his parents divorce or something, but mc's mother is an actress. From a very young age, MC was forced to act because of his mother. Then at one point, mc's life becomes chaotic because of his mother. He was introduced to his father. I think his father's legal wife died because of his mother, then his father got bankrupt because his mother stole the money, so his father suicides. His mother died too, but I don't know how, I forgot. Anyway this is the reason why MC was pulled in the barren land, because the death of everyone around him. He was an actor, so when his past was dug out, many people thought he planned every thing out. But actually he was the most innocent in this. His past was reveal because of his jealous brother, who was later also pulled in the barren land. Anyway around that time, MC was contracted by a system called Great evil system. It could be translated as Great villain system, but from what MC mentioned from his past, the system ain't just an ordinary villain system. MC sealed himself after he swallowed the whole system. He has a bracelet? I think, and his power is actually the seven deadly sins. MC developed them while doing mission the system gave. Its developed not acquired, because MC didn't want to use the system's power. Meaning, the mission he did was really terrible. Actually at first I thought, it was his personalities. MC could speak with them. I think it was lust who he usually talk to, that happened when he was already developing feeling for Saman.

    Anyway, MC is just playing acting in barren land.
  • Saman's past --

    Saman is a vengeful person in his life. Well, there's a bear children who cause an dust explosion in a mall, which killed few people and injured many. Those bear children was not sent to prison. But the person who own the mall has to pay all the damages. Those bear children thought it was a perfect crime since no one knw it was them. Anyway, years later, Saman device a plan. It was a island mystery reality show. People gathered professional or actor/actress. They need to solve crimes in order to stay, and of course there's also the popularity. MC actually came to this world. Of course, it was Saman's previous self, who's the ghost. This reality show was Saman's revenged and Saman killed off those bear children with explosion live nation wide. This is the last instance MC played, before the barren land happily kicked him off. Anyway, since those bear children was either killed by poison send by someone, and the explosion from someone, and not directly killed them, Saman the master mind was directly pulled in the Baren land.

    Oh yeah, Saman is a techno geek. He was a game maker/owner in his world before the baren land, and in the barren land, he made a VR game, to raise the survival % of the players.
Every arc of this novel is really good. I esp, like the Red witch arc. No, I like every arc. It has mysteries, action, horror, suspense... but if you're looking for puzzle type escape games, then you wont see it here. The instances of barren land came from memories of the "murderer". And it was either catching the mouse or the mouse catching the cat, escape game. <<less
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NovelsAreLife rated it
January 6, 2022
Status: Completed
I rated 5 stars just to offset the low rating. This novel may not be a masterpiece, but it's not bad. I like the story idea where MC blends in as an NPC. Very creative. MC and ML are also likeable (both individually and as a couple) and have interesting backgrounds/skill sets. If you want an entertaining casual read with an OP MC & ML (especially MC, he's the real OP of the two) survival game genre, then this novel fits that trope very well.
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ylial rated it
February 1, 2022
Status: Completed
Really suits my taste. 💕 Story has depth and has interesting copies that makes me read it non stop lolXD Each arc are NOT common like other QTs and I like the foreshadowing, though u can guess the ending of some stories, the novel is still very entertaining. I really love the extra 💕 too. MC's friend fr desolate corner went to MC's world to chill for a while in a variety show. I want a sequel or more extra!!! Since the fanwei has an open ending ... more>>

Desolate corner had a contact with a higher world system and wanted to employ MC.


I love the MC too he's not arrogant as the other OP novel protagonist. He only likes acting and tranquility. For ML, he really suits MC and I like eating dog food. Their scenes and the romance are NOT incongruent in this survival instances. I think this novel needs more chapters XD <<less
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nitan rated it
March 3, 2022
Status: Completed
I finished reading this in a week, and although it was Alot and tiring, I enjoyed the story all the way.

This is probably one of my most favourite unlimited flow novel, the arcs are all interesting and fast paced, it's very creative and well thought out. Even though I wasn't sure about some arcs at the beginning, I was convinced and enjoyed it thoroughly by the end.

I enjoyed how the MC isn't overpowered when he acts, he can still be pitted and gets into unexpected situations against his will. Although... more>> he is very powerful outside of acting, the elements of fighting and dodging, of being half a foot faster than the enemy is very very exciting!!

I'm so glad it's getting translated now, hopefully everyone will have a blast and have something to look forward to. I only wish theres more extras!! <<less
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ChangingCosmic rated it
March 1, 2022
Status: c169
5 stars

Arc 1

... more>>

MC pretended to be an NPC and succeeded. Rural setting, the grandmother is the ghost and pretended to be the monk.


Arc 2


MC pretends to be a blind NPC. Modern setting, the ghost is the takeout delivery guy.


Arc 3


MC is the top demon (he's a crane demon) who is invited to a big banquet. Ancient fantasy setting, the ghost is the baby in an egg that was born from the MC's blood.


Arc 4


MC is on an island as an NPC with an inconsistent identity. I forgot who the ghost was, but the manor owner is the ship.


Arc 5


MC is the "Scarlet Witch" with healing abilities and urges to feed on blood. Fantasy monster setting, I forgot who the ghost is, but the MC releases this shining gem to give hope to the world or something.


Arc 6


MC is an NPC in a society with a hierarchy similar to ants. Tbh, I kinda skimmed this one, soooo... The ghost was a noble, I think?


Something I noticed is that the 'ghost' isn't always the player even though the card says so. Maybe it's bc I'm mtl-ing it? And despite my lackluster summaries for the arcs, I can honestly say that this novel is really good! It's on par with 'Card Rooms, ' I'd say, just because of the unlimited flow aspect and how the players have a little world to live in, though it's not as developed. The romance between the MC and the ML is slow (again, I mtl-ed it, so take what I say with a grain of salt) and I kinda see the chemistry between them? Kinda? I'm sure that if it was properly tsl-ed, then it would be much better, but the mtl made it seem a bit meh.

Speaking of which, the mtl is quite easy to read, although it does take away some of the excitement and tension in the arcs (as mtl always does).

One thing, though, is that I don't quite get why Saman

made the VR thing and how that works


Anyways, I really like it, despite all its flaws and similarities to other unlimited horror flow. I really liked how he pretended to be an NPC and commited to that (the only other novel I see where this happens is in Being an Extra Actor in an Escape Game, and that one's pretty good!). I only wish that he got less

important roles that were crucial to the plot

. <<less
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TheL rated it
March 9, 2022
Status: c101
I love this story it's interesting and exciting I love the story that is in the arcs I also like the MC but some things could be better. The MC is incredible op, it's not too bad for me and it's clear that he struggles sometimes but it could be better. The other thing I don't like is the ML I'm sorry he just annoys me don't mistake me he is a lot better than some ML that are rapists but I just feel like he is not a good... more>> choice for the MC. It is also a bit forced to me, I can't really explain how it is so take my words with a pinch of salt. It's also unclear to me how this story will end I am in the fourth arc so it's obvious that my opinion will change as I am mlt but they never mention how to get back to the ''real'' world. But I guess it's not that necessary as the MC seems to not care too much but still. Update: I think I found one of the reasons I'm not the biggest fan of the ml. He doesn't respect the MC in a way. I get to some degree why he follows the MC around and keeps pestering him but I feel like he sometimes takes it too far. He keeps on following and speaking with the MC even when the MC wants and need to hide his identity, like come on be discreet MC is only able to survive because he acts like an npc and the ML fricking destroys it. This is also extra annoying because the ML has been in this ''game'' longer than the MC so why is he so s*upid to risk the MC being discovered when there are people and monsters wanting to kill the MC. It's so irresponsible of him and at some point, he only did it because he was curious about what the MC looks like. Personally, I just don't see the chemistry of them and the only interest the MC have of the ML is his smell and how the ML is being ''kind'' to him (which he only was beacouse he wanted to

recute him

As I said before this update I still haven't completed the story so I might regret this review so I still recommend people to read it. <<less
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May 4, 2022
Status: c114
TBH, I really like this premise T.T but the clean translation from ChrysanthemumGarden is still unfinished and the MTL made the already confusing elements even more confusing (I persisted for as long as possible, but T.T can’t do it) ! So, I’m leaving the rest unread for now and will just come back for it later.


This is a survival game setting. The MC is an actor with previous experience in System-related shenanigans. This is his second go around and it just so happened to be tailor made for his... more>> own skills.

Basically, in a given instance, a group of players must find the “Ghost” among them. This may not sound all that difficult, but based on what instance they’ve been set, the Ghost, for example, may be hiding amongst the NPCs. Why don’t they just kill all the NPCs, you might ask? Well, there’s a thing called NPC favorability setting. If you kill an NPC, your score will drop dramatically, making it more difficult for you to continue living in that instance. Similarly, if the NPCs find you suspicious (not acting based on your role), not only will your score go down, but you will be exposed as a player to the Ghost (making you a target!)

The MC, being the godly actor that he is, basically knocks down all of the other players by acting as an NPC (giving him immunity against the Ghost and the Players!)


Right now the focus of the story is clearing instances. With an underlying mystery about MC’s apathecism and his past System-challenge. There’s the ML as well, of course. He’s been following the MC throughout instances, and struggling to identify him LOLOL. Oh, and there’s many people are either threatened by or attacked to MC’s skills, which results in a lot of drama! (Some want to recruit him, some want to kill him, and as for the ML, LOL). <<less
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Rida rated it
April 23, 2022
Status: c208
It's great and the MC's way of completing the games is different from other QT novels which I like.

However, after a couple arcs, it does get tiring. There's no sense of anticipation or buildup as I can quickly start to predict how it's going to go.

... more>>

Even if the MC doesn't try to get the ghost card by solving who the 'murderer' is, he always ends up getting it.


The mysteries aren't very hard to figure out either and at times, I get frustrated at how slow the MC is at figuring things out.

I like that in the end, the MC is stronger than the ML. However, in the beginning, the MC is needlessly mysterious. <<less
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chalisarp rated it
April 14, 2022
Status: c205
Every Arc I've read so far is interesting (except for the first arc that I think it's quite plain)
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Devil Heart
Devil Heart rated it
April 12, 2022
Status: Completed


Btw MC is stronger than ML. Lolololol

MC character is effing cool and likeable. ML character too is VERY GOOD. Their relationship is great damn healthy and fluffy.

CAN I MENTION I LOVE EVERY ARC? Every story is just sooooooo good. Definitely recommended to read!!!
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NovelenthusiastIDK rated it
February 26, 2022
Status: c17
So far so good, I like theMC. He only cares about acting and is quite apathetic with everything else. Interesting character for sure, It makes me wonder what he experienced.
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