The Dawn of Cthulhu


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Li Shaofeng, an ordinary high school student, accidentally found a ring and thus glimpsed the unfamiliar aspects of the familiar city.

People known as “players” trained in martial arts, practiced Qi, and cultivated magic. They used their skills and knowledge to tackle the dangerous challenges known as the “Cthulhu Game” – where failure meant death, but success brought great wealth, fame, prestige, and fragments of alien civilizations.

His once dull and boring life suddenly underwent drastic changes. His math teacher turned out to be a magician, and the aloof school beauty was a high-level player. There were quite a few people like them who hid their player identities…

The old apartment building across from his school was the secret workshop of the “Watchtower” team. The “Purple Web,” a cult that worshiped the alien race Cold Spider, had claimed the No. 1 commercial district. The “Qin Family Blade” sect governed Caotun in Nantou, and the government troops known as the “Extermination Army” occupied the area near Taipei Station.

In the urban jungle, there was a “Weapons Shop” selling military weapons and an “Old Book Stall” selling forbidden books and ancient texts.

Li Shaofeng, having put on the ring, had to make a decision – would he become one of them and live as a player, or cut off his finger and continue living as an ordinary person…

Human history was the history of Cthulhu. Those indescribable alien races had established brilliant civilizations on this blue planet, which was later called “Earth,” long before the emergence of humans. These civilizations eventually declined and were replaced by even more powerful alien races. This process repeated over and over until, for some unknown reason, the weak and powerless humans became the last survivors on Earth.

People excavated the ruins of alien civilizations, imitated the technologies of alien science, revered the power of alien gods, and craved the knowledge of alien races.

Thus, humanity used the fragmented powers of aliens to rise from survivors to rulers. Despite this, it was never to be forgotten that human history was the history of Cthulhu, a fleeting moment in the countless long years of Cthulhu’s history…

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