The Dark Magician Transmigrates After 66666 Years


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Diablo Volfir, a mighty magician, was sealed for aeons due to the schemes of the 12 Gods, but 66666 years have passed since then, and he descends to earth once again!

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66666년 만에 환생한 흑마법사
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9 Reviews

Dec 08, 2021
Status: c80
This novel is very wishy washy... MC is supposed to be someone with the mental fortitude of a mighty magician who faced the 12 gods... yet now he just seems like some chuunibyou kid.

I would have like the MC to be more scheming, to have more foresight and overcome problems at hand as simple as taking candy from a baby. Yet he doesnt do that at all.

He takes his time and plays around during fights shouting out shounen fight dialogues. It is very annoying to see him and his enemies... more>> stall when there is no need for it.

In this novel you will find the MC questioning evildoers and them easily revealing their evil master plan.

In this novel you will find that since the MC has transmigrated 66666 years into the future and when someone remotely even guesses his true identity, MC will become a frenzied kid saying stuff like " you better tell me how you know this before I kill you" in the very next line... like dude you didnt even give him any chance to say anything and then you just threaten to kill him. whats with this chunnibyou line?

In this novel you will find the MC lamenting about how he should do better than his past self. Yet besides the very early "

special breathing method

" he doesn't have a clear path planned out to be better. You'd think he write everything down and go "ok first I'll do this to reach this level, and then do that next"... but no.

I felt this novel was told in a very indirect way to fill up minimum words in an essay. Which was why I deemed it to be wishy washy. <<less
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Oct 18, 2021
Status: c36
A weird novel to rate. There is nothing wrong with it but I found very little reason to continue reading.

While the premise is popular, but like most revenge stories it goes no where fast. He is such a passive protagonist when you feel like he shouldn't be. Powers/characters are interesting but shallow.

Since it was written well I still recommend trying it. Maybe you'll become more attracted than I did.
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May 25, 2022
Status: c192
TL;DR - If you haven't read a novel in a while or you need some generic Korean sh*t with an OP MC, here ya go!!! Other than that don't waste ur time. P much all of the other reviews are accurate too but if u see someone giving this 5 stars they gotta be smoking something

MC is one of those eons old dudes that was sealed up by godly figures who reincarnates thousands of years (66666 years) later into a child's body. He vows to take revenge on said gods... more>> so he needs to regain his power. Later those gods are revealed to be mostly evil beings who use humans, giving our readers justification on why the MC is a seemingly evil dark magician. Unfortunately our ruthless dark magician MC is in the body of a child belonging to a family with an extremely loving mom and an OP sword master dad, so he's gonna have to learn to live normally

I initially thought MC was going to take a villain route because of what the synopsis suggested (never f*ckin trust a synopsis lmao) but it quickly turned into a story where the MC is slowly recovering his powers to stand on the side of humanity as the most powerful being.

What made no sense is that they kept the MC at an age of 7 (later 8) instead of showing him at his teen years, making pretty much all of the MC's actions nonsensical for someone at his age and his body.

Throughout the novel, characters and convenient plot devices were being introduced left and right. While some of the characters are kind of worth mentioning and the power system in this universe is not bad (still generic as hell), it just felt so forced and if I was in the mood for an actual good novel I would have dropped this shit.

Still not an utter tr*sh novel, or else I wouldn't have read all the way to where the translations are currently taking place (y'all TLs doing great). Just hella generic (at least its got its funny moments)


The reincarnation bits and the MC 'seeing' people from his first life in the second life was so f*ckin corny it actually made the quality of this novel go down. For example, the MC meets some random ass 10 year old girl that somehow 'reminds' him of his only love interest from his first life, and then he concludes that the 10 yr old girl was the reincarnation of the love interest. This sh*t was so f*cking s*upid because first of all that was just so unexpected to see a former love interest in some random ass girl the MC just met. I didn't even see the point of it being in the novel. Sure it adds depth or whatever it adds its just one example of some useless sh*t in the novel. The 'past life reincarnation' of side characters is constantly stated throughout this novel, like whenever the MC is fighting someone, teaching someone, or seeing a fighter he is reminded of the people around him in his past life. Like bruh that's so coincidental that is feels forced as hell

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May 13, 2022
Status: c130
    • The character development is bland.
    • MC have no clear plan to get his power back or getting strong. He just train a little and then boom he mastered the thing. Like what the...
    • MC age don't really fit character attitude. I mean yeah it still acceptable if his around 12-15 years. But no, He's just like 8 years damn old. So the attitude make him like a delusional boy plus arrogant.
    • Character mental age is so unclear. I mean he was a 60 thousand years old guy but sometimes too arrogant like he know everything and so confident of himself but some other times act like a kid, get suprised and all. I'm saying it cuz he is not a regressor and just got sealed by the gods.
    • When you get to chap 100 you will start to feel not too fond for the story. Especially when he met with the girl then the girl got love sick etc. That was so bad that I had to reduce my rating to three.
I'm not very fans with early romance especially in fantasy cuz female lead is a boomer who always throwing tantrum, get to decide where the MC have to go etc.

Pheww that's all the burden of my heart. Feel relieve now.

This review based on my thoughts so excuse me if it sounds not smart and shallow. Like it if feel the same way
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Nov 03, 2021
Status: --
For me it's quite good. It's so funny when he act cute with his family. The manhwa is good too tho. He is careful and I like that. He knows he is strong and sometimes his action is more humanity. He is reborn to a family who really loves him. I like it when eventho he didn't admit it, he secretly like the affection that his family gave to him.
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Nov 20, 2021
Status: c69
Wonderful novel!

Great work on the protagonist's character development. I love how he slowly comes to care about everyone around him and it affects the way he does things.

... more>>


The MC believed that he had to leave behind all emotions to seek revenge against the 12 Gods (in previous life he lost all his emotions for that). After being reborn he is loved and feels very burdened by his family's unreserved love for him. More importantly, he NEVER acts as a douchebag or hurts the family in any way. At the point that I am, he has somewhat begun to acknowledge that he cares for his family & is trying to accept this new way of life. The readers, however, see this much earlier on a few instances (throwing himself out of the carriage to save his family, willing to act spoiled to make his parents happy, etc.). And the family is SUPER LOVELY. Kudos to author-nim for their excellent portrayal of unconditional familial love.


Over all an amazing novel up to where I have read & as long as Author doesn't muck up later, it will remain so.

A small complaint: That one utterly useless character that drag downs the MC?


So I actually despise Venna, like she's too useless until now & while I would like to give the benefit of the doubt as she hasn't appeared for that long & has a backstory that to some might justify her idiocrasy; but I really don't like how she doesn't have 2 braincells to rub together and seems to drag down the MC all the time.

Luckily there seems to be no romance in the making with the 2 of them or else I would've dropped this like a hot potato. Hopefully, that will remain as it is.

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Dec 29, 2022
Status: --
The story started out great but heading down hill really fast to the point it is becoming bullshit.

  • An ultimate dark magician endured for thousands of years transmigrated into a boy and then he goes around doing random bullshits without a clear goal, no really training, the shota is delusional, ret*rd.
  • New characters popping out like candy with no real devlopments, bland, potential development got shut down.
  • MC is OP yeah in a sense but he keep on being led by the nose, the Author is really a ret*rd for making this damn weird kid a MC.
  • The manhwa version started out great as well but later turned into an astrocious sh*t show.
This novel is worth to pass time if you have nothing else to read otherwise don't even bother, it is so weird... more>> that I really don't know if the author is a ret*rd throwing in random bullshits to troll the readers or not but god it is just weird. <<less
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Jan 22, 2023
Status: 330+
The novel is long and well thought out. There are some twists that are obvious and some that are not.

Some obvious twist would be how he got reunited with each of his minions/family from his previous life. Namely his creations. I won't be focusing there.

As for the not obvious twists, well here are a few.

First would be about Jamie, the MC himself. He is not exactly 100% Diablo Volfir's reincarnation. In fact, he was at least 50% of his soul. Apparently, Diablo made a deal with an old god named Gaia with his soul as payment. She decided to reincarnate 50% of Diablo's soul which then becomes Jaime. So technically Jaime is Diablo's reincarnation while not being Diablo's reincarnation but Jaime gets over this since he lived a different life from Diablo. Second twist would be the Welton family. At the beginning, the reader is made aware that Jaime's family is a family of sword masters. The twist I am referring to is about the special ability of almost every member of the Welton family. Every single sword master produced by the Welton family is always related to space attribute. Jaime's grandfather is implied to have an ability related to space around him. His father is able to sever dimension/space. While Jamie is able to see multiple outcomes of the future and choose which one will happen. So far those are the things that stuck to me so there might be more I forgot.


This is a pretty good read. Especially when compared to most fantasy MC's who are reincarnations. There are similar aspects, and there are visible differences. All in all, it's a 4 for me but I will give it a 5 since a lot of people who didn't seem to even read the novel properly is giving a low score.
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Nov 11, 2022
Status: c122
Much more interesting than I expected it to be. Somehow the title made me think this was going to be another cliche isekai type story, but its not. Hope the translation continues for this.
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