The Dangerous Honeymoon Diary of the Fake Empress


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“Here comes the Cinderella Bride and Prince Idiot.” 

Cinderella Bride? You won’t be able to say that once you know the truth 

The bride who met her husband and raised her status turned out to be a spy who came to watch the prince. 

The deceitful act of the two people who are united in a lie begins! 

“How can we make our prince look more s*upid?” 

The spy who beat the guard in the first place and began to deceive the prince. 

“Shall I just love you?” 

The prince who fell in love with a spy he shouldn’t love. 

The dangerous honeymoon of the two begins!

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가짜 황자비의 위험한 신혼일기
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Date Group Release
07/11/21 Mynmyn the random... c3 part2
07/03/21 Mynmyn the random... c3 part1
07/03/21 Mynmyn the random... c2 part2
07/03/21 Mynmyn the random... c2 part1
07/03/21 Mynmyn the random... c1 part2
06/14/21 Mynmyn the random... c1 part1
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