The Cursed Beast Caught My Leash


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Princess Stella is the unwanted burden of her kingdom, cherished only for her pretty face. Oppressed in her homeland, she faces the grim prospect of being sold off as tribute the moment she comes of age. It is in this desperate moment that she encounters a stranger who changes her fate.

“I’m looking for something important. I need your help, Princess.”

The man who abducts her with this bizarre request is a Northerner, known for their exceptionally developed physiques. Worse yet, he is a man transforming into a monster due to an ancient curse passed down through his ancestors.

“Do you really think I can help break your curse?”
“Yes. Show a little kindness to a guy who’s turning into a monster in less than a year.”

Islay gives her three months to find the jewel necessary to lift the curse tied to his blood. As time slips away, Stella, ignorant of the jewel’s true nature, begins to feel a strange kinship with the man isolated from the world.

Until the prophecy reveals that it isn’t the jewel, but her sacrifice that is needed to save him from becoming a monstrous beast.

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The Beast That Took My Leash
내 목줄을 잡은 짐승
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