The Court Magician Who Had Her Achievements Dismissed and Was a Hobbyist Puppeteer Becomes Extremely Strong – Even if She’s Told to Come Back Because Her Workplace is Struggling, It’s More Fun to Expand an Undeveloped Land with Her Childhood Friends…


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“You’re fired! Peria Alecto, we don’t need you in this laboratory if you can’t obey orders!”

Peria, a commoner who was working as a court magician, was fired by the order of her arrogant boss, Lord Vayn. Moreover, her former boss goes so far as to tr*sh the golem she was building as a hobby while she’s also kicked out of the royal capital.

On one hand, since Peria was doing a huge amount of the laboratory’s work, leaving the rest struggling to keep up—

… But on the other hand, Peria reunites with her childhood friends who became top-ranked Adventurers and managed to regain her Golem. With them, she’ll keep on working to realize her dream:

Defeat the giant “Monsters” that rule most of the world, that even the best magicians can’t hope to match. Then, in this world divided by magical barriers, she would expand the land where humans could live and eventually return to her hometown someday.

Peria’s reputation for saving people with her golem eventually reaches Lord Vayn, who ridiculed her puppet magic. As the people around him ask, “Where is your excellent subordinate?”, he hurriedly demands of her, “Please come back because we can’t work without you.” and “I want you to take credit for your achievements.” to try to get Peria back.

Of course, Peria refuses with, “I completely refuse because I’m having so much fun right now!”

It seems that her dreams are finally coming true, and she’s got no time to settle for her ex-boss. And with her childhood friends and Golem, she embarks on a journey to open up the world and work to a brighter future.

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手柄を横取りされてクビになった宮廷魔術師、趣味の人形遣いを極めて最強になる ~仕事が回らないから今さら戻れと言われても、幼なじみと未開の地を開拓したほうが楽しいので……~
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ReadsWebNovels rated it
February 13, 2021
Status: c13
I'm surprised. We've all read at least 1 story with a title like this one... And they're usually tr*sh. This one, surprisingly, is an exception to the rule. It's an above average (though not exceptional) story about snotty nobles being snotty nobles and it all blowing up in their face when a commoner develops a new tech.

However, I think the novel is too light when it comes to the nobles. They're doing some pretty heinous things, but it's being glossed over a bit.

I'd say it's a solid 3.5 to 4.... more>> Not amazing, mildly entertaining. You'll enjoy the read, but forget it as soon as you're done. <<less
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ruff_ethereal rated it
February 18, 2022
Status: c86
Translator here.

This is one of those niche series where you're not entirely sure why it exists, how they found the inspiration, or decided to keep producing it for so long, but you're forever glad they did.

Lesbians. Giant Mecha. Punch-outs with Monsters. Magic Fantasy. Several things I like, all wrapped together in a fantastic epic package with a happy ending, to boot.

I've got so many things I could say about this series. There's the whiplash from its brightness and gorey darkness. There's issues some readers have with the joking and the... more>> comedy in places, where the characters often say it during life-threatening situations to defuse the tension. There's the consequences for certain characters, like all the nobles who are happy to sacrifice everyone else to live in a gilded cage and the fact that the world's population is dying until Peria and company start changing things.

But, I've only got so much time and energy so I'll just say this is a fantastically weird Sci-Fi Fantasy Post Apocalyptic Yuri novel with Mecha, so if any of those interested you, give it a try. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Mahesvara_ rated it
July 16, 2023
Status: c20
Aight. Another novel without an ounce of logical approach or reasoning in it. Unless you have strong masochistic urges it's hard to continue reading. We got a naive MC. A pushover that anyone could take advantage of. I might continue this if there's character growth in the story but there doesn't seem to be so nah, nope. Also the MC is a bit s*upid, she keeps acting naive unnecessarily, so many unsavory scenario that could've been avoided but because she keeps acting like a timid jumpy stuttering mess of a... more>> little girl (despite being an adult already), the people starts to look down and underestimate her.

Normally you would feel sorry for MC's plight but rather I felt annoyance and irritation instead. The treatment she got is what comes if you lack self-respect. Definitely one of the kinds I hate the most.

I saw Yuri so I expected some kind of boyish MC. As well as looking at the title as well as the tags, I expect good things from the MC but the very beginning is about MC being pushed around and getting into bad situations because she keeps acting like a pushover.

It's s*upid and very cliche trope where ALL people around the MC are for some reason EVIL, BULLY, SCUM, APATHETIC, ARROGANT and ironically only the MC had a Saint personality. This definitely one of the most annoying trope, just because the MC is the MC of the story everyone wants to mess with the MC which doesn't make f*cking sense at all.

One of the worse this novel has was it's villains, they don't possess proper thinking process. They're completely one dimensional and only thinking and doing things for the sake of being "villain" without proper reasoning, it doesn't matter if they won't gain anything from it, it doesn't matter whether it's something they want or not, they'll still do it, they're doing their best to do villainous things just for the heck of it. There's nothing grand complain about it aside from saying it's a complete lazy writing. In some tr*sh chinese novels some villain characters just happen to bump shoulders with the MC, then the villain suddenly want to mu*der the MC. It's unreasonable but there's the whole "Bump shoulder" accident that causes it. But in this novel there's nothing like that! Author was like.. "Yeee I waaaant sooome actiooooons.. Leeeeet's inseeeert soome villaaaainsss!".. So author proceed to make a villain to mess with MC and the villain felt 'genuinely' angry and he wants to mu*der MC. Reason?? No reason!! He's a villain made by author, he just need to do the job. Reason and Logic can go fvck themselves. Yep! Lazy fvcking writing, I say.

Story: 1/5
Style: 2/5
Concept: 2/5
Characters: 1/5

I don't need to read more to understand that I won't like this one. <<less
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cavler rated it
April 2, 2022
Status: c86
I enjoy the story, except the end feels mixed up (wrong order). I can't say much more about it without spoilers.

this is basically a story about inventing mecha's and advancing towards modern technology while facing monsters. This story is what I seek from a 'MC gets fired/kicked out' story. MC's life improves while the old environment declines. Except this time the the MC isn't a god tier worker who single handily keeps the kingdom running, removing the MC just creates a vulnerability.

the story is at it's best through the characters... more>> enthusiasm and intensity, think stereotypes taken to the extreme. Additionally all emotions are worn on the sleeve, if there is love, there is love. If there is hate, there is hate. The characters don't hide it. Also there is a LOT of romance, often in short moments but a LOT of them. All of them fall in the Yuri category. But it isn't out of character or interrupting the story. Just expect a LOT of random love comments/actions.

i feel the adventurers group systems are a little bit neglected. They are mentioned here and there but don't contribute much. I feel there was supposed to be more, but the author couldn't find the right way to incorporate it.

truthfully, I was hesitant to read this story. I've read 3 similar story's that were all disappointing (one was dropped fast enough to break the sound barrier). However this one is really pleasant to read aside from the mixed up ending. (Not a bad ending, just feels like it is in the wrong order, but it does make sense in the story)

if you look for a shorter story this one is recommended. <<less
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Karmisa rated it
August 5, 2021
Status: c53
Hi please politely disregard everything the other reviewer said because in the span of approximately 40 chapters, the plot has taken a wild swerve and it is up to the reader's discretion whether it is in a good or bad way.

To be concise and create expectations without completely spoiling, this was written by the same person who created 'Roll Over And Die'. Aka the yuri novel that 'baits' its readers with its fantasy and revenge premise, that quickly turns into gore/horror. While not on the same level, the darker part... more>> of this story hides behind its psuedo-mecha and the moments of childhood friends flirting with each other.

One major complaint is that, personally, the twist wasn't foreshadowed enough. Perhaps I'm just Dense, but I was unaware until the reveal. I'd even go as far as to say the title is a bit misleading.

Aside from that, it's a good read and the translation is well done. Names, while not everything, do hold some significance.

If you enjoyed ROAD, pick this up and prepare yourself for a story that's a fair amount more lighthearted. If not, it's still worth reading if you're interested by the initial premise and summary. <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
lohwengk rated it
January 11, 2024
Status: c86
Fun. There's dark and tragic parts here and there, but it's a fun story overall.

The start of the story plays out similarly to others in this genre, but unlike the typical CN and KR versions, the side characters grow OP together with the MC. The ending is brought about by the strength of everyone in the main team.


Side character: Is there no decent person among the senior sorcerors?

Senior sorceror's wife (proudly) : There's no way a decent person would ever want to become a senior sorceror.

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