The Counterfeit Madam Hou


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On the eve of her wedding night, the 3rd Miss of the Liu Family died suddenly. The all famous Chang-An swindler, Du Juan, made the prompt decision to take her place and married into Yong Ning Marquise Family.

And from then on, there would no more be peaceful days.

In a sentence, life is like chess, there’s no taking back a move.

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07/13/19 Pumlated c37 part1
06/30/19 Pumlated c36
06/16/19 Pumlated c35
05/31/19 Pumlated c34
05/20/19 Pumlated c33
05/04/19 Pumlated c32
04/19/19 Pumlated c31
03/31/19 Pumlated c30 part2
03/15/19 Pumlated c29 part1
03/03/19 Pumlated c28
02/17/19 Pumlated c27
01/29/19 Pumlated c26
01/17/19 Pumlated c25
12/27/18 Pumlated c24
11/15/18 Pumlated c23
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irrykat rated it
August 30, 2018
Status: c16
Not a bad start! The premise is a solid one: what begins as a switching of the brides is only the prelude to much deeper political and romantic intrigues. Du Juan has dived into something messy and she's only beginning to see that she's gotten into something complicated. Not helping is Xue Mu, the groom and gifted general who seems to really love her (or rather, the person she has replaced).

Xue Mu, the ML, is pretty interesting. He's definitely talented, but his affections are a clear weakness. It's a really... more>> nice change, as Du Juan, our FL, has to navigate these feelings while accomplishing her goals. Du Juan is okay as a heroine so far: she's clearly clever, though you have to wonder how far this ruse will go. The ML and Du Juan's cover had known each other since they were small, and Du Juan is not exactly the most subtle of women.

Thus far, there's been a lot of setup. I do hope we get some more action soon. Our heroine has been doing a lot of eating and wondering what's going on, and doing little on the con aspect of things. <<less
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