The Cool Tsukishiro-san Is Only Cute Towards Me


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My childhood friend, Aoi Tsukishiro, is unsociable, but her cool good looks make her stand out.

As I moved in with her, I gradually got to know her in a different way than at school.

It’s spring, and I have to move in with Tsukishiro because of my parents.

When I met Tsukishiro again, she was so scared of horror movies.

Come to think of it, Tsukishiro is a scaredy-cat.

Summer was full of exciting events.

Especially at the beach, Tsukishiro, who was not good at swimming, relied on me with a blush.

The autumn cultural festival was a private closing event for the two of us, away from the class.

It reminded me of the time when we were in elementary school, when we were apart from the group, just the two of us.

And then, winter. Tsukishiro decided to ask me out on a Christmas date.

A relationship that started as friends turned into happiness.

I, who distrusts women, and she, who is a kuudere. A coming-of-age novel about the spring, summer, fall, and winter of two people living together.

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Kuuru na Tsukishiro-san ha Ore ni Dake Dere Kawaii
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