The Consequence of Being Summoned Simultaneously from Another World


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Shinjou Yuuji.

Is a very common male highschool student.

However, one day, as he was going to school on a train, a magic formation suddenly appeared on the train car he got on.

Moreover, there is a different magic formation on his feet.

As he saw it, expectations danced on his chest as he thought it would turn into a special tale.

As light shined bright. Before long, he slowly opened his eyes—

— then he realized, he was left behind all alone in that train car.

“….. Huh?”

Follow the story of Yuuji and his 2 other clones becoming OP and having a good time with their respective waifus in the different worlds.

Associated Names
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Because I Was Simultaneously Summoned to Another Worlds
Isekai Kara Doujini Shoukansareta Kekka
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New Aho555
August 6, 2019
Status: c112
This is great. A refreshing, fun take on the 'reverse summon' type story. This is more of a funny slice of life story with some actual romance; the fantasy aspect continues to expand as the story goes further, so it stays interesting and sometimes there are sprinklings of tension too.

I've read a few of these 'only person not summoned to another world' type stories and often they're childish self-insert fantasies of being superman on earth so this one is a gem.
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Asf rated it
April 12, 2018
Status: c47
A mass transfer happen in a buss trip for a school outin and the whole student in it is mass transfered.

But the MC is left behind on his own in the real world where all the other students are gone.

Little did he know that he is also summoned by another magic circle and his soul is devided by 3 because of the overlapping summoning circle leaving the original MC in the real world.

One is summoned as a hero, while another is summoned to a survival world.
The quirk is that... more>> the 3 part of MC shares all their abilities with one another and can talk to each of themself through telepathy.

So the original MC will have the ability of the hero MC and the survival MC. True to the other 2 MC too.

But the real world actually have some element of fantasy too with its mage society working behind the shadows..

This is a story about school life with some supernatural and magic with an OP MC.. And ofcourse romance.

This is kinda different than your usual shounen novel with harem, because the MC is infuated with the main girl. He doesnt think of anything other than to be with her and spend some fun time with her.

With some supernatural and magic on the side, this makes for a light hearted shounen romance comedy.

Its a light read with a little bit of an unusuall MC.

Its very good in my oppinion

Must I say it again? No harem. Lol <<less
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Sherrynity rated it
April 23, 2018
Status: c6
It took a different look on how "isekai transfer"-genre happened.

The MC got split into three entities thanks to double-layered summoning formations that befell to him. One of him got summoned by loli demon God and become her companion, while the other one summoned to a country in another world where he befriend the scheming princess. The last one? He simply stays on earth while enjoying the cheat acquired by his other self (s).

Can't say too much because only six translated chapters available, but so far it's a nice slice of... more>> life novel. <<less
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Avagantimos rated it
November 4, 2018
Status: c16
Modern Isekai done right. The MC gets split into 3 entity’s who go to different worlds while he stays on Earth. All three of them share powers, so if World B MC learns the sword World A and Earth MC also learn it. With the abundance of Isekai novels this comes as a breath of fresh air. The MC is aggressive for a JP protagonist and asks out his crush within the first 10 chapters. Right now with 16 chapters not a whole lot has happened, but the amount of... more>> fluffiness brought forth is staggering <<less
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pyramidhead rated it
November 2, 2018
Status: c12
Don't believe i've ever seen the isekai genre done like this, which considering there are so many out there is truly amazing. Instead of the stereotypical beta harem MC usually in these stories the MC is actually straightforward enough to be almost hilarious and this drives the plot forward because instead of waiting 50 chapters for him to even talk to the female lead or try out his powers he already messed around with them at school and people thought a bomb exploded under him and he's already confessed. Unlike... more>> so many novels none of the chapters feel like filler to just extend the story, every chapter has something interesting going on that advances the story. 10/10 MC and story so far the only thing i'd like is some chapters from the pov of his other two self's. <<less
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