The Conquest of the General Saint’s Missionary Work


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Jitaro Tanikawa (25 years old), a humble temp worker in Japan, suddenly found himself summoned to a different world.

As the summoned hero, he was bestowed with a cheat-level healing skill called “Heal,” which could dispel any curse and heal any grievous injury as long as the person hadn’t died.

“I’ve achieved first place overall for the month! Thank you very much!!”

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06/30/24 Story Seedling c10
06/29/24 Story Seedling c9
06/28/24 Story Seedling c8
06/27/24 Story Seedling c7
06/26/24 Story Seedling c6
06/25/24 Story Seedling c5
06/25/24 Story Seedling c4
06/25/24 Story Seedling c3
06/25/24 Story Seedling c2
06/25/24 Story Seedling c1
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