The Complete Guide to the Use and Care of a Personal Assistant


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A no-name writer becomes the personal assistant to a famous web novelist, and moves in with him amidst much bickering. He freeloads off the successful novelist, eats the novelist’s food, lives in the novelist’s house, and, eventually, even sleeps in the novelist’s bed.

A certain no-name writer (flipping a table): “It was totally that bastard who forced me to—Mmph! Mmph! Mmph! Oi, Su Yuyang, why’re you covering my mouth?”

The successful novelist (whispering into the no-name writer’s ear): “Xiao Miao, I’m hungry.”

Enjoy the simple pleasures of the everyday with an oddball novelist and his dumb cat.

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redfeathersgirl rated it
August 18, 2018
Status: c25
The MC and ML both have really annoying personalities, especially the MC. Every chapter is about them arguing about something simple. MC gets mad at everything that I can't really like or relate to him at all.

Dropping this for now. Not the translator's fault.. Really.. I just don't like the MC :/
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Kirill rated it
September 21, 2018
Status: c20
Annoying MC...
Extremely short tempered, gets mad about literally everything (no matter how petty it is). disgusting with all of the spitting scenarios when he's shouting at someone.

I really wanna smack him because he keeps on getting angry & yelling for the simplest things. Aside from that, this MC just won't stop with the endless cussing, it's fine to curse somebody when you're mad but it gets obnoxious because as I said this MC is extremely short tempered.

This type of MC doesn't really suit my taste so I'm dropping this.
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Sphinxdroid rated it
November 8, 2018
Status: c60
One of the most satisfying works I have come across. The internal confusion and the inter-character dynamics are really well depicted. The best part is that every character, and not only the main couple, are so well developed and detailed. As a person who enjoys reading light novels, and is trying to find a platform for their own writing, the main character really resonated - and the intriguing part about him is that I could see his thought process - even when his reactions seem to be over the top... more>> and childish, his feelings and what made him react such can be seen.

The translation is one of the best that I have seen, and there are not many that compares to this level. I could feel the flavour of a chinese light novel, and at the same time, the english is perfect, the phrasing, the word choice, the sentence structure - absolutely meticulous.

I have been reading novels on this site for a while, and there are many whose updates I wait for eagerly. This is the first one that has made me give a review. <<less
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RoseColouredSin rated it
November 22, 2018
Status: c66
Hm, when I first began this novel I thought I would really enjoy it, but the interactions between MC and ML were just cycles and cycles of them getting angry and fighting over the most trivial of things. Apparently, both of them are blind to the other's feelings and intentions which is quite frustrating. Though, to be honest I feel like there wasn't any reason for them to fall in love anyway? Like the MC just suddenly realizes oh WOW I like ML and I don't even understand why. It's... more>> not that I don't like the ML, it's just that out of all their interactions nothing stood out as a point in which their relationship started changing. Translation quality is really good though, so kudos to Jury for that~

Edit: Yeah, going to drop for now and maybe read the last chapter in the future to see how it ends. <<less
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cmall rated it
June 11, 2019
Status: c24
Thought it'll be interesting story, but I can't stand the characters. ML character is tolerable but MC character.... tsk tsk tsk... he's too short tempered and annoying. Scream here and there and cursing every now and then to ML.

There's no interest to finish reading this novel. However the translator did a good job though, it's not their fault. I still thankful for their hardwork.
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Biridjonka rated it
May 28, 2019
Status: c50
I rarely leave a comment but here I have to... It all started out fine but... The characters are simply too irritating. I feel neither love nor connection... No one can have so many twisted thoughts and everything they tell him to interpret it differently. He'd have a medical diagnosis. Accompanied by a bunch of drugs... Maybe something happens later but... It's just too much for me to carry on...
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manga2000 rated it
December 31, 2018
Status: c92
The overall story was meh and unnecessarily dramatic for the sake of complicating the MC and ml's relationship. The story is also dragged out for way too long with the misunderstanding and the uninteresting side plot of the side character's romance. At one point I wanted to drop this novel because of how annoyed I was of the characters and the slow and dramatic plotline. Haven't dropped the novel yet just for the sake of completing it but I am tempted to.


I found the MC annoying and overly dramatic sometimes.... more>> I also found the female side character bratty and selfish with her attitude and actions. Out of all the characters I dislike her the most mainly because she is pushy and only cares about herself but the whole novel somehow works in her favor so she gets everything she wants so far. <<less
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