The Complete Guide to Rearing an Alien Boyfriend


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He was the most outstanding man. He was a cynical, devoted and smart extra-terrestrial scientist. He was Sir Mo Kun.

During her flourishing years, Long Xi saved him. He wanted to repay her with his life and even gave her all kinds of opportunities to suck up to him!

Just what kind of an alien was he? His actions were scaring her! He stole her first kiss just through manipulating a hong bao (red packet) game!

He came up with a simple invention and sold it at an extravagant price! He even helped her numerous dreams to come true: Solve a mystery case, open a fashion design company, go on a reality show, treasure-hunting, travel around the world, open a restaurant… he indirectly filled her mind with his image 24/7—a symptom with no cure!

Seeing him tortured by enemies, she plunged into hell fire herself and was even willing to give up her life! After he lost his memory, he fell onto the verge of death, and she was willing to travel back in time and change his fate!

This was a poem of love, a challenging mystery case, a song of dreams, an out-of-the-blue downfall, a teeth-gritting despicable act. It is a quintet symphony, are you listening?

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