The Coming Heroine: The Only Princess


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She was a beauty with pretty appearance beyond comparison. Time-traveling to the alien world thousands of years ago for a few times, she fought against monsters and evils and saved her country out of danger. During the time in this Alien world, she made friends with a number of fairies. There were plenty of stories happening around them. Meanwhile, she met the prince of the Alien world and fell in love with him. She felt the bitterness of love, while the sweetness of love…

He was the prince of the Alien world with handsome appearance and gentle temperament. In order to pursue his love, he time-traveled to the world thousands of years later for several times. He experienced a lot and tasted the sufferance of the love. In the end, he could achieve his dream and desire.

This is a story of love between different times and worlds. Love, friendship, trust, betray…

Let’s start a travel of adventure and feel this legendary love of different worlds.

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