The Color of the Sky I saw that Day was also Blue


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On that day, by that sea. She was the one to teach me the meaning of life—

Osakabe Kengo, a young man responsible for a bus accident resulting in the deaths of many passengers.
He left everything behind and went to Jodogahama, a scenic spot in Iwate Prefecture, to heal from his trauma.
There, he meets a college student, a girl named Shirakisawa Honoka. During his stay at a guest house run by her mother’s family, he realizes he’s gradually falling for her.

Eventually, the two fall in love. However, the burden of his past, that tragic accident, hangs like a cross of sin over his shoulders.

“Just two years. Wait for me.”

He arrived at this decision after all his worrying, and the following day, he stumbled upon the astonishing truth of Shirakisawa Honoka—

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Ano Hi Mita Sora no Iro mo Aokatta
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