The Classless Transferee’s Skill Copy


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As Asou Aruto ended up getting transferred to another world along with the novice goddess Meryl, they started adventuring in the world of Reinbark.

However, the catch was… that he didn’t have any important class!

Although he couldn’t use anything but the most basic skills, he came into possession of a certain skill.

That is… “Skill Copy”… With his allies, he will use this power to break past the impossibilities of this world…

Associated Names
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Job Nashi Tenisha no Ginou Fukusha
Job Nashi Tenisha no Skill Copy
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2 Reviews

Sep 14, 2020
Status: c16
I can see what the author is trying to do with this story, but he's not a good enough writer to pull it off.

This is not really a story about a hero "breaking past the impossibilities of this world".

It's a story about a hero who gets beaten up a little bit, feels some angst about it, then the universe randomly hands him overwhelming power for no particular reason.

... more>> He really cares about protecting Meryl, a person who he's known for a couple of days, because... reasons I guess.

That feeling is apparently strong enough to reach some mysterious entity who grants him overwhelming power. We know this because the author spells it out for us, not because the actions of the characters demonstrate how and why he feels this way, and what makes his feelings any different from all the other people in the world who care about protecting someone else and don't get handed cheat skills because of it.

I know it's a bit early to rate this novel but usually a novel with such a mediocre foundation will not escape it's initial mediocrity. <<less
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Nov 29, 2020
Status: c34
-There is no clear goal in mind for the story (so far at least) just some vague and mysterious characters who laugh alone in dark caves like mad men saying a subtle line that indicates something might be happening in the future.

-The story jumps in difficulty non-stop like someone playing a game who constantly switches from "Super Easy mode" to "Hell mode", ... more>>

it starts to be specially bad once he discovers the dungeon and dives in.


-After the start of the story

specially while in the dungeon when he clears 100 floors in a week

MC gains practically no levels for some reason making the way the author calculates Exp. Weird as f*ck, specially when the monsters are about lv.90 and MC is about lv.30.

-The MC seems to have an all knowing attribute to him knowing who to trust and who not to trust on the first meeting and he has way too much knowledge about the world he ended up in on the very first day even.

-The girls are falling for the MC left and right way too easily and he gets weirdly emotionally engaged to new characters practically as soon as they appear.

-The "goddess" MC gets as a sidekick is actually useful in combat (unlike Aqua) but is pretty much useless otherwise (like Aqua) and she doesn't know anything crucial about anything.

-The MC has some mysterious past that makes him motivated to frankly do everything he does.

-And finally MC learns the skill "Skill Copy" (that already sounds wrong to write because of how the skill works does not really get portrayed on the name) and learns how to use it but after he uses it on the first monster he forgets the first items he used it on and doesn't try to use it on similar type of items again for some weird reason. And he never tried to use it on magic tools like "The Status Scope" which would practically grant him appraisal skill if it were to work. <<less
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