The Cheeky Junior Gal Becomes Too Cute When She Gets Attached to Me


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In the autumn of his second year of high school, Tsujidou Masachika had just been appointed as the student council president when he found himself helping a student who was suspected of smoking in school.

Her name was Ooba Monaka, a junior gal rumored to be a beautiful girl.

He helped her on a whim, with no intention of getting involved. At least, that’s what he thought until…

“I’ll do anything to thank you, Senpai~”

For some reason, she became extremely attached to him!

She would barge into the Student Council room every day, help with event preparations, and even go on dates. Gradually, Masachika and Monaka get closer as she aggressively narrows the distance between them.

In the midst of it all, it turned out that the ‘suspected of smoking’ accusation was actually due to malice…?

A sweet romantic comedy with a cheeky and cute junior gal begins!

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07/19/24 Hiraeth Translations v1c6 part4
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06/29/24 Hiraeth Translations v1c4 part3
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